How to Build Trust in Your Relationship – 7 Proven Ways That Still Work Today


In any relationship, building trust is usually essential to the success of such a relationship. If there is no trust, then there is bound to be problems and that is not what you want, which is why you are reading this right now.

Therefore let us take a look at 7 full proof ways that you can use right away to build trust in a relationship.

1. Predictability: In any relationship, predictability is more important than variety. This is very important and it goes against what is commonly accepted to keep any romance alive. It is true that going to a cinema, new restaurant, a popular place or giving any surprise gift can be a nice thing to do, but most importantly, we need to keep things consistent, unfailing, dependable, regular and harmonious in order to make a relationship work. Have it in mind that trust in any relationship is built on being reliable and fair always.

2. Match Your Words With Your Actions: Always make sure what you say matches what you do. If you say you are fine, happy, etc., but you keep a long face, your partner will not hear what you said, but rather, he or she will see your face and hear the tone in your voice (which will depict the opposite of what you said). Your partner needs to be able to trust what your are saying. It is only when your words match your actions at all times that you can build trust in your relationship.

3. Belief: You need to have a fundamental belief in your partner’s competency because if you don’t, you won’t have trust in the relationship. The truth they say is bitter but it is not destructive. People know that the truth could hurt but they also know and trust any person who speaks the truth always. Therefore always communicate the truth lovingly in your relationship. When you do not believe that your partner is competent at certain things (or indeed, anything), you damage the trust in a relationship.

4. Honesty: Honesty is the next important way you can use to build trust in a relationship. Do not keep secrets because this can (and most often will) destroy the trust in a relationship. Be honest and open always. Have it in mind that everything you know will eventually come out someday and you don’t want to be caught in the middle. Secrets require a lot of energy on your part to make them remain a secret. Would you not rather put that energy into good use by redirecting it into building trust in your relationship?

5. Openness: Always let your partner know your needs. Don’t make him or her guess or assume what you need…just let them know (tell them). I always laugh when I hear someone say, “You should have known what I need”. It is not a bad thing to be self centered but it becomes a problem when you are selfish (Note the difference). Note that if you are reluctant to assert your needs, your partner may not know exactly what those needs of yours are and because of this you may go to extremes and hurt your partner. This attitude doesn’t build trust in any relationship. So remember to be open at all times and as much as you can.

6. Be Yourself: It is a good thing for your partner to voice out his or her needs but you don’t need to say yes to everything. Learn to say no when you need to and yes when you need to. Your partner cannot respect you if you never say no. It only shows that you have something to hide and this doesn’t build trust either. The refusal to be subjugated to the other person’s will actually builds trust in any relationship as it will do in yours if you follow the rules.

7. Pursue Growth: In your relationship, learn, always, to pursue growth. In order to do this properly, you have to seek for ways that will make the relationship stronger, and in seeking these ways there will be turmoil, crisis, mis-understandings, quarrel, you name it. One thing you should note here is that these problems don’t come to break the relationship but rather to make it stronger and it will make you understand each other better. Let them become the fertilizer for future growth and change. You have to learn to embrace what is difficult and you would have had more experience than many relationships who haven’t gotten through pain and be able to resolve it amicably.

Note that when you decide to work on trust in your relationship, you are bound to encounter some form of pain. But as you work through this pain, you will not only become stronger and more experienced as an individual, you will also strengthen your relationship and build trust.

In fairness to you, trust is not an easy thing to build but it is not also impossible. Also it is not built in a day or short while, it usually requires time. Trust requires confidence, good qualities, fairness to the other partner, truth at all times (even when it hurts), honor and dignity.

Therefore you should strive to live up to this, if you are really willing and ready to build trust in your relationship.


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