Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning October 6th, 2014

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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny ! October 6 – 12, 2014

This week we have a Full Moon revealing our hidden selves in courageous, confident, and passionate Aries. This will bring to light Aries colored themes that are usually kept hidden. Depending on where it falls in your personal chart, you can expect to learn or uncover something that you only suspected. Optimism would suggest something good but stay prepared either way. Events will be fast and we’ll all be a little pushy. But.. there’s still no calming down before the weekend. Take everything in stride and keep true to your goals. Venus in Libra will help us all receive both good and bad news with grace and diplomacy.  Love is in the air and despite the impulsive energies this week, there’s still a feeling that “together is better”.

Dear Aries

The Full Moon falls in your astro 1st house of physical identity. This means something about your identity is going to slip out or change. If you are holding a secret flame for someone then go ahead and let them know. You’re receiving love directly into your partnerships so if you’re single then keep your eyes open! Try not go too carried away (I say this a lot to Aries ;)) but keep the pace. No one wants to argue these days and you might be feeling a build up of aggression. Find a way to channel it through a new study, class, or hobby.

Dear Taurus

Sometimes we just need a break from everything. This week take some time for yourself. Indulge a little and be kind to yourself. It’s been a rough go lately but soon things are going to ok again. Be on the alert for sudden health issues to crop up but it should pass quickly. It’s time to balance and centre yourself. Get to the gym if you can but don’t push yourself too hard. Clear the air that’s built up between you and a close friend.

Dear Gemini

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.. and why should you? You’ve just come out of a rough patch and you’ve found a new appreciation for friends and family. You now know what’s important to you and who can help you get to your goals. Your themes in this cycle should be “expression” and “creativity”. Yes, you’re frisky as well. Get out to a meetup group and meet some new friends.

Dear Cancer

Be on the lookout for a sudden job opportunity. It’s been tough recently but  that’s going to change. Love and money are flowing towards the home. So.. even though you’re thinking of a move it’s your career that’s calling. Spruce up the resume and expect the phone to ring. It’s time to shake things up and you’ll be extra impulsive. Chores are going to occupy most of the days but you’ll be close to finishing up a project. Keep going and welcome the unexpected.

Dear Leo

Your sense of adventure is about to take over. Lately you’ve been working so hard and you’ve been wondering just what it’s all been for? Take some time and get out into the world this week and explore something you might have never before considered. The pace will be busy as usual but this surge of energy will help you easily keep up. Take a bigger picture approach to love and let go of the worries. Words are the key this week so speak from the heart and you’ll be heard.

Dear Virgo

It’s time to settle some of those debts. A partner will need your financial help. On the plus side, you’re also freely attracting money these days. So.. it’s all part of being there for each other. There’s been a disconnect recently between your needs and your partner’s. Have a talk and things will work out. Keep working your plan and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Dear Libra

Your relationships will be tested this week. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Venus is in Libra and your suggestions are being warmly received. It’s just time to balance things out. You will be impulsive about it so make sure you watch everyone’s feelings when you’re adjusting your boundaries.

Dear Scorpio

Enough is enough! It’s time to get you act together. Give up smoking? Just the start. Whatever else is bugging you, it’s time to change. Now.. remember, this is your change so don’t blame everyone and don’t blow up. Just prepare and do your best in the moment. You’re ego might take a blow so be prepared. If you’ve been working towards a goal this is the week to reach out for it. Love has you introspective and reclusive.

Dear Sagittarius

You have an overwhelming desire for creative expression. You’ve been spending time in the public and it’s now time to take care of your own needs. Children will be part of the fun. You want to lighten up and an opportunity will rise to have some fun. Go for it! An unusual lover crosses your eye but this week is about you. Draw them and go out together.

Dear Capricorn

This Full Moon highlights your themes of home and family vs. your public career. Lately you’ve been working towards a career goal and the planets indicate they just might come true but you’re suddenly feeling that you should be spending more time at home. Don’t worry too much. Your family appreciates your efforts. Make time for those close to you but keep a balance.

Dear Aquarius

This week has day to day life catching up with you. Suddenly it’s like you’ve come to life and the world takes notice. Expect the phone to ring with good news. The balance right now is between the details which are catching up and the bigger picture which is attraction attention. There’s a chance for a sudden business opportunity. You’ll be busy but there’s something hidden there for you.

Dearest Pisces

Your personal boundaries come into focus. You’ve been giving a lot lately and wondering what’s in it for you. Take a step back and have a look. You might win a battle at work but don’t rock the boat too hard. There’s a chance for a sudden win fall of money!


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