Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 22nd, 2014


Astro-week Sonnyscopes September 22 – 28 , 2014

This week both The Sun and The Moon will travel from fussy, observant, and helpful Virgo into charming, graceful, and diplomatic Libra. This week’s Moon phase is also called a “New” Moon which is a great time for beginning new projects and generally getting on with plans made last month. If things were difficult for the last couple of weeks but you kept your feet moving then you will finally begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It may not happen right away but the success you’ve wanted is closer than you think. This week, you just have to be social, peaceful, and team oriented. Success will follow those who can work well with others.

Dear Aries

You look the part, you can feel it, and you’re thinking about it.. but love is not here quite yet. This doesn’t mean you can’t keep your eyes open and see what’s out there. Love is helping you lend a hand to others which is great but you tend to be me first at the best of times. This might have you over extending yourself when it comes to helping out. Make sure you stick to your boundaries and don’t let yourself be taken for granted. Shortly, a new person is going to walk into your life and make you forget all of the rest. Love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Taurus

Although you’re currently fixated on joint ventures and looking at the details of a project that seems too good to be true, dark and mysterious forces have grabbed your attention. Others may think you’re just getting ready for Halloween a little early but the planets are suggesting that you’ve found a new playmate recently who’s furthering your exploration of the occult and deviant acts of a sexual nature. This is all fun and you should get out and play safe. Just don’t let play time interfere with your steady nature and natural gift for making money. If you’re still single, love is waiting at the gym.

Dear Gemini

Calm down and regroup. Things got a little out of control recently and you’ve had to react. The problem is you were reacting to a situation in the moment and for a short term solution instead of the long term general good of your dreams and aspirations. You’re not actually in a reflective cycle right now, but a creative and flirty period. So, your team has you running in circles. Stop them. Clear your head. Figure out what you’ve always wanted. Then get on with the good. You are attracting opportunities for fun and frolic but you’ve just cleared house. Time to makeup or find some new playmates.

Dear Cancer

Home and family take centre stage for the next couple of weeks. Very nurturing and Cancer in nature but it might not all be smooth sailing.  A move or major upgrade in your living arrangements are in the works. If you have been working your long term plan then everything should run smoothly and your team should have a good reason to rejoice. If the move is being forced upon you by circumstance or a poor decision then make the best of it. Believe it or not, money is following you these days. As always look at the details but definitely ask for more than you think.  Love is waiting on a phone call.

Dear Leo

Time to get to work! Things pick up this week with short trips, communications, and business opportunities. Keep your ears open for good advice and definitely keep those feet moving. If you suddenly have to urge to shake things up then go for it. Now’s the time to start a new project and not everyone from your past will be able to keep up. Some Leos will be launching your own business and others will start a new relationship with someone they meet while running an errand. Money is still good and a check should arrive in the mail for work already completed. Your overall plan should already be solid and in place. This is the time to open up and walk into your future.

Dear Virgo

It’s time to pay the rent! Love is flowing freely and you’re still attracting admiring glances but it’s time to focus on some of those bills that have been adding up. New business opportunities lead to new sources of income and yes.. new sources of bills but if you keep working and smooth over the details then you’ll be able to keep up and eventually make a solid go of your new decisions. Arguments and problems at home and with a parental figure continue. Try to calm down the fussy behavior and look for the good in others instead of faults and your team will have a better chance for success.

Dear Libra

You’re such a diplomatic peacekeeper it’s difficult to believe that you’re secretly a “Me” first kind of sign. This week your desire to put yourself first gets a real boost from the planets. You’ve been tired and reflective lately, wondering if you’ve made the right choices for your future but the truth is.. you made those choices in the moment to simply survive the day. Now for some of you those choices to just survive led you down a life changing path with obstacles, challenges, and people that weren’t part of the original deal. Additionally it may have felt like you’d be paying for the rest of your life for a few moments of fun. Some mistakes can be recovered from and others are meant to last. This week gives you a fresh opportunity to either start something new or to try again. It’s up to you.

Dear Scorpio

Take the blinders of for a minute and have a look around. You are not out of the woods yet and it’s about to get darker in a way you didn’t expect. Having said that.. ask for help. I can’t say that enough for you. Don’t expect others to know what you’re thinking or to navigate your erratic moods. You are aggressively in pursuit of a dream or a goal and you can finally see it. This week however begins a cycle of down time and introspective thoughts as well as looking back. The problem with this is your future needs you right now. So.. whatever crosses your path this week, just keep going.

Dear Sagittarius

Now’s the time to get out, be seen, and meet someone who can make your dreams come true. At the best of times you tend to be a “big picture” kind of person. This has you missing the intricate details that could really help you along the way. You also tend to rebel against being confined to the small print. All of this is fine if you know how to use your team. This week the planets will help you find someone who’ll do the work for you.. sort of. Ask you shall receive. Be on the lookout for a teammate who compliments your expansive vision with a need to take care of the bills. Keep your eyes open.

Dear Capricorn

Are you really looking for a new job? This week marks the beginning of a new start to your career. Very Capricorn indeed but there’s a twist. Fortune, love and attraction are following you from a very distant shore. You’re swimming in exotic ideas and new thoughts of how things should be done.  People will be wondering how our most business minded sign has suddenly become a new age guru. Just know that you are being noticed at the office and people are beginning to talk. So if you’re up for a promotion or if it just happened, try not to implement your new ideas and philosophies too quickly. It might upset a few of your new peeps.

Dear Aquarius

Your already eccentric and progressive thinking gets a boost of spirituality and an expansive vision of the fastest path to your dreams. Take note of your insights this week and do your best to put them together into a larger picture. It’s this larger picture that holds the answer. With Venus in Virgo, the details are taking care of themselves. Just keep everyone in the loops when your visions take you to another place. Logic paced by intuition will lead the way.

Dearest Pisces

There’s a slow but powerful change happening with your social network. It’s not really out with the old but there is a new you emerging and this person requires a different support group. New and powerful people are entering your life and they do have the ability to transform your dreams into reality. They also have the power to make you follow their dreams and have you believing that it’s what you’ve wanted all along. Somewhere in the middle lies the real truth about what you want and the people who can make it happen. For clarity, trust a bit of intuition, and your closest partner. Together you have a real chance to make it happen.

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