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Love Horoscopes – October 3, 2014

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Aries: You’ve been looking at the world with a new perspective and can see the common thread between you and everyone else versus what makes you all different. This will deeply affect how you interact with others and your views on your relationship if you are so attached. If you are attached then you will need to have a serious conversation with your lover. There are some annoyances you need to address but would really rather not deal with. Not dealing with them will cause these minor issues to become uncontrollable. You need to make an effort, a small one will help you two get past them and make your relationship run smoother. If you are unattached, the energy today helps you utilize the strong feelings you have towards someone.

Taurus: You woke up, thinking about the one who has your heart and appreciating life then the rest of your world woke up with you. Now you are likely grumpy, your entire demeanor is sour and you don’t want to be bothered with anyone… especially your sweetheart. He or she is in a great mood, a snarky one and you are the subject of all their jokes, both good and bad. Worse yet when you ask to be left alone or for the teasing to stop, no one is taking you seriously and they continue to do as they please. It is time to get your good mood back. Take off or lock yourself away and surround yourself with laughter and good humor. This is also a good time to schedule social activities with good friends that really know how to have a good time.

Gemini: Your relationships have a very urgent and compelling quality about them today but not quite the way I usually mean. If you are attached, you are feeling this need for closeness and affection while your loved one has developed a dictatorial streak again. You are feeling the intensity as it fuels your sexual and romantic desires while they want you to do a million and one things yesterday and seemingly unwilling to compromise. It is time to restore their loving feelings. They want something, you want something and it isn’t fair to do for them and not have anything in return. Use your natural magnetism as a way to get them to go along with any mutually beneficial plans. Do this right and everyone needs will be satisfied come the morning.

Cancer: You like to be cautious when it comes to budding relationships. You usually rely on your intuition and the subtle signs your loved one may give off in order to build good emotional ties with him or her. This time around you have done that and things are okay but you feel as if things are going nowhere and you are a tad bit confused. It is time for you two to get on the same page. Sit your sweetheart down for a nice home cooked meal and discuss how you both feel today and what it means for your future together. It will be a good conversation and the feelings you are looking for will come soon enough. If you are in a more established relationship you are looking to make things more permanent. Everything above applies to you as well.

Leo: Right now, you and the loving energy surrounding you are working in harmony. Continue along this path and expect the foundations of your relationships to strength and grow. Given this level of warmth, now is the time to make things happen in your love life. If you are unattached, great friendships can turn into deep seated love if you are so inclined. If you are already in a relationship now is the time to strengthen your connection by doing things together. Things that may in fact take your relationship to the next level. So if that means moving in together or even buying a house, you two are moving forward to something more. Do not get in the way of your own progress either, let down your barriers and let go of any fears.

Virgo: Today is about you and what you want. If you don’t think about you, right now who will? Go ahead and be a little selfish today and pamper yourself. Enjoy the time you spend with yourself. Because things may not be so quiet soon enough as someone, who is or was once in authority over you, has resurfaced. That same someone you still find extremely attractive and are still very drawn too. Things are a little different now but it is still a rather delicate situation. Both of you feel what is between you but the situation is a little less than ideal right now. Though this will change it isn’t changing soon enough for either one of you. Quietly take matters into your own hands and give him or her a promise of what is yet to come.

Libra: Close ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings, a partner, lover or potential new relationship. Just keep in mind that change is the easiest thing to do if you are capable of letting things go. You may have to do just that as something personal, sensitive, or very secret will come storming out of the closet to confront you. Even though your emotions will run both hot and cold, you can still make progress concerning a certain romantic liaison. Your interactions will strengthen the bond and the sense of commitment between you. Although you may have been treating the whole thing fairly lightly, you are both only too aware that the feelings you share are growing day by day. Give love a chance, help it along. Between you two, it is worth it!

Scorpio: You may find yourself a bit emotional at this time. It is likely you are grumpy and would rather not be bothered with anyone. Expect to respond emotionally to anything that may happen to you over the next few days and it will probably be with some sort of attitude if you choose not to ignore them. Your loved one is probably comment about you being so down and when they do, try not to bit their head off. They are attempting to bring you out of your funk and back to your normal energized and invigorated self. If someone with a strong attachment from your past comes along, there will be no use in pretending as they will see right through you. If it’s easier, leave everyone behind for a day or two otherwise busy yourself with a project for a while.

Sagittarius: You are popular today. Someone among the crowd you have amassed has noticed and come to appreciate many things about you. So much they yearn to learn more and very much want to on a more intimate level. Lucky for you, if you are available, this person is someone you have admired and have thought in the same passionate manner. If you are happily attached, this energy will make things better between you two in bed. Whatever tricks you learn over the next few days, file them away to use later! In general today is ideal for throwing a little get together at home. It doesn’t need to be fancy but going all out wouldn’t be so bad either. Keep it open and relaxed and it will be a success… in more ways than one!

Capricorn: You are rather introverted today and focused on your emotional needs and desires right now. But more importantly you are looking for ways to satisfy your need to belong to someone on a rather deep and personal level. If you are attached, you will want to spend more time with your loved one. This will help to satisfy some of your needs; the rest will come when you are able to communicate it better. If you are unattached, there may be a much better problem. Your ‘take or leave’ it attitude is challenged when someone you figured would leave it has decided to take it despite how awful you have been. It is time to find other measures of persuasion. Maybe you shouldn’t get out of bed today.

Aquarius: Today isn’t about you, today is about creating harmony for others. There is a warm and affectionate energy surrounding you and you should use that to benefit all of your relationships whether they are romantic or not. With all the romantic lust you are feeling, you might want to start with your sweetheart if you are so attached. None of your urges will be satisfied if you don’t help him or her get pack to a positive place. Lately they have seemed a bit withdrawn and not their normal cheerful self. It is time to get them out of the house and out having fun! If you are unattached, be careful that those around you not take advantage of your good nature today. That is… unless you really would like them too!

Pisces: You may have a few family gatherings coming up and the stress of it is weighing heavily on your mind. It is likely that many of you are meeting your sweethearts’ parents, or vice versa, for the first time and have a few dozen dooms day scenarios rolling around in your mind. This will probably be a very proper and traditional affair with everyone on their best behavior using their good manners. You already can’t wait to get out of there and you have hours to go before you even get there. Look at it this way, at least this will be over soon and you and your sweetie can get on with the rest of your evening. Unattached, family interactions may be tense to keep things light hearted when you’re around. Either way, blow off some steam with friends.

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