4 Techniques To Resist Seduction

large (1)Ok.. Well someone was searching how to resist Seduction – I hope article this helps.

As for my 2cents.. This questions usually rises from an issue of Trust – notably.. “Is this person really into me – or just faking & playing me for something?”


There’s more – often people will confuse rapport with attraction and further  – they will confuse both attraction and rapport with seduction – which is a different game all on it’s own.

Sometimes.. you’re just into each other on a subconscious level – and you fall into natural rapport and mirror each other – This is neither seduction nor attraction – it’s rapport. In the seduction world I place this under “comfort” – congratulations – you guys are comfortable together.. at least on some level.

It get’s better – you don’t even have to agree with each other consciously either (reflections of each other’s waking world and learned prejudices).. because your souls are already familiar and like each other.. so to speak. This is easily identified with someone finding themselves saying, “She’s not my usual type but there’s something about her that..”  – This is an example of a “connection”.

A seduction will have you asking yourself a different question..

And finally – someone who is trying to play games with you – WILL use these techniques posted but.. It’s STILL not how a real seduction works  – and you’ll know this by asking yourself if this guy is playing me!

So what do we have..? Your alarm gets triggered – then what? On one hand he’s trying to play you – on the other, he might be in love and not know..

So how do You know..?

In a seduction – your state will be pumped.. in one direction or the other. It can be both healthy and unhealthy depending on the outcome. If the seduction works – then you’ll want to see this person again because – they made you “feel” on an emotional level.  And I don’t know how that can be all bad.

If he’s into you and not gaming – you’ll know easily – he’ll want to be part of the team.. on some level he’ll want to be part of your world.. this is from almost every dating book.

So Sonny.. How do you spot a player..?

A player will look confident and self assured – but they will actually be difficult and demanding.. and usually more “hurtful” than “playful”.  Think the male version of a “bitch”. Addictive – yes but.. you want a real 10.. with feelings and goals – not an asshole player.. with a textbook.

The rest is up to you.

Remember.. “Seduction” is just one of the tools available to get someone’s attention. You don’t have to seduce anyone to fall in love with each other. Sometimes it just happens.

– S


Seduction is a conquest of the mind, engaging the mind, will and emotions of another and getting them to do what they never intended to do. It has a characteristic of being slow, devious and cunning to the extent that the seduced might never get to realize what is happening until it is very late and the hands are tied. As a result of its diabolic nature, it has resulted in scandalous tidings about a number of highly placed individuals, it is a potent weapon in the arsenal of the women folk and political leaders, it could also be employed by the male folk also, but, irregardless of whoever is involved, seduction can be fended.

It is said that the happy and independent individual can almost not be seduced, this is partly true, but the most important skill of resistance is

Having focus: A focused individual who knows what is at stake and what is to be achieved can almost not be seduced, the reason for this is that energy that could have been directed to frivolities is effectively channeled into productive ventures, unfocused individuals rarely have exerting goals so they can be easily be swayed by whatever is thrown at them. Having a resolute unflinching zeal helps to keep the mind occupied, hence, it prevents the mind from being re-engaged in some other distracting enterprise.

Questioning every motive: Seduction is a contest involving an individual against another or against a group of people: because of this, anyone who could be a prime target of seduction should cultivate the habit of not taking everything at face value, a well trained intuitive perception would read hidden meanings to off hand remarks, chance meetings, facial expressions and gift items. Inasmuch as one is not expected to go paranoid, a fail safe way to protect oneself is to subconsciously read in between the lines in the course of interacting with people, it helps the mind to come up with countermeasures before it gets engaged with deflecting thoughts.

Keeping the right company: Every one has weaknesses, and one of the skills of seasoned seducers is to sniff out the weaknesses of others and open up that breach as much as possible, an effective way to know what makes a target tick is by finding out from close confidants or better still, make use of close associates to achieve foxy ends. A lot is dependent on the company one keeps, as much as possible, it is very crucial to relate more with mature and experienced folks who can help out with sound judgments when the allurements begin.

Praying: The art of reverently petitioning a deity is very important in resisting seduction. Humans are creatures of habit, the fallen nature has a propensity to err, hence trying to do something against the fallen nature might be very hard to accomplish. In the light of this, earnestly beseeching the assistance of a divine entity is necessary to overcome to enticements that daily assail us.

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