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Love Horoscopes – March 19, 2014


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Aries: Everybody needs a little time away and right now this person is you. Your love life has become rather weighty and weighing heavily on your spirit as well as your heart. There person you are involved with may not be a permanent partner or even someone you are officially dating but you two have become rather involved recently and you feel uneasy about it. It doesn’t matter what excuse you give or how you do it, right now you should distance yourself from your lover so that you can really look at the situation you are in. There are many positives and negatives to this union, how do you feel about each side? Before you focus on this matter, clear your mind by having some fun. You might meet someone new, problem solved.

Taurus: Normally, you are a relaxed and grounded personality. You have your own sense of balance and dislike making a fuss about anything. Some of you have met someone who unknowing has the power to change all of that within you. Now the energy surrounding you is plentiful and positive, so long as you don’t not get into any arguments are become depressed, you will be able to pull over this radical gesture. You want this person to notice then love you. If all goes well, he or she will be in your life in a more intimate capacity. Meanwhile there is a problem brewing but when you see who is involved, you will be willing to walk that fine line to make sure they stay protective. He or she will really need it and no one does it quite like you do.

Gemini: Many of you may feel frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. It is hard to look in the mirror everyday and notice the changes, but there have been some. You have grown as a person and you have grown as a lover. You may not see it but to those who have not seen you in quite some time, it is easily noticeable. This will come in handy for some of you who are unattached as someone from your past saunters into your life. This will be a reunion that you will enjoy but it doesn’t change your mood. You are still questioning where you are now, where you are heading and how you will get there as well as if this former lover from your past will be right alongside of you. Sit on this for a day or two, make your decisions later.

Cancer: It is like someone flipped your switch and glued it in the on position today. Once you get going you start to feel as if you have been underwater for quite some time and have been missing out on the exciting activities on land.  You are high spirited and overly passionate so expect any interactions, especially those having to do with your love life, to be impulsive and instinctive. You will be in tune with the one who has your heart and that will show today, likely in the form of some hot and erotic sexual activity. There will be plenty of physical experimentation if you end up on that path and it won’t be restricted to private areas either. There will be no stopping you today, just remember to hydrate in-between love making sessions.

Leo: You are loved and admired but let’s be honest, you are just as infuriating as well. Right now, many of those you know and love want to throttle you and your dominant behavior. Also to add, you are being hard on yourself and for whatever reason, that attitude it generates is spilling over into other areas of your life. If you are attached, your lover will speak up and at first you may not like it but the message sinks in. You need to lighten up and understand that you cannot always control your surroundings and when you can’t, live for that moment. For the next day or two, hand over the reins. Let someone else sail the ship and take a mental break. Whatever they mess up, can be easily fixed later.

Virgo: As seasons begin their change, you feel the need to make a metamorphosis of your own. This isn’t something you have thought lightly of, these are changes you have wanted for quite some time. If done correctly, they will bring contentment, emotional well being and harmony to your intimate affairs. This will start with a few physical changes as well as an attitude adjustment. As you finish the first stage you will feel as if you truly made a break though in your life. Others will come to support you as your endeavor for more. The happier you are with your progress, the more positive energy flows around you. It starts now, the changes the progress and the positive energy in your love life. Take that first step.

Libra: You are moving about life in a steady fashion. You thought you had it all figured out until someone in to your life and makes you think twice about what you feel is right. As the fog clears and your eyes open you realize that this was life, it was you being complacent and taking whatever came your way. You feel less pressure, less restrictive and whatever obligations you felt an urgency for, no long seem so demanding. Though not all responsibilities fall to the wayside, you see them much more clearly and are able to prioritize them better, even ones in your love life. Now it is practically a guarantee that this person will be a dear friend to you but for some of you, this person could very well become a long, long term lover.

Scorpio: Expect a few slaps on the wrist today as you need to be reminded of your place in this world. This will likely surprise you when it happens as well as a few other events that pop up. Someone you are close to or quite possibly dating, will show you precisely what they are made of today as they have had enough from you. Either you have been taking them for granted for forgetting about them all together but he or she has decided to bring you back down from your pedestal. The way in which they do this will certainly leave a last impression; you won’t be doing this again. Another reminder may come in form of self expression. You will win more respect and admiration from others if you are honest from the beginning.

Sagittarius: Someone has entered into your life and has caused you to rethink all you have ever known. You want to try new things, change routines and pull a few surprises out of a hat. This isn’t really you on the surface, but many people like it. Never the less, go with this feeling. Take the big chances, push yourself and your limits; test the person you are so you can see where you can go. Maybe once you take a fresh look at love and life around you, you will be reminded that there is no limit to what you can do.  So go on and let yourself be engulfed by passion and chaos. Once you have then take a step back and really look at where you are. See how much you can do with this? Exactly, quite a bit of good!

Capricorn: You are a tough cookie. It is hard to crack you if you do not want to be cracked. There is or may be some trouble brewing that could very well break a lesser person. Though this threatens the current state of your intimate affairs does not mean that the danger is substantial. So long as you can keep your emotions in check, this problem will not take hold. Now keeping them in check does not mean be silent. Your emotions are running a bit high so it is all about the words you use and the tone you use them in. Make sure before you even act, you are addressing (read intimidating) the right person. No sense in wasting your skills on the wrong one and blow your element of surprise.

Aquarius: Many of you will learn a lesson today loosely related to your love life, one you should take with you and apply elsewhere. You have been waiting for something to change between you and the one who has your heart. This isn’t something that has just begun, you and your sweetheart have been going back and forth for weeks if not months possibly. While things are not bad, they could be better. You are growing impatient but if you keep your eyes open, you will see an opportunity to take matters into your own hands make things happen. What you will walk away with today is the lesson of being strong doesn’t mean you can’t be compassionate. You can be you, revolutionize your surroundings and still be sensitive and caring too.

Pisces: Normally, you are one to go with the flow unless you have a personal connection to whatever is trying to change. You would rather destroy it yourself than have it change into something you don’t recognize. You can feel the change coming all around you and so far it is nothing you can’t handle. In the midst of all this change your intimate affairs seem to be the center of attention and your focus for the next few days. The key to making through this revolution is to not grow frustrated. The more emotional you get the quicker something dear to you may be destroyed. Understand now that whatever changes, whatever is in store for you these next few days, is making way for bigger and better. This is your time of the year is here, it is all in your favor.


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