Relationships Do Not Always Work – Here’s 4 Kinds of Break Ups

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What most people want is to have a relationship with someone they may spend the rest of their lives with. Unfortunately relationships do not always work out this way. There are break ups, and people go through a devastating time of their lives over this.

Those that go through a relationship break up can under go the same emotional stress as someone that has lost a loved one to death. In a way a relationship break up can be likened to a death of someone. The difference here is that this death can be brought back to life again.

There are many more relationships that can be saved than lost. There are some cases where the relationships should not be repaired, due to certain circumstances they would be best left alone. What kind of relationship break ups are there? Listed below are some of the more common reasons.

1. There is the mutual break up where both people want out of the relationship. This may be one of those relationships that can not be repaired because both of them want out.

2. You broke up with them then realize that you had a good thing going and want to get them back. What you must do in this case is re-establish trust with your ex. You will be starting your relationship over again, take it slow and let things happen naturally.

3 If they broke up with you this can be the more hurtful kind for you. What you need to do is figure out why they broke up. If you wish to get them back, you must decide if the reason they left is something you can fix. If you think you can do it then that should be your goal in the process of getting them back.

4. The abusive relationship break up is one that you or anybody should not try to repair and get back together. Getting back into an abusive situation is dangerous and should be avoided.

Which ever of these you may find yourself part of, be aware that you are not alone. Seek advice from experts, friends and family to help you get through it.


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