It’s why I’m there..

nutcracker-snow“What’s wrong with Pook?”

“Leave her alone.. she didn’t make it & she thinks she let everyone down.. she thinks dad’s going to be mad..”

“Seriously.. if it was me & I didn’t get the part – then he’d probably freak.. but Pook not being Clara.. he’ll get over it.”

“Are you a*holes talking about me! It’s not fair!! I should have got the part..”

“Relax.. you still have to dance in the show”

“You don’t understand – it’s why I’m there!”

Perspective plz – Universe

My baby sister had just gotten passed over for the part of Clara in the National Ballet of Canada’s yearly production of The Nutcracker.. A part usually awarded to the top student in her class. She was right.. it was why she was there – & as big as my ego was (& still is) I had no idea of the pressures. Two years afterwards she was @ ESA.. one year later she was in the hospital with scars from trying to kill herself..

We all have pressures during the Holiday Season – But.. together we’re going to make it  

– S



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