Mind Control & Seduction – How to Protect Yourself from the Dark Side of Attraction


Are you worried that you might become a victim of mind control? With new advances in the science of the mind and medical technology, mind control techniques are becoming more and more advanced, and in some regards the effectiveness of cutting-edge techniques are really frightening.

For example, scientists can now hook up a machine to the human brain that will predict what kind of information will be remembered. To most people, this might not sound like much, but if you consider the implications, it opens the door to all kinds of memory manipulation.

For example, test subjects can be shown video clips that contain certain kinds of information or message. There might be different groups of test subjects that could view different kinds of video clips. The effectiveness of how well certain information will be remembered can be tested, and the clips that perform the best will be selected to install memories into our brains.

This might sound like some kind of science-fiction conspiracy theory, but the research is there, and someone is pouring the money into these kinds of experiments.

Statistics show that 26% of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United states is directly attributable to the use of persuasion – that is more of a quarter the USA’s GDP – we are talking about trillions of dollars.

And then of course, there are political power players that do not mind manipulating minds to push their agendas and get their ways.

There are many reasons to seek mind control protection. And the best way to shield yourself from brainwashing is by knowing how it is done – because this will enable you to instantly recognize when someone is playing tricks of the mind on you.

The hard part is that it is almost impossible to notice when you are being manipulated in a really masterful way. Blunt attempts of manipulation are of course easy to spot, but the most effective kind of manipulation totally flies under the radar and can only be detected when you recognize a certain technique or tactic that is being used on you.

What’s more – when you recognize that someone is trying to use mind control techniques on you, you can quickly turn the tables around and in turn use counter mind control tactics on them to make their minds gullible to your commands. Essentially, you play along and pretend that they successfully hypnotized you – but you’re really weaving a find net in which their brains will get caught up before they know what is happening to them.


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