Fixing A Broken Heart – A Few Good Tips


You’ve just been through a break up and you just want to feel better – that’s why you’re reading this article. At least several times a day you’re probably agonizing over the loss of your boyfriend. Every relationship is different, so fixing a broken heart is different too. But there are some things you can do to help ease the pain. Perhaps getting back with your ex is what you want. At any rate, here are a few good tips that will soften the blow of a broken heart.


That might go without saying, but some people think nagging is the best way to get what they want. Believe me it’s not. If you complain, nag or act unpleasant, you’re just reminding him of things he wants to get away from. If you make things uncomfortable every time you see him, he’ll only want to see you less and less. Be as pleasant as possible whenever you’re around him. If the only way to be pleasant is to fake it – forget it… don’t do that. The last thing you want to do is drive him farther away and being fake will surely do that.

If you’re wondering if you can get your ex boyfriend back by pretending to be this way or that way? Then you have to wonder why you want to be back with him anyway. That’s like cheating on an examination. You don’t want to base your relationship on a lie. You might be better off finding someone who doesn’t make you need to pretend. If you can be pleasant, then whatever problems you had before the break up probably won’t seem nearly as important now. You might find yourself wondering why you weren’t more pleasant when you were together.

It’s good to remember that you can’t change the past when you’re back together. Point it out to him, and let him know that you did take him for granted. He probably took you for granted too, but don’t expect him to admit it now.


This is a tough one; probably the hardest situation to overcome. Not only is it difficult to be alone with him if he has someone else, he’s focused on the new relationship. You’re part of the past, and not a priority. Being nice right now is crucial. You have to make him see how wonderful you are and how much he’s missing.


When you see this question in print it seems pretty obvious, but no matter what kind of deception you’re thinking of, even if it doesn’t seem harmful – forget it! Even the most innocent-seeming lie or exaggeration could backfire later. What’s the point of figuring out how to get him back only to lose him a little while later because he finds out about your dishonesty? Remember when you have watched a soap opera? The characters seem to always be hiding some truth. The lies always come back to bite the liar in the behind. It’s the same in real life. It just doesn’t work.


It’s possible, but this is another technique that could backfire and make him think you’ve moved on. On its own this cannot help mend your broken heart. If you really feel the need to date, then date because it’s what you need to be happy.

But if you’re considering going out with someone just to make your ex jealous, that’s not really fair to your date, or to you. Games like this usually don’t work either. Be honest with yourself and others, and you stand a better chance of getting back together with your ex and mending that broken heart.


One other thing my friend, the points made above, are only just one step in the equation of getting your true love back. The important thing is to have a step-by-step plan that will lead you in your heartfelt pursuit.

Frankly, that’s what I did when my true love dumped me. I followed a plan authored by T ‘Dub’ Jackson. When my cause was almost hopeless and I was dieing inside, it hauled me up by my bootstraps and helped me get my life’s love back. It’s called “The Magic of Making Up []”. And you can check it out at: []


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