Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 8th, 2014


Astro-Week Sonnyscopes ! Beginning September 8, 2014

from Sonny Rosati.. ME! – if you’d like a personal reading and your three month forecast please send me a message on the about/contact page – sending love around the world & wishing every the best of a beautiful day – S

This week begins with a compassionate, intuitive, healing Super Moon in Pisces. This means we’ll all be feeling outwardly emotional and things hidden will come to light. It’s a great week for endings and beginnings so.. if you’re ready for a change, the Super Moon says go for it!

Dear Aries

The week begins with a quiet look inwards towards your hopes and aspirations as you peacefully go it alone. If pushed.. be careful not to go overboard as emotions mix with your competitive nature. Try to spend time reflecting on recent events and figure out a way ahead. A burst of energy later in the week has you excited about your new direction.

Dear Taurus

It might feel like love and life in general is against you these days.. but it’s all going to pass soon. In the meantime try and focus on the good.  It’s time for a break.  Thoughts of fixing up the home or moving have finally happened and you can now invite friends over to celebrate. Creativity and children take on a bigger role.

Dear Gemini

Watch for developments in your career and an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted. Recent efforts will pay off but patience will be necessary. Problems at home are beginning to smooth out and a total move might be necessary. Your temper needs to be reeled in late in the week so snap decisions don’t come back to haunt.

Dear Cancer

This full moon will highlight your hidden desire to expand beyond boundaries in all areas of your life. Feelings of restrictions will come to light and you might get crabby about it. Play nice and making up will be easier. Busy communication, short trips, and a new business opportunity are in store. You’re currently more persuasive than you realize.

Dear Leo

People have noticed your hard work recently and the rewards are coming. Money problems are beginning to ease and you might find a sudden win fall. Expect to learn something new about a business deal with a friend. It might be better than you thought. Taking a chance on yourself is treat for both yourself and your fans.

Dear Virgo

Whatever you thought about that special someone.. you’re going to let them know! Emotions and hidden feelings about your current relationship come to the surface and you won’t be able to keep them in. Go ahead and speak your mind. You’re softer and more compelling this week so don’t worry too much about rocking the boat. It’s time to think about saving money for the winter.

Dear Libra

Be extra careful about your heath this week a nagging injury could turn out to be more. There are only so many hours in a day and you’ve just been pushing too hard. You might have enjoyed every moment but you’re about to pay the price. If you need help, just reach out ask. You have a lot of friends who are here to help.

Dear Scorpio

Keep going, but pace yourself. You’re in over drive and you’re not seeing all of the good you’ve been creating. Try not to over react as hidden love affairs come to light. Get out and be seen. You’ll meet the help you’ve been looking for in a group or social event. Speak up and you’ll be heard.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ll feel a deeper connection with your home and family this week. Remember, we only get one chance to be beautiful for the ones we love so go ahead and tell them how much you care. Social advances or a promotion at work will have you smiling and wanting to get out for some fun. Personal creativity and general fun gets an unexpected bump.

Dear Capricorn

If anyone crosses your path this week you’re sure to give them a piece of your mind! Calm down Capricorn. There’s no need to blow everything up just to get something off of your chest. Focus on the good.. and that’s the money you’re making with your partner. You’re super lucky with joint business ventures and you can reap rewards from teamwork and concentration.

Dear Aquarius

It’s a business week as money takes the focus. Take a second look with all financial transactions. A quiet dead for a friend could lead to success for both of you. Take a chance and see what happens. It’s time to reap the rewards of the past and step logically into the future.

Dearest Pisces

If there’s something that you’ve wanted to change about yourself then now’s the time to go for it. It could be a simple haircut or a new fitness regime but people will notice. Love is flowing freely in your closest relationships and if single.. keep your eyes open for someone new!

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