How to Attract a Woman After the Divorce – Moving On and Finding Someone New


No matter what the topic is, most people have a hard time moving on when things don’t work out the way that they want them to. Most people want to hold on tightly to the past and they end up making their future pay the price when they do that. If you are someone who has had to go through a divorce and now you find yourself single and wanting to attract a woman into your life, you have to be willing to let the past go and get a little bit excited about the prospects of finding someone new. If you can do that, then you should be able to move on and attract a woman somewhat easily.

Here are some tips that are going to help you be able to do that:

1. To attract a woman, you have to be able to display the real you.

By real you, I mean the best you that you can present. When you can show a woman the best parts of who you are and what you are all about, it’s a lot easier to make her feel attracted to you than it would be if you are not really confident enough to do that. Truthfully, most men are not confident enough to show off the best side of themselves and that is one of the major reasons why they have a hard time attracting a woman.

2. You need to be able to make approaches and start conversations with women you like.

If you are normally the kind of guy who doesn’t approach women you are attracted to, that needs to change. You can’t expect to find a woman after the divorce if you don’t put yourself out there and at least make approaches to try to get conversations started. You might not feel totally confident about being able to approach women right now, but with the right advice and a little confidence boost, all of that can change for you.

3. Women need to feel sexually attracted to a man in order to want to date him.

This is something that you have to become good at. You have to become good at making a woman feel sexually attracted to you because without that sexual attraction, you can find yourself quickly drifting off into the friend zone with a woman and that doesn’t help you actually get dates, does it? This is something that you can figure out if you are not really sure of what you need to do to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you. Don’t assume that you can’t do this, because it really doesn’t have to be that hard at all.

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