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Love Horoscopes – July 1, 2014

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Aries  As this month begins, things will begin to change. Everything in your life will be moving and shaking. Yes, everything from careers to your love life will be at some level of influx. If you are unattached and looking, someone is on the horizon. If you are in a relationship, it is entirely possible that a baby will be coming your way by year end. There will be a few of you that will be dealing with heartache. Your relationships are not as strong as you thought they were or could be. But once it’s over, you will be able to shake it off and keep it moving! For those of you who have felt as if you have been at a standstill, your creativity should be coming back. Look forward to enjoying your talents once again.

Taurus Many of you have been having a hard time dealing with some setbacks. You have kept your frustration bottled up and it will do more harm than good. You hardly complain but for those of you affected, you need a way to release. There will be a way to overcome your challenges and become more communicative. This new found flexibility will help you in all areas of life including your intimate relationships and health. If you are a creative type, expect your talents to grow leaps and bounds. What you envision or build could spectacular and lucrative. Those that are unattached may continue to be for a little while longer. July begins a busy time for all those born under Taurus. It may be overwhelming at first but it will work out and you will have a little bit of free time to pursue your interests.

Gemini Your natural abilities will reward you richly after July. Many of you may have already experienced some financial rewards earlier in the year. If not, that and more will come your way. You will finally feel as if you are on the right path and going in a positive direction. You will have new opportunities to consider and new goals to meet. Your ability to communicate will help tremendously. If you are not already in a relationship, it may take some time. There is so much going on for you that you need time to get it together. You have been so used to things going wrong that you aren’t sure how to handle it now that it is going right. You got this! By the end of the year, all the pieces should be in place and you will be secure, confident, and happy.

Cancer This has been a busy year already. There have been so many changes, some already in motion and so many more others to come. There have career changes, new dwellings and new directions. If it hasn’t happened, it may still be in the works but soon, you will be rewarded for your determination and fortitude. Some of those attached will be experiencing an amicable separation. There may be some things out of either’s control that need to be dealt with but for some reason or another, it cannot be a team effort. So long as you stay positive and optimistic, there should be no reason to not be friends or to be patient. That also goes for those looking to be in love or experiencing difficulties in your relationship. Stop doubting yourself and try to stay idealistic and optimistic. Patience and romance are in your cards.

Leo We will all hear your roar in these upcoming weeks. You are making your presence felt as moves are being made and plans fall into place. Many of you will be experiencing professional growth, relationships deepening and more importantly, good or better health. This could very well become one of the greatest years in your life. It will feel as if there is nothing you cannot do and you are likely right. Set your mind to it and it will happen. There will be some of you that will have to make some hard choices, if they haven’t been made already. If you need to take control and see it through, you do that because it will be just what you wanted it to be.

Virgo Many of you are enjoying the fruits of your labors. If you are, that doesn’t mean you can slack off yet. These upcoming months will of hard work and serious reward. That is something that can be said in all areas of your life. There will be a lot of personal growth and high productivity through this year and next. That personal growth will prepare those unattached for a major romance come the end of the year. You will meet many new people during this time. Great and lasting friendships will be formed. One these friendships will lead to something more and very romantic sometime after October. The possibilities will be endless.



Libra Many of you have experienced challenges off and on for the last few years now. Most of been in your intimate relationships but some have been in friendships and other personal connections. Though things may seem toxic in your love life, they will be strong and wonderful in other areas. Your health is fine and will stay that way so long as you let the stress of your love life roll off. Your friendships will thrive and in fact, you will make new friends throughout the remainder of 2014. It will be these friends that help you get through the strife your love life is (has) causing and help you find yourself again.

Scorpio Many of you have been handing a large amount of responsibility in the last few years. Some you may have inherited and others you have either taking the lead or created the need on your own. With that level of commitment, you have grown and matured. Some of you may have gone back to school looking for a career change. Others have been taken on so much responsibility, you are not sure which way is up. You will continue to expand and grow personally over the course of this next year. Your maturity and recent schooling will likely pave the way for amazing career boost. That will fall into place and make everything else easier. Romance is back but you really need to listen to what your mind and heart tell you. There are more lessons to learn and you will be learning them.

Sagittarius Archers usually search for knowledge; it is a thirst that needs to be quenched. There will be a lot more of it in the upcoming months. It seems as if the focus this year has been and will continue to be about you. Love and romance will be on the back burner but that doesn’t mean you won’t be having fun on some sexual level. Some of you may travel and enjoy many lovers along the way. Others will be looking for inspiration and to wrap up business deals. There may be a few of you who will not come back to your home lands after your trip since you fell in love with your destination. Where ever you go, or maybe don’t go, there will be a story waiting to be told later.

 Capricorn Many of you have been struggling with the challenges or changes that have been going on in your life for the last year or two. These changes have taught you lessons, helped change your perspective and forced you to grow. What many of you have been looking for is a way to get back to where you once were both in confidence and in status. What you are going through now is a lesson in patience. Your ambition never left, but your ability to see what is right and wrong has. With patience, you will regain what you have lost. This will lead to career gains, better choices in lovers or stronger intimacy and a sense of self. You will feel as if you are back on top of the world soon enough.

Aquarius If you haven’t already, you should start to focus on your health. Go to the doctor, do your research and create a plan that put you back on track to feeling better in your own skin. This isn’t the only area of self improvement that you may want to embark upon. Yes, diet and exercise is something you should be serious about but anything academic or spiritual is also worth investing yourself in. In comparison to the rest of the Zodiac, you have gotten off easy in this last year. Any challenges or problems that have come about, you have been able to navigate with ease. But that luck will not continue if you are not in top form. If any of you have the desire to go into business for yourself, now is the time.

Pisces Well, well… someone has been looking real good lately! You will likely be in high demand over the next few months. Your love life, or at least the opportunity to have one, will be on fire. Your creativity will fuel your professional life and open doors for future growth. As July begins, think about where you want to be and who you want to be with. Those goals and plans will help drive you through the rest of this year and into the next. Sadly, those of you on a financial roller coaster ride better keep that seat belt on. That ride isn’t ending anytime soon. But don’t worry, it’s all good.

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