Hike the City – Clear your Mind


I live down there now.. it’s the NShore – close to the Quay – I’m still a City Boi & heart.. (just looking for my Y) – but I’m doing my best – in every moment.. & right now – I still like being close to the water – it brings me peace.

I also like to reach out and touch trees when I walk – it makes me feel like fans are cheering me on –

Yesterday I was Hiking the City ! Whoo Hooo !!! Lonsdale Quay to Lynn Valley

Not exactly epic but it’s still a hike ! (go Sonny ! – Universe)

They say you should “go for a walk to clear your mind” – so.. if you’re a little bummed out or.. your bum is kinda hanging out – then go for walk and you’ll feel better – you might even come up with that answer you’re looking for

& oh.. before I forget – if you don’t like any of it.. Fuck You


So let’s see.. here’s Lonsdale – 1/3 of the way – not too close – not too far

Just like most dreams.. journeys.. stories.. rites.. & who cares – it’s kinda like.. astrology – when the transit hits, it’s over – it’s that fast – or surfing.. you have to swim hard to catch that wave – keep walking Sonny


“Run past your fears – if you keep going.. every voice will eventually fade – except one

But @ that point – you’ve gone too far”


It sure was a beautiful day to be beautiful.. – you were amazing – I love you

Because.. in spite of everything – we looked out for each other – & that’s what friends are for.


On another note.. Super Congratz to Uncle Imo – for getting his own hall !!!


“Anybody want a drink before the war ?” – (four Blood Moons coming – just saying..) – Last look downtown before we head up the mountain

You’re 1/2 way Sonny.. what do you want to talk about today.. ? – Universe

Saturn is coming back to get me – S

Seriously.. ? – Universe

Novermber 16 – He’s coming for me.. & a couple of my friends – I’m not alone in this world but it’s going to hurt. When he visited Y earlier in the year I saw her fall to the ground right in front of my eyes. When he crossed a couple of weeks ago, he took almost everything. – But.. something good happened right afterwards – something very good.. – if we can survive this – then we’re going to be better than ok – we’re going to make it.. and  this is something I know – now do it all again blindfolded motherfucker – S

You eat too many cookies these days – Universe


Looking up (seriously.. how am I supposed to know?) – Lynn Valley is somewhere up there..

He must be teaching you something.. – Universe

Well it’s different this time.. we’re simply setting boundaries – I’m learning there’s a difference between setting boundaries and letting go – it’s a picture I chose not to look at.. in the past – S

There’s an answer for everything Sonny.. – Universe

“Keep going.. I am proud of you” – my mom

IMG_00000160Sea to sky – if your wings are broken.. use your feet – if they don’t work – there’s always another way..

What’s the action S – Universe

It’s how you look at it.. in the moment.. And let’s leave the rubato for a bit as well.. if you don’t mind. – S

But if you’re not going to use your moments.. what’s the point.. ? – Universe

Stop Sonny.. you have to change that question – for a different answer.. –


Almost there.. crossing hwy #1

So.. you can’t cross water.. ? – S

It’s expensive.. –

I love you – S

Forever + a day –

IMG_00000165Made it ! And I feel Good. It’s nice to set a goal and then go for it. This wasn’t too crazy & I knew I could do it.

What’s the answer ? –

What’s the question.. ? – S

What do you see ? – 

You can chain your moments – then stack them.. maybe wrap them for strength – you can use them to bend time and bridge space – and for some.. the moments are the journey – S

There’s a lot of life left in this world – and it’s getting brighter every day.. it all depends on how you look at your moments.. in the moment & on the road..

There’s another thing – don’t waste your moments or give them away –  I started walking up this mountain for a reason – for ME – and in MY life.. that’s what’s most important – in this moment anyways..

If there’s a question.. the Balance of life will suggest an answer.. for what you want – but it will cost some of those moments..

I want my sexy body back for real and a bunch of Hypnosis gigs.. & I’m doing it.

Sugar and spice


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