Make Him Feel You Truly Love Him – 3 Ways to Show You Care

printable-love-notes1Do you long to be able to show the man that you love how you feel? Can you make him feel that you truly love him? Are you wondering if he even knows that you would do anything for him? It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to make a man feel that you truly love him. Men just aren’t as into the typical trappings of romance as women are. So what do you do when you can’t send him flowers or buy him jewelry? Well, love can be shown through material gifts, but it is more important to make him feel that you truly love him through your actions. Here are three ways to do just that.

Be kind to him

Doesn’t sound too difficult right? But before you roll your eyes and move on to the next technique, think about this. How often are you really putting the other people in your life above yourself? It is very easy to slip into selfish mode and think about only what you want and you need. If you take the time to think about what makes him happy too, think of how great that will make him feel.

Involve him in your life

Intimacy is not all about romantic dinners and sunsets walks on the beach. In reality, it is about two people learning to share each other’s lives, to include each other and learn to care about each other’s passions. So don’t keep everything to yourself. Introduce him to your friends and to your passions. Not all at once! You don’t want to overwhelm him, but little by little.

Don’t rush him

You might think that rushing your guy into saying the magic three words by saying them to him first will make him feel that you truly love him. In reality, you should wait until he tells you first. Men hate to be forced to do anything, but sometimes it may be necessary to do that. But love is not the same as ‘hey honey, take out the trash now’. If you push him to say I love you, odds are he will not want to say it to you now and maybe not ever.

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