How to Improve Your Attitude – Seven Ways to Have a More Optimistic Outlook

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bravefeat__spanHow do we improve our optimism and teach our children to have a positive outlook on life? Simple, choose one of the seven ways below and begin. Practice just one, then, when you’re ready, choose another in the list and practice it as well. Before you know it, your outlook will have improved and you will be a more optimistic person.

Seven Ways to Improve Optimism

  1. Sleep 6-9 hours per night. Without proper sleep your health deteriorates and your brain becomes foggy. If you are foggy life looks foggy instead of bright.
  1. Every new day is just that. New. Let yourself approach each day fresh. Have a hiker mentality. After a good rest comes some more rewarding work. Without the work, you never reach the summit. Another hiker philosophy is “mind over matter.” Make your mind keep going even if the circumstances around you encourage you to stop. A new…

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