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Love Horoscopes – January 30, 2014


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Aries: Many of you may be impatient right now and you may be overwhelming your sweetie. The feeling that you need to make changes and make them now is not only ironic BUT very sudden. Some of you may feel the need to break free from relationships that make you feel like your trapped. Others of you feel the need to share the love you really feel for that special person. For the latter, something is stopping you from indulging in all that romance. It isn’t serious; you just need proper motivation and confidence. You may be worried that if you go ahead and let your guard down, this person may not feel the same way about you. What is life without a little risk?

Taurus: Normally you would speak your mind without much thought consequence because you know you are either firm in your beliefs or that you are right. This may be one of the few times where you are wrong. Some of you may be thinking that this person you gave your heart to isn’t the one for you and this relationship you are trying to build is far more trouble than it is worth. If you don’t slow down a minute, this time period will become a headache and cause problems that last beyond the day. Being observant right now will save you a lot of trouble. You will see that what you think is going on, you have severely misunderstood your sweethearts’ intentions. It is not too late to set it all right.

Gemini: The energy surrounding you has enhanced your appeal. You will appear much more charming and affectionate than you would normally. For many of you, this will do wonders for your love life by giving you the opportunity to make an excellent first impression to someone who could become very special. Though many of you are likely to win new friends and admirers others may have to use it to smooth over arguments and discord between you and your sweetheart. But there is more to this tension that you can see; these problems are laced with issues that you and your love are too uncomfortable to discuss. It is best to get to the root of this situation, before you both think the worst of each other.

Cancer: You and your love are operating on a level of misunderstanding, one in which clarification is sorely needed. You two have been thinking that you both on the same page and have the same goals when really, they are different. But that doesn’t mean you two can’t make it work. By being open with each other and generally enthusiastic about what each other needs and all will be well. Meanwhile, take the time to socialize together. Catch up with friends and have some much needed fun. If this little incident has taught you anything, it should have taught you that you need to invest more time into this relationship so that you both will always be strongly synchronized.

Leo: Special attention to and from your partner is what you may be hoping to achieve today. Since things have been flowing both hot and cold in your relationship lately, flattery will likely get you everywhere so long as you use it with that natural charm you are known for. But what else can you do? You are all fired up with passion and you need to make things right. Go back to basics, set aside some private time and show how much you really care. Take care in planning, make sure no one will bother you two or try to meddle. For some of you, tensions may be running deeper than you thought so it will take a lot more than just their favorite meal to bring it all back together.

Virgo: This will not be a time of progress in your love life so much as it is of personal strength. Though when you are done with this, you will be able to strengthen your personal relationships, settle lingering grievances, and create an environment that is much more loving and profoundly deeper. Use this opportunity to consider what you really want, and also how you show your love for each other. Because you are doing a bit of soul searching, your emotional inhibitions are at a low at the moment. When you have completed your journey, you will be opened to talk freely about how you feel and easily discuss how your sweetheart feels. You two coming together will produce positive, even marvelous results.

Libra: While this may be a time to air any grievances you may be holding on to, your loved one may be stuck in a rut and not very receptive to your ideas. Don’t worry they don’t want to be bothered with anything at the moment. Never the less, you may be able to improve communication with your darling by taking a good look at your own behavior first. Are you being overly stubborn, or maybe too sensitive? How do you expect to get your loved one to budge if you, yourself cannot bend? This energy will make it easy to recognize and talk about your feelings but you can also use this to listen sensitively to what your sweetie is saying or at least trying to say about what they are feeling. This may help you bridge the gap.

Scorpio: Many of your relationships have become very competitive and aggressive. Of course this will lead to a few conflicts over power and dominance in your intimate relationships. You are in no mood to compromise and are probably insulted that you have been asked to. What you need to do is try to stay calm as these arguments erupt. Yes, you would rather scream your frustration over this but it won’t make any of this any easier. Given the energy surrounding you and the one who has your heart, you will not be able to agree on everything. You will try to but right now, it is futile. What you can do is think about which of the smaller issues you might give on. Agree on those and you may gain a bit of goodwill with your love.

Sagittarius: Friendship and supportive endeavors are improved by the energy surrounding you. So rather than allow any disagreements spoil a potentially brilliant day with the one who has your heart, pool together your resources. Sit down and plan a project or even a trip that would be deeply meaningful to both of you. Doing this, you two will achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving through talking and listening. This is something that will be very appealing and deeply appreciated by your sweetheart as you two may have had some rough times lately. By agreeing on what you want to do together, you will be well on your way to healing any rifts and saving yourselves a great deal heartache.

Capricorn: Many of you will have the chance to explore various facets of your love life. This is the time where you should make sure you know exactly what you need and want from a relationship before you make a move on anyone or take things further with your sweetie. For those of you unattached, there someone special that has become a bit of a fixation for you. While you take care to not let this turn obsessive, put the sexual desires aside and think about the person. He or she may already feel as if you only think of them like a piece of meat and isn’t as happy about it as you would think. If you get confronted with this discontent, just face up to it with honesty and a bit of humor. Hopefully you will be successful in smoothing things over.

Aquarius: Your desires are rather strong which will make romance very possible so long as you put forth some effort. Alongside your romantic desires, you have a drive to appreciate and taste life. Go for it so long as you don’t get too selfish. If you do, you may cause a few waves that will stop any fun you thought you might have with your sweetheart. For some of you, this tension may happen anyways since there are few lingering issues that need to be discussed if you are attached. If you feel the tensions rise, it would be a good idea not to put off the conversation any longer. You can bring forth a happy resolution by being firm with the issues that mean the most to you.

Pisces: You are one who can’t make a decision and could care less when you come to your conclusion. This isn’t working with the one who has your heart right now. He or she is not very happy and this constant back and forth isn’t making this any better. Take a moment and look at this from their point of view. Shouldn’t you make it a priority to give them what they want for once? By showing some sort of effort, you might just help calm your sweetie down and buy you more time. If things grow out of control try a bit of spontaneity to distract him or her from their discord. Being flexible will make your life easy now. If you are unattached, your natural tendencies may get you the attention of someone who will excite and entice you.


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