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Love Horoscopes – October 24, 2014

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Aries: Are you hungry? You may find yourself famished for all kinds of things today. You are in on hell of a good mood on top of it all and even hornier to boot! So if you play a round of drinking games or have the urge to cook in the nude, expect to have all your senses satisfied afterward. If you have someone in your life, this will be a day for the books that’s for sure. Clean up any messes tomorrow, they can wait. For many of you this will also be a day of clarity. This will involve a little self-reinvention, a whole lot of appreciation for what you have and strong stance of your convictions. It has been a long time since your head and heart have been perfectly aligned but today it will be just that. Have fun!

Taurus: We may not be able to shut you up today. For the most part, this is a good thing. When you ramble, it will be found adorable and when you are serious it will be considered moving. People will be listening so make sure you use your words wisely and with purpose. So if you find someone you absolutely have to meet, thanks to the energy of the day, your picks up lines will be nothing but a stellar masterpiece of creativity. Oh the fun you can have with this! Now this good mood and gift for gab you have today may give you a sense of restlessness that begs you to accomplish something. This something may be a new relationship but not like you think. It could very well be making a new friend not so much a break up and new finding love.

Gemini: Thank the stars your shitty mood has been flushed down the toilet. If this was you, everyone around you has been getting fed up with your attitude and was about to lock you up in a room with a mirror if it didn’t let up. Why not make it to those close to you for your ridiculously antisocial ways by showing your warm and fuzzy side. If you are attached, play close attention to your lover and he or she has been dealing with the brunt of your sourness. If you are not attached, your best friend should get some love for all they have put with from you. Either way, indulge a little. Remind yourself that there is so much out to experience and new things to fall in love with. Stop missing out on so much!

Cancer: Yesterday may have been a bad day but today should make up for it. If you are attached, your loved one has expressed their need to be more in your life by raising your commitment level. The desire you have had lately, that one that has been quietly lingering in the back of your mind will finally be realized. The private and intimate level you had hoped to achieve will certainly be reached after this conversation. Many of you, likely those who are unattached, will experience a bit of nostalgia as you recall memories of a relationship you are fond of. You are longing for the security and stability that type of connection offers. Maybe it is time for you to put yourself out there and maybe find the one who can give you that and more.

Leo: If you are unattached, it is time you change that. You have been slowly moving through your social network hoping that someone will make a move. You need to overcome your shyness and just let go of your inhibitions. Yes that is a mountain you must climb and you can only achieve it by taking one step at a time. Join in conversations rather than just listen or not your head. Hell, start a conversation with someone you don’t know. Whatever the case, now is the time to meet people! Thanks to the energy at hand, if you do something embarrassing the new people in your life will not judge or tease. Those who come into your life now are considerate and caring. One of your new friends may just become more in due time.

Virgo: When you make others feel good, you feel fantastic yourself. Whether that is sexually or just doing a good deed for the day, it makes you happy to know you made a difference for someone. Today, all that “feel good” you are doing is romancing and relaxing. No matter what your relationship status, there will be a way this happens. You crave the warm comfort that only love and affection provide and you are in the mood to spoil yourself. Someone out there will be sole beneficiary of a wonderfully erotic good time. Let your impulses drive you to whatever extremes you can handle and let yourself go. If this day goes as well as we all hope, you might want to consider not going into work tomorrow. You will need to recuperate!

Libra: Today can go one of two ways for you. Doors will open and desires achieved or you will alienate those you are close to with your mindless chatter. The bad news is that some of you will experience a few verbal battles with those you are close with. This time period can become quite a headache with all the heated debates that seemly happen one right after the other. If you are enduring this, expect these problems to last beyond the day. If it’s a good day, opportunity will come to you. Whatever doors were previously closed they are now open and waiting for you to explore. So the one you adored who was either taken or seemed closed off, now may be the time to start making a move.

Scorpio: By the end of the day it is likely you will feel more connected with your sweetheart. You two will have the opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy doing things together. There will plenty of fun and wonderful memories made but there will also be a few serious conversations that will later add a great depth to your relationship and strengthen your connection. It is likely you both will be revealing secrets about private matters that may have never told anyone before. You will both see each other in a whole new light and have a new appreciation and admiration for one another. Not only will learn more about your partner but will learn about yourself. You finally find clarity in an issue as you two discuss it.

Sagittarius: When was the last time you let your inner child come out to play? Things have been so serious lately that you are really wound up tight. If you are attached it is likely that your lover is at their wits end. This is a positive and upbeat time right now so why not use it to revitalize your spirit. Take stock of your life and maybe your relationship and think about ways to improve them for the better. Your sweetheart will be on board especially because you are paying attention to him or her and not the crap going on in the world around you. Start within you and work your way out. Eventually you will not only improve the quality of your personal live but your public life as well.

Capricorn: You will think you have been reborn today. You can’t stop laughing, you feel fantastic and the world around you is just brighter. You may meet with friends or your lover and have a better time than you have had in so long. It will seem that everything that has happened before is all just a distant memory. If you are unattached it is entirely possible that you will meet someone who is just amazing. This person will be so much fun to be around and seems to have a knack for knowing just what you want. It is worth making an effort with this person as they may come a slight bit of baggage. Never the less the new friends and acquaintances you meet now will be in your life for some time to come and may even be better friends than the old ones.

Aquarius: You have come out of these last few days and you are feeling good about yourself and those around you. This positive outlook helps you appreciate the little things, all that you have. Your good mood is noticed by all those you encounter, especially the one your heart belongs to. Capitalize on this energy by using a bit of flattery; it will get you everywhere if you use it with that natural born charm that you have perfected over time. What you want to do today is fulfill your desires. If that means getting that date with the one you adore then go and ask. If that means spending quality time with the one you love, then turn off the phone and lock yourselves in for the night. What is it that you want? Go and get it!

Pisces: You will finally be able to enjoy the harmony in your life today. As you take stock of your life right now, for once you are emotionally satisfied and can actually reap the benefits of that. With such a solid base in your life, why not indulge a bit? When was the last time you spoiled your loved one, let alone yourself? Today will provide just the opportunity for you to do so. Things may go so well that you may find it difficult to get out of bed tomorrow. But that is ok, those aches in places you forgot you had feel really good. If you are not attached, now is a great time to get back into the game. Start my connecting with people that are somewhat quirky and seem like a whole lot of fun. You never know what it may lead.

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