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Astro-week Love Horoscopes ! from Sonny – October 13 – 19, 2014

This week the moon will travel from busy, chatty, and communicative Gemini into nurturing, business minded, and emotionally intuitive Cancer. This means we’ll all begin the week with a fast pace, lots of short trips and the potential for new business opportunities then we’ll shift gears and bring things home for the rest of the week. Now although we’ll want to be close to home, it doesn’t mean we’ll be reclusive or shut in. In fact most of us will want to be around friends and family in a caring and loving way. As the week progresses expect a surge of moody behavior and a need to take care of those close to you.  Throughout all of this family business will take center stage. Be prepared to keep the peace when relatives visit.

Dear Aries

You’re lucky in chance encounters and games of love. It might be fun to buy a lottery ticket and see what happens. In both work and play if you see something or someone that you like then go ahead and make the first move. You might come across as a bit unusual right now but actions are also speaking louder than words. You’ll want to get out and expand your mind and your opportunities but stick to your budget.

Dear Taurus

Prepare for a relationship to end this week, and with it a financial obligation will need to be revisited. You’re extra frisky and just a touch more playful than usual and you’d like the world to respond. You’ll learn how much you actually need those close to you and after a short outburst you’ll be ready to resume the frolic. The daily chores which once seemed to be never ending are slowly clearing up and if you have started back at the gym you’ll be thanking yourself. Love is waiting at the grocery store.

Dear Gemini

Watch for ego conflicts, especially with those closest to you. Things are getting better and there’s a lot to look forward to but it’s not here yet. You’re not going to want to alienate the people that you’ll need later. It’s just ego anyways. Let it go. Whatever it is you’d like to do however, it looks like you’re going to need some help after all. Go ahead and ask a friend. It could be fun.

Dear Cancer

You’re working harder than usual these days but your health is beginning to suffer. If you can find the time then a little exercise will go a long way. While you’re at it, it’s time to back off of the sweets as well. It’s not a wakeup call but you want to get back on track before you need one.

Dear Leo

This is a good week for you to buy a lottery ticket as well but don’t go overboard. You have an urge to gamble and to play with games of chance and with love. Go ahead and have some fun but be careful. Just because you want to do something doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to win.

Dear Virgo

It’s time to take care of your home. Domestic chores and sprucing up the new house takes up most of your energy. If only you could call some people over to help out. Usually a Virgo would worry that everything is perfect before asking friends over but this week you should invite them over to help be part of the clean up fun.

Dear Libra

The planets are pushing you ahead and everyone seems to be saying all of the right things.. they might even be doing the right things – or at least things that seem to line up with your plan but money and the comfort that usually accompanies is very slow to arrive. What’s going on? You’re glowing and you have a surge of love for everyone but resources continue to be tight. It might look like a situation where you just can’t trust everyone but if you let go of the ego you might see a flaw in the overall plan. Fortune is on the horizon but only through a general restructure of your approach. Can you trust your team.. or yourself? Maybe it’s not about trust but being true to yourself.. in the moment.

Dear Scorpio

Well Scorpio, you sure had a fun ride didn’t you? Life was good for a while even if it didn’t look like but an unresolved internal struggle has sunk your boat. If you were a good Scorpio you have already put into place a clean exit strategy to get through this time and onto the next. But it’s not going to be easy. Keep your feet moving onto your next check point.. This week you’ll continue to be reflective and work on refining your long term goals. As far as love is concerned, you can expect people from your past to suddenly drop in and say hello. Yes, they do still love you but life has moved. Is there a chance you can move on together?

Dear Sagittarius

Your ego and self confidence get the boost you’ve been waiting for. You might come across as a little pushy but the extra physical energy is a welcome relief. You’ll want to get out and be seen. Love and money are waiting in a social setting. Money will arrive from work you’ve already completed. This all sounds good but things are still restructuring from the past. It’s been difficult but you’ll pull through.

Dear Capricorn

You may be coming off as gruff in social settings and money for a project you’ve already completed seems slow to arrive but.. you’re a star at the office. Small consolation for most signs but for a Capricorn it may just be what you need to hear. At work you’re ideas are being received, you could be up for a promotion, or a new job entirely may be in the works. With all of the success at work your mood will shift to your partner. Take some time and share your success.

Dear Aquarius

Your leadership skills will be called upon this week as the group looks for direction. Step up and lead by example but don’t get carried away. Some of the ones you help now will be soon be able to return the favour. A general sense of fair play and equality colors your week with enthusiasm and a new joy. Take care that you don’t over extend yourself being there for others.

Dearest Pisces

You continue to be ambitious and you’d like to be recognized for your efforts, especially at the office. Keep pressing and you’ll be rewarded soon enough. In the mean time the planets are helping you with money. You might be in line for an inheritance or a win fall from an unexpected source. It could be fun for you to buy a lottery ticket as well.

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