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Astro-Week   Love Horoscopes August 24 – 30, 2014

This week The Sun will shift from dramatic, playful, and confident Leo into analytical, helpful, and physically healthy Virgo. This means we’ll all feel the summer fun beginning to wind down as we get ready for “Back to School/Work” and the daily grind. But.. it’s not quite here yet. And although we’ll all be looking at the fine print and going over our financial/social/emotional expenses from the summer, there’s still time this week for one last blast of summer fun! We’re all entering a cycle of getting down to business, making lists, and looking hard at the fine print. Added to the mix is Mars (your outward physical energy) crossing Saturn (the planet of control/restriction/karma). This means there is a chance for accidents, final decisions to let go, and finally taking the steps to restructure your life. As a general note.. this will be a week of looking closely to the details so.. if things aren’t to your liking or events/people no longer fit into your plans then you’ll be ready to let them go. Karma will play a bigger role than you think!

Dear Aries

Life takes on a playful quality for you this week as the life around you begins to feel like a movie. Expect small competitive dramas in your relationships to rock the boat but if you’re prepared then you’ll come out on top. If not.. don’t stay upset for too long because you’re one of the hot signs right now and love should be around every corner.  Be prepared to make a decision about a joint partnership.

Dear Taurus

Home and family will take on a larger importance this week. Many of you are moving homes or renovating. Keep alert for sudden changes but generally things should run smoothly at home and this will bring peace and quiet to a stable environment. As for love, it’s crunch time. This week has you breaking the old and finally doing something about the restrictions you’ve been feeling. If you have the suspicion that someone is trying to control or manipulate you, this is the time to do something about it.

Dear Gemini

Time to get busy. Short trips, long conversations, and quick thinking are all highlighted right now. This is all necessary because your personal business and communication is also highlighted. It’s a good time to start a small business but be careful. This is an expensive week.  Money and emotional commitments are flowing out faster than they can flow in. You’ll suddenly find yourself giving more than you expected but have an open heart. It will all come back to you.

Dear Cancer

Luck and love are on your side! This week you’ll make a decision about someone close who’s restricting your creativity. You’d love to get out and play but it’s really a week to get some work done. Be nice to your partner, you’re both going through a big change and you really need to be there for each other. Little acts of kindness will go a long way in romance.

Dear Leo

Time to spruce up the wardrobe and hit the gym. If you’ve been thinking about changing something about yourself then now the time to do it. These days your coming across as softer and easier to get along with. It’s best to use this permissive energy to start something new you’ve always wanted to do. Anything that makes you look and feel even better is on the menu. This also goes for relationships. So.. if there’s something you’d like to change about your current state of love, go for it!

Dear Virgo

You’ve entered a small cycle of private affairs and secret liaisons. This is good and bad.. as secrets are being kept from you and not necessarily for the good. It’s also a time of withdrawal both physically and emotionally. Relationships will come to an end so.. be prepared to let. Someone from your past returns with declarations of love.

Dear Libra

Friendships through group activities are strengthened this week. There’s a bit of nostalgia surrounding you these days and you might be questioning your recent decisions. Follow your heart into battle and put yourself into the path of your dreams. True love is closer than you realize and your dreams can come true. The secret is to get out into the limelight and give your destiny a chance to find you.

Dear Scorpio

Love is shining a light in your public career. You’re glowing at work and ready for some added challenge. Keep your eyes open for opportunities and be quick to take advantage. You have the possibility for a real life altering career change or enhancement. This is the week to make your move.

Dear Sagittarius

You’re a straight shooting free spirit by nature and this week you get a chance to shine. Distant shores and the exotic come calling, a dream vacation gets set in motion, and higher learning all take on greater importance this week. Your natural sense for freedom gets an extra boost and you’re generally receptive to new ideas. It’s a great time to attend a workshop or start a new course of study.

Dear Capricorn

A business opportunity or a chance promotion is likely either through your partner or as a result of a joint effort. Teaming up is the key in this cycle. There’s a real opportunity for career advancement and profits through group efforts. The planets also signal a sudden interest in the occult, dark, and sexual arts. Something hidden about money or your sexual urges might come to light. Be extra careful that popularity does not lead to embarrassment.

Dear Aquarius

Now’s the time to smooth out the bumps in your closest relationships. Make time for love and show your partner that you care. If you’re single, don’t go overboard with your affections. You’re extra loving and extra giving and this can easily lead you astray and have you being taken advantage of. Having said that, if your affects are well received by someone who honestly loves you in return, then you’ll truly have a special weekend to remember.

Dearest Pisces

Romance heats up at work! If there’s someone at the office or place that you visit every day, then this is the time to go for it! You are extra diligent and you’re looking at the details. Normally this would make you a bit crazy but the planets are helping to calm the waters. This is going to present you in a new and favorable light to those who see you all the time. Walk tall, you’re getting a second chance to make a first impression.

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