5 Tips to Overcome Commitment Fear


Are you afraid of commitment? Are your relationships short term because you fear what a long term relationship might bring? Commitment fear is a very real problem for many individuals.

Sometimes it is difficult for a person to admit that they have a commitment problem. They have many layers of insulation that protect them from having meaningful relationships. Are you one of them? Has your fear arrested you from developing long lasting relationships? Or has your lack of commitment strained your present relationship? Do you want to overcome commitment fear? Consider the following benefits in overcoming your fear.

Benefit 1 – Imagine the possibility…overcoming your lack of commitment would allow you to share your most intimate struggles and joys with someone special. In the good and bad times you would have someone who you could trust and someone who you could share your innermost feelings. You would feel so good!

Benefit 2 – Imagine having someone who you could develop a sexual relationship that was meaningful. Someone who you would enjoy making love to and someone who you could pleasure to your delight! One is definitely a very lonely number!

Benefit 3 – How about spending your golden years with a person who knows you better than anyone else? Someone who you would enjoy your retirement with. Someone who would take care of you and someone who would love you until your last breath…Oh, what a feeling!

Benefit 4 – Picture yourself and your loved one surrounded by your beautiful children. Seeing them grow and develop into wonderful human beings. Plus, having the chance to be the best parent that you could be. What a marvelous opportunity!

Benefit 5 – Creating a home! A home where you and your loved one would form memories that would last forever. Imagine all the beautiful social events to be held, the guests to be invited, the voices of children to be heard, the laughter, the tears, all the unforgettable moments. A home filled with a life to remember!

These are just a few benefits that can take place if you can overcome your lack of commitment. Your life is always changing and I believe that you can change. The power of love can transform you. If you open the doors to love!


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