Signs of Love

1510467_10152111790615199_451973671_nSo far so good! Its been a truly wonderful couple of days.. utilities have been down in parts of T. and many families were without heat and the ability to cook food. But everyone seemed to just embrace togetherness and rally together.. nice – love is something I like being a part of. My boy is happy, healthy & a little goofy – perfect. Special thanks to all of our friends and family who dropped in/called/messaged. It means a lot to us. I even made up a little with S! But.. baby steps & I won’t be moving to the US any time soon. There’s someone we all know.. in Asia who currently has my attention. It’s Friday today & we still have a bunch of friends to visit and a couple of formal obligations to round out the week but I’m very happy and extremely grateful to have a family, close friends and a home to be a part of during the holiday season.

Because.. in spite of everything – I still believe in love & I will always believe in me – wising everyone the best & sending love around the world – S

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