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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny ! October 20 – 26, 2014

This week the Moon will travel through detailed, accounting, and sporty (I think they’re sporty anyways..) Virgo and then spend the rest of the week in “give and take”, and observational Libra. This means we’ll all begin the week putting our ideas down on paper, and looking at the fine print. Friends and co-workers will seem critical and quick to point out mistakes but unless they are normally like this, it’s a just a lunar phase and it will pass. Later in the week, The Moon will enter Libra and we’ll all settle back down to being more forgiving and balanced.

Warning.. Mercury, the planet of communication is still retrograde so.. we’ll all continue to have transportation delays, slow-downs in new job opportunities, and most of all – things we say can be taken the wrong way. It’s also important because this week Mercury will stretch back into the past and have us re-evaluate some of the ideas and plans that we’ve been working on.

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Dear Aries

You’re going to revisit a past love this week. Thoughts, visions, and romantic dreams of how things could have been return. Be careful, your judgement is clouded and encounters begun under this transit don’t usually last. But there’s no reason not to say hi, dream about what could have been, and have some fun. You’re not always going to get it right and maybe this is one of those times. Having said that, the planets are encouraging you to have a look at give it your best.  If you’re single and looking.. enlist the help of a friend.

Dear Taurus

Just as you thought you were “out of the woods”, the health problem flares back up. This is once again causing havoc with your day and your health. You’re naturally caring by nature and for many of you it might have felt like you were going it alone. And you’re taking care of everyone else. Yes you’re the responsible one. This week pay extra attention to the details and double check everything. There’s no need to dwell on the past for too long.

Dear Gemini

There’s a fair amount of activity in your astro-sector of being frisky but it’s out of sync. To top it off you’re still at odds with your closest lovers. So.. what to do? There’s no reason to hold back in the game of love but know in advance there won’t be any long term winners this week. Why not at least get out and see what kind of trouble you can into. If you see someone you like then strike up a conversation and don’t worry about the rest. Win or lose, it’s time to make a couple of new friends.

Dear Cancer

Home decisions still confuse. Double check and take your time. There’s no need to rush. On the plus side, there’s energy available for chores, the gym, and generally getting things done. Watch your health! The combination of energy and confusion can add up.

Dear Leo

Watch for aggressive behavior in love. Just because things don’t go your way doesn’t mean you can force things. There’s another way. Allow your playful nature a chance to shine but don’t steal the entire show. The pace continues to be pushed and delays are holding things up. Watch your words and check the directions. Love is waiting on a short trip to the super market.

Dear Virgo

Even though there’s mixed messages and general confusion during the day, the focus continues to be on your personal finances. Put in extra hours if you have to but keep going. There will be delays at the bank and a check might be late to arrive but it’s coming. Don’t sign any financial papers or contracts but keep your options open.

Dear Libra

How did it suddenly go so wrong? Your words, your smile, or a casual glance are all you usually need to avert small catastrophes. This time however, just being you seems to make everything worse! It’s not that bad. You’re just having a poor time calibrating. The problem is you’re out of sync. Don’t stress, it’ll pass.

Dear Scorpio

Come on Scorpio put it together. The planets are challenging you to get it right this time. Look around. This is the world as it is. You created some of it and some of it was created around you. Soon the gates will open again for you, things will ease up, and your new story can begin. But for now, you have one last chance to put into place the pieces that you’d like to see bloom. When your story begins in another couple of weeks, it’ll be too late. Be the change you’d like.

Dear Sagittarius

This could be a fun week! Sure the usual warnings apply but for you, it applies to your astro-sector of large groups and people who can make your dreams come true. So.. get out and have some fun. Maybe you’ll go somewhere that turns out to be not as advertised or you get lost on the way. Try your best to be open minded and see where everything goes. Just roll with it and do your best. Love is waiting at the bookstore.

Dear Capricorn

One more week of low energy, and cleaning up the past. Watch for hidden wolves and people out to capitalize on your need to recharge. At the same time watch your karma and don’t upset any boats when you see an opportunity. This week, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Sometimes things crop up that are rewards along our path just waiting for you to reach out and grab. At other times, there will be pleasant looking temptations disguised as rewards but they are just distractions. Do you have the time or the energy for either right now?

Dear Aquarius

This week will mark a shift from thinking about something, to actually doing something about it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that was bothering you either. For many of you your ideas and way of life has been challenged to the point where you just wanted to get away from everything. Well.. it’s time to get back to work but it doesn’t have to be the old drag. Practicality will mix with “outside of the box” thinking to pave a new way. Not all of your suggestions will be immediately accepted but people are listening. Speak up and create the world you deserve.

Dearest Pisces

After a month of making money, focus shifts to how to spend it. You’ll be tempted to plan a trip, vacation, or take a class to expand your horizons. It’s been a bit trying lately as you’ve had to restructure yourself to keep pace. And although it seems like the bank balance was getting bigger, it’s really from money you’ve worked and sweated for. You deserve the break so have some fun. Plan something outside later in the week. Love is waiting at an outdoor market or fair.


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