She teases me a kiss..


Her hair streaks a five alarm fire

the marble pillar couldn’t hide

Passion washing forth from the stage..

I hold my position in the light

She teases me a kiss

& from across the room..

it’s too hot

I’m forced to steal back my breath & close my eyes

The music inside of me changes

She’s just another dream Sonny

Keep your eyes closed..

Table 2 erupts in laughter

Another birthday.. it’s cute

She moves closer to the stage – I can feel her

A bead of sweat trickles down her neck

& she likes my music

Closing her eyes – she approaches the stage

Concentrations slips & possibilities collide

as my sax quietly says hello

& she begins to dance

A simple sway @ first

Almost apologetic – for being seduced

My face quivers & gives me away

But my hands hold & my song is strong

Leaning into the rhythm she begins to pulse

Illuminating everything in her path

My melody reaching out

Enters her light

& forms a rainbow

Daring me to open my eyes

& entertain her.. with a game of love

– S

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