We’ll meet again..

appreciation (1)Well.. I woke up to a bunch of messages asking me what time I’d be arriving in Montreal this week for the New Year’s celebrations. Sadly & maybe fortunately a bit.. I have a TON of hypnosis work that I have to finish before the weekend so I’m headed back 🙁 It’s always difficult leaving the East.. my friends, family.. & my home – but the world is not so patiently waiting for us all to shine as brightly as we can in 2014 & I have to return & put the rest of my affairs in order before I can continue my journey. So.. sorry guys – you’ll have to continue the party without me. Special thanks to A who gave me my cards allowing me to “travel” again & to Bubbles, who’s smile recharged my batteries & quietly reminded me who I am & why I’m here.. exactly what friends are for. Tnx guys you really are the best & if you ever need me – I’m only a heartbeat away – sending love around the world

– S

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