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Love Horoscopes – February 9, 2014




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Aries: These last few weeks may have pushed many of you to your limits. If has shown you are strong you are and how fragile love can be. Today is a reminder that love and romance will thrive so long as you apply the lessons you have previously learned. Keep things steady, no need to rush. Be honest and speak your mind but only compassionately. Most importantly, the understanding that you cannot plan or expect everything to happen the way you want it to. If you are attached, these reminders will help you as a series of events come up and threaten to strain the relationship you to have. If you are unattached it is likely that this new attitude will attract a more substantial lover. Go some new if you are searching for love.

Taurus: Many of you are in for a few pleasant surprises today. Love will take it upon itself to revitalize you and renew your sense of spirit. You will be able to take full advantage of this by letting your wilder side out, just a little. The energy surrounding you needs to be and should be taken advantage of so go on and your hair down, have some fun. If you are unattached, it is likely you would not expect to fall in love with someone any time soon but you may fall hard for someone you meet. This may be a little scary but this person is rather intriguing. Give it a chance. If you are attached, a spontaneous romantic rendezvous with your special someone is likely to raise both your spirits and strengthen your love for each other.

Gemini: Many, if not all of you have been trying to get things right lately. Thanks to the energy swirling about, you may find a way. It all boils down to you being yourself, who you really are, not who you let the world think you have become. Many of you have been search for love unsuccessfully. By dropping the façade and a slight change in attitude, you will find someone who operates on your frequency. If you are attached, what you have been doing has stressed your relationship to the point of breaking. If it is salvageable then be true to yourself as you work it out with your lover. Say what is on your mind but be compassionate. Your sweetie will respect this and work with you to mend the rift between you.

Cancer: Sometimes when Cupid strikes, it isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. Regardless of status, your passions are strong and certainly compelling. If you are unattached this may cause you to speak passionately about a subject to anyone who may approach you. Random conversations could lead to temporary friendships or lifelong relationships but today it brings you to the beginning of a rather intense and unusual connection with someone very attractive. This person is worthy of all your affections. If you are attached be careful not to be too demanding of your sweetheart. This could lead to tension if not a disruption that will get out of hand.

Leo: Sometimes you need to shake things up to keep your interest but today that shaking is you. Your desire to make a fresh start in your romantic or emotional commitments is high today. Thankfully your drive and courage to do so is intensified under the energy of the day. What changes do you want to make? How about starting with you, maybe loosening up some? If you start there it is likely you will attract new lovers if not your current love if you are attached. If you are unattached, this change in attitude is likely you draw someone special to you who could very well be in a similar situation. Be careful not to let this abundance of energy build up. It could turn toxic and negative if you do.

Virgo: There is a positive “you can do” energy that has embraced you today. Normally this would be a good day to relax and take it easy but you could do with a little excitement in your love life. If you have someone special in your life, today is the say to spend it with him or her doing whatever it is you two want to so. If that means a movie at home with some physical loving in your bed, then so be it. The bond between you two will deepen in many ways from such a simple kind of day.  If you are unattached, your work is cut out for you as you just can’t help but fall in lust and love with every pretty face you see. Maybe one or two will stand out further than the others. Take advantage of this energy and use it, it’s time to do.

Libra: This is a very positive time in your intimate affairs. The energy of the day is encouraging your need for closeness and sharing the strong feelings you have. Some of you have a few people you are intimate with in your life and may have made the decision to let go your many pursuits and focus on a smaller, if not singular, number of lovers. Take your time going through your black book. If you are going to do this, you are going to do it right. Make sure that your sweethearts do not know you are beginning to start letting lovers go. Competition and manipulation could really begin to run amuck among your partners. You want these relationships to end naturally. There is no need for any hard feelings.

Scorpio: This energy flowing about today encourages your drive for personal freedom and insistence on justice for all. In order to have this, you must stand up for yourself and make your case known. For some of you this means taking control of what is going on in your love life but for others this means actually going out and making your love life happen. You are very bold under this influence so if changes need to be made in your love life, you will actually be the one to initiate them. That means expressing your feelings and concerns to your sweetheart. Expect a bumpy ride there. If you are unattached, you will have the opportunity to attract the right person today, so long as you actually take advantage of it the moment it presents itself.

Sagittarius: You are one of mixed emotions today. This is nothing with an energy that encourages you to merely reach for what you desire. Part of you is itching for excitement while the other part of you may be weighed down with decisions you need to make. What your mind and heart are trying to tell you is that you are overwhelmed by what is going on around you and need a break. Yes you are frustrated and yes you need to figure out what you want to do, especially with your love life but today is not that day to make a decision. You will gain a new perspective soon enough just have a little self control. In the meantime, that excitement we were talking about, get out and find it. Take some time away from your love if you are so attached.

Capricorn: Everything you need to get all you desire is at your finger tips today. You may be surprised at how well things go but isn’t it about time? You may feel charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose. Use this to make the changes you wanted to make concerning your love life. If someone has your heart, it is time to take the initiative this romantic situation and do something bold and new. Some of you are yet dating this person and some of you may be years into a relationship but it is time to shake things up and this energy will help you do so. If you are completely unattached it is time you appreciated yourself as the unique individual you are with so much to offer. It is time your love life gets back on its feet and moving forward.

Aquarius: This is one of those days where potential is in the air. The way the planets are aligned, anything at all could happen at any given moment. This isn’t always bad so the best thing to do is keep positive. Conversations with the ones you care for can have a deeper reach. You and your sweetheart may finally see eye to eye on matters or you finally connect with the one you have been admiring from afar. If things were rocky in a relationship, now is the time to reach out and smooth things over. If there is someone you like, tell them. You might get a response far more favorable than you anticipated. You have nothing to love today and all to gain. This is just the type of energy you needed to help you turn things around in your love life.

Pisces: You like days like this. You can let your hair down and get away with whatever it is you do. Days like this lead to your own personal revolution. You change personal aspects as you go along and you experiment with new attributes. Some stay, some go but you are better person for even trying. Many of you will even change your personal appearance during time like this but this is a time for you. The positive changes made in your life will likely have a long lasting effect in your love life. If you are unattached someone will find you shining like the sun and be attracted to your spontaneity and warmth. He or she may bring out in you what you never felt possible. Attached, you and your sweetie will become inseparable.


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