Changing your view to find love before Valentine’s day ! from Sonny


Hi Everyone

First things first – Love changes you.. so give up the idea that you’re not “perfect” for someone or they’re not “perfect” for you. If it’s love.. & meant to be then the both of you will change (& not necessarily @ the same rate so be careful!) and then you’ll grow together.. & continue to grow.

Relationships tend to fail because one of the sides decides to poison the relationship.. as a natural result the other person will continue to grow.. but away from the poison. It will look like you’re breaking up because you’re growing apart but the truth is.. one of you (for whatever reason.. good or bad) tried to kill it.

To heal.. all you have to do – is purge the poison and grow around the event/s. And you know what.. you’ll be stronger than ever !

This is important because.. if you’re looking for love right now then chances are you are coming from a situation where you experienced this “emotional poisoning”. Furthermore – most people approach love from the perspective of “emotional scarcity” – meaning there’s only one – and for some this can mean “only one in the history of histories!” – that’s serious scarcity.. & as we continue to project our inner natures outwards – it’s awfully arrogant as well!

This all means that not only were you just recently poisoned but you know that chances are.. you’re going to be poisoned AGAIN!

Then again.. maybe you are special. Maybe you really are unique in some way – a real & genuine.. one of one. Maybe the world really is full of poisonous & toxic people.. except for the “one”.

How are you going to know..? What if you’re a light and you seem to be attracting moths that get burned when they get close? “Where are the other lights?” you’ll ask yourself.  What if you’re a moth who keeps getting burned by lights?

You’re not actually any of those – but sometimes we like to pretend we are.

Try this.. try looking through the eyes of the person that you are going to become when you both change together – some people call it “falling in love” – we’ve all seen it. That’s the person who has to live in love with the stranger talking to you right now.

So I say.. ya – go ahead and extrapolate.. project into the future. But be honest with yourself. NOT.. the person that I am today wants to do this – but rather.. the person that I think I want to be tomorrow wanted me to do this with the person this guy becomes.

I believe Love changes you – people possessive different talents and skills that naturally come out around certain people. We don’t always know who we are or how we’re going to react – but beautiful is still beautiful and love is still love.

So what does this all boil down to.. & what does it have to do with orgasms in Kamloops on Valentine’s Day @ The Dirty Jersey?

Well.. do you want someone waiting there for you at the party? Or do you want to be waiting for your date to arrive? Or do you want to enter together? Or did you end up going to different parties altogether (this happens a lot as well)?

It seems to come down to your imagination and how grand you’re willing to allow yourself.. to project yourself upon the world around you.

Check it out – you never know what’s going to happen – last week I began playing bass in a jazz trio. I NEVER saw that coming – & I bet you didn’t either.

Now.. do it – look in the mirror and say – I Love You – and mean it! Now visualize the person you are becoming and say, “I’m willing to give you a chance”. Then let go of the person you are right now – go for a jog (seriously – more another day) and then let go of the excuses – it doesn’t even matter if you’re perfect today.. for some/anyone because you’re going to change – so your “perfect” today will not be good enough tomorrow anyways.

So.. all you really have to do to find love for Valentine’s Day.. is open yourself to the possibility – but you have to do it properly.. for each other – or it’s not going to work. Most people already know all of the little parts – they just don’t know how to put it together to spark a grand love story. I hear it all the time.. “Sonny, I did this, this & this!” – ya.. you screwed it up! Good job player.

Love is easier than you think – it’s just another language – but you speak it from your heart.

Sugar and spice

–         S

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