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Love Horoscopes – January 24, 2014


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Aries: Some of you are feeling rather affectionate right now and want to share this harmony with those closest to you. You will be looking for ways to enhance your relationships and strengthen them. If you are attached, you will want to share your feelings with your love and encourage them to do the same. Being on the same page will enable you both to grow and flourish together. This will also lay out the path for you both to continue being open and honest with each other in the future. If you are unattached this is not the time to be home and not the time to be alone. Channel the warmth you feel into positive activities that will help you meet new people and expand your social circle. Someone will notice the light surrounding you.

Taurus: For the most part, many of the Taurus relationships are moving smoothly and are quite productive right now. You are experiencing a balance of love and friendship that leaves you feeling comfortable and secure. For those of you in this situation, there may be a few pleasant surprises in store for you both. If you happen to have a date tonight, you may find it a bit infuriating. Your date may happen to figure out how to push certain buttons and proceeds to push them all. Rather than spending time getting to know each other, you are forced to discuss, in depth, certain feelings about a particular issue. Whether you choose to go out with this person again will completely up to you.

Gemini: Many of you are looking to do what you can to improve the quality of your love life. This is a good time to spoil yourself as well as the one who has your heart. Whether you choose to do so in the form of a gift, or doing an activity you two enjoy together, you need to try and make it new and exciting. For those of you not yet dating this special person, keep in mind that the energy surrounding you may leave you rather tenderhearted. You will likely say something on impulse that could potentially be embarrassing. If you do, your potential love may actually find it sweet. Speaking of sweet, if you are attached you are craving that and some affection. Follow your heart and it will get you there.

Cancer: You have a strong desire for love and affection today and you have been daydreaming about the pleasure that comes with them. Because these desires are so intense, your feelings may lead you to act impulsively and without regard to consequences. Now there is certainly nothing wrong with having your passions fulfilled, just make sure the other party involved is worthy. You need to avoid any fall outs later. If you are attached, your desires will give you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. There may be some feelings or other kinds of private emotions you may need to admit to but it will be completely worth the effort you make. So long as you continue to share your feelings on a regular basis, this relationship will thrive.

Leo: Your love life is likely to be going through a period of change and transformation. If you are attached the energy surrounding you is giving you the strength to help your lover through a transition they have no choice but to make. Relationships that can thrive during moments like this are likely to reach whole new level of strength and warmth. If you can help your loved one through this as well as help them express certain needs and feelings, you two can reach that level. You’ll both benefit far more than you can imagine if you do. If you are unattached the warmth you radiate will be seen and noticed by many. Those who didn’t know will see you for the genuine and caring person you really are. Someone special is looking to see more.

Virgo: The energy surrounding most of you is focused on your personal life including your intimate affairs. What you want to do is take stock of your feelings, emotional needs, and desires. It is entirely possible that you have been harboring some unrealistic expectations. If you are attached, you have or will be arguing with your loved one over this. If you are unattached, you may be realizing that you haven’t been on many dates lately. All of this may not be such a bad thing. Sure the realization of your unreachable expectations may be a little painful, but it can also be very liberating. When you can accept life as it is and how much of it you can truly control, it makes everything around you that much more palpable.

Libra: You are very bold and adventurous right now and this should help you channel your powerful emotional energies in a positive direction. You want to be as far away from anything that will prevent you from behaving exactly as you please. If you are attached, this drive for personal freedom will likely lead to confrontation with your sweetheart. There is no reason not to stand up for yourself but also listen to their point of view as well. If you are unattached that same drive will actually help you make progress in your love life. If you are looking for someone special you meet this person today. Don’t expect fireworks right off the bat. Things will be a bit low key but this gives you both time to see how well suited for each other you really are.

Scorpio: You may feel the need to be out and about, seen and noticed. If you are attached, your sweetheart may be a bit more subdued than usual. It doesn’t hurt to just spend time not doing anything in particular, but just enjoying the feeling of being together. Right now this is what they need from you. If this is not something you can stand for then you might want to take a realistic look at the relationship and what you both want from it. If there isn’t common ground, that should tell you something. For those of you unattached the energy of the day encourages you to give something of yourself or use your talents to help others. In doing so you may meet someone who wants to appreciate you and all your more intimate talents.

Sagittarius: For many of you, your eyes have been forced open by the energy of the day. If you have been suspicious of something in your love life, you will have your answers today. There will be some of you not happy with what you have learned while others will be relieved to know they were wrong. Those of you that are wrong, you will finally feel that sense of security you have longed for. You finally understand that your sweetheart isn’t trying to undermine or hurt you and that they do accept you entirely, including any misgivings. Give this person a chance to love and support you. If you happen to be one of the few involved in a relationship that is restrictive in anyway, expect an explosion. Dropping your expectations will be a start.

Capricorn: Many of you may experience a few unexpected twists and turns in your love life at this time. These challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources. For some of you, your hand may be forced today so if there is something you need to talk about with your lover or you thought about making the move on someone special, you may not have much time to think or plan. For those of you who have something they need to say, give up on trying to delay this conversation. It will not be the way you wanted to have this talk but there is no hiding it now. If you can garner the courage to express yourself honestly, the conflict created will clear up easily. This havoc created today may be because of new people in your life, watch out.

Aquarius: Some of you may be looking for a little attention today. Things may have been rocky lately and you need some cheering up. Usually when you feel this way you may take extra care in your appearance and find yourself some mayhem. This time around you, you want something a little more creative though still flashy. If you are attached it is as simple as calling your sweetheart and having them come over. Dress or may be don’t dress at all and see where things go. They will show their appreciation for the way you chose to express yourself. If you are unattached, you could use some admiration. Go with the old standby of dressing well and finding some trouble. This time around you may get more attention than what you are used to.

Pisces: Things have been all over the place lately in your love life and right now would be an ideal time to understand where you are and where you might be going. Now this doesn’t need to be a negative process, even though in your mind you are nervous at what might be. This can actually be quite positive and informational. Knowing where your boundaries lie can help you determine if you have been limiting yourself or your possibilities. If you are unattached this will help you to see your potential and the potential of the world around you. If you are attached, this will help you figure out what you do and don’t know about your loved one and if there is more you need to know.  Take the time so you can find the correct balance in your life.


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