When You Love Others You Make a Difference

bigstock-Beauty-Relaxing-On-The-Beach-2102247 - 5thLove is not limited to romantic love. There is a lot more to love than that between a couple, even between family. There is love between friends, but there is still more love to be had in this world. As Mother Teresa said “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”

Is loving others hard?

Reaching out and sharing love with another is not a hard task. We often fall under the mistaken belief that giving love, that making a difference in another person’s life is difficult. Love can be a simple act and sharing love can change the life of another.

Who needs love?

Every person you meet needs love. People who might need a little extra may be going through a crisis or a change in life, a little piece of comfort can help make a difference in their day. Some people are alone far more than they prefer. Spending time with them is a special gift. Perhaps you see someone who seems sad, there may be something you can do that can make their day.

What gifts of love do you remember?

Remember how seeing a greeting card in the mail makes you smile. Has someone just touched your arm or your hand and it left you feeling warm and loved. Think back to words of encouragement someone shared with you. While a flower arrangement is lovely, a single rose has delighted many. Enjoy coffee with another, share a meal. Even a $5 pizza can be a gift when shared with a friend.

Would you like an actual example?

Giving flowers took an amazing turn last year. I took a couple of Gerber daisies to a neighbor. She nearly cried, it seemed the day I had chosen was her birthday. A strange experience that made her day, apparently it made a huge impact. A few weeks later a friend told me how my neighbor raved over the flowers and the surprise they were.

What are you sharing?

Love. That is the actual gift given, wrapped in different packages. When we give love, it is amazing how many different ways love shows in our lives. Giving love requires sharing a piece of ourselves. By sharing us, it comes back to us tenfold. Yet it has taken me all this time to understand that finding love in our lives requires looking inside and sharing our hearts with others. This is the beauty and power we have inside. It can make a difference in the world, if we let it.

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