How Do You Know You’re in Love With Him – 5 Sure Signs


Does a person really know when she is in love? Is it really that easy to figure it out? What are the signs to watch out for? How do you know when it truly is love and not just lust? Many women misinterpret a temporary crush for love. This often results in terrible consequences down the road. To avoid mistaking lust for love, a woman must learn how to recognize the signs of when you are truly in love. Contrary to popular belief, it is not as hard as everyone thinks.

There are five signs you must recognize:

#1: Go the extra mile…

If you’re in love, you tend to go the extra mile for the man. For guys, they know that they’re really in love with a girl when they do things they normally won’t do. Sometimes, men will freak out when they realize that they are falling for you and may decide to pull back a little bit. However, there’s no mistaking when you have the genuine feeling that he really cares for you. Listen to your instinct and it will tell you the truth.

#2: Imagining the future together

Once you can imagine spending the rest of your life with him, then you love him. Imagining the future with that special someone without hesitations or fear is one clear indication of true love. This is true for both men and women.

#3: When the butterflies never go away

You know you´re in love when no matter how long you have been with him, you always feel the butterflies. Every time you get close to him, he makes you blush. That’s how you know.

#4: You just can´t help but smile

Whenever you think about that special guy, you just can’t help but smile. The happiness you feel is something you can’t contain or hide from the world. Sure you may look a bit silly, but who cares?

# 5: That beautiful glow

Lastly, how do you know for sure, sister? You glow and everyone notices it. Your chatty girlfriends would ask you and try to find out if it’s a new facial or a new lover. You can´t fight off the giddy mood and your beautiful glow. Love is like a drug. It makes you happy for no apparent reason and you get a burst of energy by just thinking about him. Doesn’t that beat a one-hundred-dollar facial?

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