Karmic Badges – Zora

past lives and the marks/scars they leave on our physical body – from Hypnosis Vancouver – sending love – S

Hypnosis Vancouver

be_nice_and_smile_to_everyoneI came across an interesting website a few months ago. It had an article called “Karmic Badges”. The article described how birthmarks and moles can be signs from a past life about things that happened to you and you carry them forward with you into this life. Since I have a huge birthmark on my neck, I asked my spirit guide, Dinahh, whether it has any significance, and whether it may be from one of my past lives.

Not long after that, I had an incredible vision with Dinahh’s help. Like other visions I’ve had, this one, too, came to me in that twilight area just before drifting off to sleep, when my mind is turned off and I’m in the silence.

I’ve learned that a vision is different from a dream. In a dream, you just are wherever you are, with whomever you’re with, and wherever it is that…

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