Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 29nd, 2014

love horoscopes september 2014

Astro-week Sonnyscopes September 29 – October 5, 2014

This week the moon will travel from happy, expansive, and fun loving Sagittarius to structured, stern, and independent Capricorn. Venus, the planet of attraction will begin a visit to one of her home signs, diplomatic and people pleasing Libra. This means we’ll all be feeling “in love with love”, we’ll want harmony to prevail, and we’ll want to do things the “right” way. The downside of this transit is a chance that you could subjugate yourself and your needs to keep the peace. Under this transit, there’s also a chance to be superficial and to not really say or do what you mean. Once again, just to keep the peace. On the plus side, if you’re looking for love then this is the time to make your move.

Dear Aries

Venus enters your astro-sector of one on one relationships and personal business partners. This will light up your social life and whether single or partnered up – get ready for love! You’ll feel artistically inclined, less competitive and in the mood to dare I say.. let the other person win. Well maybe you’ll settle for the tie. Either way, people are going to notice the change. Remember if you want the love to last, you’re going to have to keep up the good behavior so don’t go too easy on them when things heat up on the court.

Dear Taurus

After a month of frisky and yes.. risky behavior it’s time to settle down to your chores. Have a look at the fine print and take care of any nagging injuries. It’s a good week to get back to the gym and generally start putting your life back together. Yes, you’ll have arguments over money but you’re not really in the mood to fight. Thoughts are drifting towards the perfect love and how to make it happen but it’s really more of a week of chores and sorting out your daily routine. Love is waiting in the grocery store.

Dear Gemini

Well you’ve said what had to be said and you did what had to be done. The dead weight should be cleared and although your seeds haven’t quite grown into giant trees yet.. love has come to play! You’ll be checking out the local scene and visiting the bar to find someone special. And the good news is.. you will! Just be creative, expressive and try not to blow it. The only down side is that although you are defiantly lucky in love this week, you’re also worried a bit about karma and your daily routine. If you find yourself feeling a little pudgy then get to the gym. This week, love is everywhere.

Dear Cancer

Family affairs and general living conditions finally smooth over as your thoughts take a turn towards the frisky! This is a welcome relief to the control and negativity you’ve been feeling in the bedroom. Your natural creativity has been battling a sense of karma lately and it may have felt like you’d never make it out of this rut. There is a light and there is hope but neither are here quite yet. On the plus side you’re beginning to feel that the hardest part of this journey is almost over.

 Dear Leo

Problems continue with your health so take some time and get yourself checked out. Problems will also continue at home with controlling partners and parental figures trying to get the best of your time. On the plus side you’re larger than life this week. Think big and the world will respond. Expect many short trips and rapid lines of communication but everything should be smooth and stress free. You may even be surprised to find there’s a lack of traffic on your commute. It’s all a little strange but good none the less. Love is waiting in a new business deal. Try not to get carried away when a sexy stranger says hello.

Dear Virgo

You’ll want to stay close to home this week and work out any family problems that arise but the planets say it’s time to make some money. Comfort, security and a steady income are all highlighted. If you are starting a new job or you’ve just completed a project then expect to begin reaping the rewards. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to speak to that special someone then go ahead and pop the question. Your voice is being received better than you think.

Dear Libra

For many Libras this is the month you’ve been waiting for. No.. money isn’t suddenly going to be pouring in, and no.. you’re not suddenly going to find true love but you will experience a renewed feeling of confidence, purpose and self-esteem. As love begins to flow back towards you, you should be able to see who’s really interested in you and your goals and this will boost your ego higher than any false compliments. Trying being sincere and putting a little of yourself behind your words. Buzz phrases get you into trouble. Speak from your heart.

Dear Scorpio

Your love life is not exactly going into retreat or even worse, exile but you have been taking hits lately. This week love will begin a cycle where it’s less public than usual. Now, you’re usually a private person and you tend to keep to yourself – except in love. When it comes to romance, you tend to like public displays. And, as one of the bad boys and girls of the zodiac you’re infamous as a public lover. Right now hidden adventures and behind the scenes romantic overtures are in the cards. All in all, you can sense a finish line or a new beginning off in the distance and you just don’t want to rock any boats getting there. It’s funny to imagine a Scorpio on their best behavior but that’s exactly where you are and as far as love is concerned – it’s what you also have to prove.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time to get along with the neighbours and if possible, then their neighbours as well. The planets point towards luck, love, and money, but only if you can play nice with larger social circles. It might seem like you’re being forced to suddenly play nice with everyone but the truth is, there’s someone out there that’s going to help your dreams come true. On top of that, your mind and larger vision of how you’d like to live your life are taking shape. Put it together and you have a recipe for manifested dreams. So.. all you have to really do this week is use your larger vision to form your picture, then start asking for help.

Dear Capricorn

Although you feel like withdrawing and retreating from the world this week, you have a battle brewing. Deserve it or not, someone is talking about you behind your back and they’re out for no good. You might have trouble sleeping and as much as you’d just like to let everything go, you know that you have to stand and fight. It’s a low energy week to say the least but there is a way out of the lethargy. Work is calling and you’ll soon be up for a reward. Put in a little extra and shortly you’ll reap the rewards of already knowing what’s coming.

Dear Aquarius

Your ambition and desire for recognition takes centre stage. You’d like to be the toast of the office and you’re being pushy about it. Try not to step on too many toes. You’ve just emerged from a relationship tangle and as much as you’d like to get ahead it’s probably not the best to mix business with pleasure this time. This week someone you wouldn’t have considered in the past suddenly becomes very attractive.

Dearest Pisces

Deep and intimate connection made during this cycle could become both healing and lucrative. Reach out and your dreams just might reach back. There’s a chance for a healthy financial boost and deeper connection with your partner. All of this love has you dreaming bigger and this means a larger piece of the pie at work. It’s too early to ask for a raise but it’s the perfect time to show them what you’re made of. Put in the effort now and rewards will follow.

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