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Astro-Week August 31 – Sept 6, 2014

by Sonny Rosati

Hi everyone! Welcome back to your Who’s hot this week love Sonnyscopes!!!

This week the moon will travel through magnanimous, free spirited, straight shooting, and optimistic Sagittarius, then shift into formal, business minded, reserved, and social climbing Capricorn. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling happy, social and exuberant, and then we’ll settle into a more workmanlike emotional mind set. This lunar transit reminds me of the shift from Christmas to boxing day – first there’s a big celebration and then we look at the bill. Another way to look at it is – the open thrill of love, then the sobering reality of marriage. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic however. It’s more of an emotional feeling of play followed by work. And if that work involves moving together towards a common goal.. then for some of us – the play will continue.

Venus, the planet of attraction is spending one final week in creative, expressive, jubilant, and gambling Leo. This means we’ll all have a Leo-like hue on all of the things we attract this week. Expect a bit of drama for the sake of drama, large displays of affection, and people to dress more fashionably than usual. It also indicates children taking a greater role in our lives. Finally, it’s a time of gambling and taking risks – so.. if you’re into lottery tickets, then now’s the time to buy.. & remember – if you win cut me in!

This week’s lucky in love signs are.. Leo, and Aquarius with Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn, and Cancer heating up fast!

Dear Aries

It looks like you’re still going to have a fight on your hands when it comes to joint finances and the money you make with others. Stick up for yourself and this week don’t back down. The “bad” is past and it’s now time to set boundaries. This applies double at work where dramatic and powerful change is in the works. If you play it correctly then you’ll transform into something much bigger and definitely better. Don’t stick with what you know. Thoughts shift to love and partnership midweek. If you can survive the work stress then get out with your partner and enjoy the rewards you’ve already earned.

Dear Taurus

Your peeps are sick and dropping like flies all around you. On top of that, your love life is in a bit of disarray. You tend to be our most peaceful and beautifully quiet sign but this is a good time to speak up and clear the air. Your thoughts and visions of a perfect world have been and will continue to undergo a radical and painful transformation but it will all be worth it. I’m not challenging you to look in the mirror or change anything.. but if you look around you’ll see that you have come a very long way and the path ahead is beginning to clear. Just keep going.

Dear Gemini

What can I say..? Sometimes karma sucks but that’s just the way it is. Your daily routine has been disrupted in a major and life altering way and there’s really nothing that you can do about it but make the best of things. This week you’re settling into the new routine and testing your boundaries. Do not take on any additional stress and do not reach beyond your comfort zone. This is more a week of running around, small trips, a lot of communication/information gathering, and taking care of daily business. By the end of the week things will have settled and next week you’ll finally be able to shift your focus toward how to really get ahead.

Dear Cancer

I know astrologers have been saying that this is supposed to be a great time for you financially with both Jupiter, the planet of expansion and Venus, the planet of attraction passing through your astro-house of comfort, security, and money but.. it’s kind of like two pretty girls at a party wearing the same cool outfit – there’s going to be a bit of a problem. You only have one more week of this but there is an opportunity to make the best of things and to really bring home a nest egg. All you have to do is compartmentalize your attraction. This week you can expect to be blessed in a number of different ways. The secret is to respect the blessings as they are and not as you once thought they should be.

Dear Leo

It has been tough for many of you but you are going to make it. You’re not out of things this week but I’ve been looking ahead – the light is finally within reach. Just do your best to hold on. Continue to expect problems at home and with parents. As for love.. this is a wonderful time for you. It’s not always easy turning your eyes away from your problems and then opening yourself to love but if you want to make it work then that’s what you’re going to have to do. Take the lumps, keep your feet moving, and make sure you smile because you’re better off than you realize.

Dear Virgo

Love has arrived from the past in ways you never thought it could – congratz! Luck and universal benevolence will continue to clear out all of the emotional cobwebs from the last couple of years. You have a week of mental healing and emotional purging ahead. This is a very good thing if life seemed a bit uncertain for the last while. That all sounds great but.. you can expect a week of running around, short trips, fast paced business deals coming together and yes – accidents. Be careful and watch your health.

Dear Libra

What can I say Libra.. karma is karma – and right now it’s squarely visiting your finances. Added to that is a powerful transformation to your home life and your relationships with members of your family. You tend to be super diplomatic and you can be one of our most charming signs – use your gifts! There’s a big chance that you messed up with one of your relationships and it’s haunting you and for some reason (probably financial) you feel like you can’t escape. Remain optimistic and reach for the help that’s has always been waiting for you. Your team needs you – and you need your team. But.. being in constant demand makes it difficult to see who’s really on your side in the first place.

Dear Scorpio

Watch your health! Everywhere I looked in the past little while Scorpios have been literally falling down sick in front of me. It is very scary to see. You guys are one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac and you know it but you can also be arrogant and think you’re impervious to that which affects others. This is not true. You are human as well and you can fall just as easily – you just don’t show it.. and – other people cannot usually see it. This all means that the help might not be there when you need it the most. This week try a little diplomacy. Olive branches will go a long way to showing that indeed you do recognize that you are part of a greater team.

Dear Sagittarius

Creative urges come to the forefront this week. Expect sudden insights into old problems and a possible fight with your past. It might feel as if you have cleared up most of your karmic debts and you’re ready to move on but the truth is – you still have a ways to go. On of the areas you have to be careful is at work. It might seem like everyone is your best friend but right now.. someone is definitely out to get you. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to fight back.

Dear Capricorn

Something is changing in the way you present yourself to the world. For some of you, extra time at the gym is beginning to show. For others, it might be a lack of exercise that has people talking. Either way, people are noticing you. Joint finances are still the game this week and a healthy dose of cooperation is needed to succeed. Just be careful that you don’t overstep your boundaries when you step out and interact with groups. There’s a chance that you will alienate the very people who are here to help you.

Dear Aquarius

You are so lucky in love right now that you might not even notice it! This is a great week to get out and doing something nice with your partner. If single, you can definitely find love. In an interesting twist, love might be waiting somewhere you’ve known all along. The only down side seems to be at the office. You’re coming across as more controlling and aloof than normal and it’s causing problems. Try your best to be your best and love will shine through.

Dearest Pisces

This week you are the shining image of love and a perfect partner. The only problem is.. if you are single then you’re going to continue to be single! Patience Pisces. You’re shining but you won’t necessarily be attracting for another couple of weeks. Try and bask in the glow of love that you’re currently radiating and enjoy the week. The love you’ve been waiting for is on the way.


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