3 Controversial Mind Control Methods That Get You What You Want

Love Hypnotist Sonny Rosati & The Comedy Side of Hypnosis


Mind control can be defined as systematic way of using unethical means to persuade another person or group of people to conform to your wish. It is often referred to as brainwashing, mind abuse or coercive persuasion. This kind of technique can also be performed on oneself apart from using it on other people. There are several kinds of these methods which you can engage in gaining access to other peoples’ minds. Some of them are very controversial in nature. Let’s take a look at these 3 methods.

1.Brainwave Synchronization

This is a controversial mind control method that involves the activation of neurons in the mental system of humans. The neurons do generate wavelike patterns also known as brainwaves. The different frequencies seen in the brainwaves are direct results of the different states of the human mind. If you’re able to alter the brainwaves by a synchronization process, you can…

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