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Love Horoscopes – January 3, 2014 


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Aries: This is a time for you to shine! You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and will make a strong impression on those in your environment. This is a very good time to go on a date, meet new people, or simply go out and be seen. You will be noticed more than usual. A few of you may feel as if your extra money is burning a hole in your pocket. If you are attached, your partner is on the bandwagon as well. Do a little research into the kind of product you wish to buy, and search out the best bargains. If you both spend some time pinpointing what you want, you will both come away feeling very satisfied with what you get. Whatever it is you are looking for, it will surely bring you both a lot of enjoyment.

Taurus: The planetary alignment today makes you a very popular person. A chance encounter today could possibly lead to an intense emotional or sexual attraction when you are least it could happen. Try to keep your head and your heart together as this could be overwhelming.  Like most love at first site thundering of your heart moments, you will not soon forget this. If you are going out on a special date this evening, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep them guessing, and make it known that you have several other options, each of which would be only too pleased to have the pleasure of your company. Don’t make any firm commitments; just enjoy testing the water. There is a lot of fun to be had when you do.

Gemini: Wow! Many of you have been busy lately. When was the last time you really took a break and reconnect with the one who has your heart? You have been so focused and strict in that focus that you probably have no idea when the last time actually was. Set all that seriousness aside and lighten up for a while. Whether this means staying at home and cooking a wonderful meal, or going somewhere peaceful, the rest and tranquility will do you both good. If you do not have someone in your life special enough to spend this time with, don’t you think it is time to find someone? Take advantage of this social energy and get out into the world, somewhere you have yet to go. See what you can see and who is ripe for the taking.

Cancer: Though the energy swirling about is social and fun, remember to take no one seriously – that includes yourself. This a great day to hang out with friends and loved ones so do not put a damper on things by getting upset over some things that were supposed to be a joke. Granted, they will be bad jokes, but jokes none the less. Simply enjoy yourself and the people around you, leave everything else alone. If you are one of those attached Cancers that have some issues to discuss with your sweetheart, now is the time to do it. You are both in a good mood and can really mend some fences if you stay open and calm. Those of you unattached may find someone interesting by happenchance. It may not go anywhere tonight, but it will soon.

Leo: Today needs to be about you. There is nothing wrong with giving to yourself today; it’s not bad to be selfish sometimes. After all if you don’t, then who will? Those of you unattached, if you enjoy being you, then others cant help their attraction to you either! Right now, there are many more of you unattached and feeling lonely, you need to change this path you are currently on. Pamper yourself. Use this energy to bring out the loveable person we all know you can be. The rest of the world needs to see it too. There may be a handful of you who may find a connection with someone you work with. You may have known them already for some time, but today something clicks into place. See where this goes.

Virgo: This should be a good time for many of you when it comes to your personal relationships. The energy surrounding you is enhancing your ability to express yourself confidently and openly. This will win you the respect and admiration of others. For those of you unattached, why not use this boost to get out and socialize. You have been invited to a few parties; you should go and fully participate, not sit in the corner. You will likely attract the right kind of person to you when they see how friendly you really are. If you are attached, you will find how going out and mingling with your friends, will bring you two closer together and lift your collective spirits. It’s a win/win here.

Libra: Now is not the time for one of your more blasé moods, especially when there is an opportunity for a new romance or friendship that is likely to work out quite nicely for you. By trying to be more sociable than usual today, you will be in a position to meet some very interesting people that you would otherwise miss. Make this effort, engage others in friendly conversation and you may just find yourself with a very special date tonight. Those of you attached may find yourselves surrounding by a very warm and affectionate energy that is creating a rather nice atmosphere for you and your sweetheart. Give in to any passionate and loving overtures you are feeling and reconnect with your sweetie.

Scorpio: The world is your oyster today. Because of that energy, sex, power, and money are far more attractive to you than normal. That is saying something! If you are attached, your sweetheart is in a generous and social mood so take full advantage and go out somewhere. Suggest a place you have longed to visit for some time, or perhaps a movie or concert you would like to attend; anywhere you two can have some much needed fun. If you are unattached you might want to concentrate on the power aspect of today’s energy and get to the bottom of any issues or dramas holding you back. Get these resolved and start over from scratch. Now don’t get too carried away with what bridges you burn, just make sure they are right ones.

Sagittarius: If you are attached, you may be experiencing some uncertainty or challenges in your relationship. These shifting attitudes have been plaguing the back of your mind and have now begun to debilitate your confidence. The problem is that you do not have enough information to confront your loved one but you cannot let this go either. Compromise. Give yourself a day or two and see if you can gather enough concrete information. If there is still none, then approach the conversation from what you feel, in a non-condemning manner. Those of you unattached may be surprised at what transpires at work or somewhere you frequent, today. An apparently innocent conversation could be the start of something extremely special.

Capricorn: The day is gearing up to be a great one for socializing and being affectionate. This is not the time to be alone so look for the company of your love partner or very close friends to take full advantage of this positive energy. However, if you are not happy in your personal life, your problems may seem more overwhelming at this time. But, you will benefit from putting these problems or insecurities behind you and attending new events or new locations with those who share your ideas, ideals, and ambitions. Those of you who are hoping for some romantic success, then you will have the most chance of finding it where there is some serious adult discussion, rather than frivolous conversation going on.

Aquarius: Many of you have been hoping to improve your social life and today you could well be on the right track. It is a good time for social activities and for getting in touch with friends.  If you have a date tonight, there is every possibility that it could be the evening of your dreams or least close enough. It may not be as sexually charged and passionate as you hoped but connection will be made and the foundation has been laid for something deeper later. Those of you who are socializing today, do what you can to avoid any heavy discussions. The energy surrounding you is positive and harmonious, so keep it positive as you mingle with your friends. No one wants to hang out with a downer today.

Pisces: Those of you who are unattached may find your social life on a high right now. Because the energy is geared towards communication, use this opportunity to mix with friends or make new ones and also to find out about anything that is of interest to you. Those of you actively looking for love, you may meet this person in an office setting or in a meeting of some sort. If you are attached you may find your emotions are on a high today. You may be very passionate and inclined to act on your emotions and gut reactions rather than reason. Because you are in this fighting mood you might want to scale back any interactions with those you love. These close relationships will like very uncomfortable today.


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