Colorful Vegetables and Fruits Improve Your Mood


Green apples, broccoli, collard, arugula and spinach are a good source of lutein which is a kind of carotenoid. It is good to eyes and the skin. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in vitamin E, which strengthens cell membranes and prevents wrinkles. Every day, we should eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables in different colors to improve our mood and stay away from diseases. Those vegetables and fruits may be red, orange, yellow, green or purple.

Red cherries, red peppers, strawberries and tomatoes contain much lycopene, which is an effective anti- oxidant. It has functions of anti- aging and anti- diseases. Besides, it prevents sunburns.

Orange apricots, carrots, mangoes, oranges and sweet potatoes are rich in α- carotene and β- carotene. Both protect your skin from the harms of ultraviolet rays and regenerate cells.

Yellow bananas, peaches, pumpkins, coins and yellow peppers are the best source of luteole which helps the exchange of vitamins and minerals among cells. What’s more, it prevents heart diseases.

Purple eggplant, beets, blueberries, grapes and plums, all contain anthocyanidin, a phytochrome strengthens the blood vessels and prevents the loss of collagens.

According to some findings, vegetables and fruits have a powerful weapon against diseases- phytochemical. Its main function is to improve people’s mood.

Lotus nuts, lotus roots, red dates and longans calm the nerves and help remit the anxiety. Various sour fruits are rich in vitamin C which alleviates the passive mood. The special amino acid contained in bananas, sweet melons and pineapples is called “happy hormone” which can help you overcome the anxiety and depression. And onions contain some anti- oxidant, quercetin which can diminish inflammation and calm nerves. Ancient Egyptians use them to relax muscles and help sleep. Red peppers can stimulate the brain release endorphin and thus bring you temporary pleasure. Garlic restrains the irritation. Spinaches, celeries and lettuces provide energy. Carrots and cabbages cheer you up. Tomatoes give you pleasure and comfort. Sea weed calms nerves and helps sleep.

Green apples, broccoli, collard, arugula and spinach are a good source of lutein which is a kind of carotenoid. It is very good to the eyes and skin.

Fruits in different colors have their own functions:
Red fruits such as pumpkins, cherries and tomatoes, help people produce excitement and pleasure and reduce the depression.
Yellow fruits such as pears and bananas, can stimulate the nervous and digestive systems and help improve the logic ability and thus increase your confidence.
Green fruits such as spinaches, green peppers and cucumbers symbolize “environmental protection”, and help you overcome the fatigue and negative mood.
Orange fruits can regulate your mood and reduce the sensitivity of pain. Besides, they can strengthen you and help your muscles relax.


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