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Love Horoscopes – October 27, 2014

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Aries: For many of you that are somewhat recently attached, you may be at the point where you are meeting each other’s family members. This will not be conventional by any means and lucky for you, something somewhat embarrassing will happen that will cause your nerves to subside. It will make a great story a few years from now that’s for sure. Besides that, you will find yourself caught up in a conversation that is constantly turned back to you and your sweetie. You will find out something things that make you realize that this relationship is more special than you thought. For those of you unattached, this is a good time for you to listen to your gut when it comes to your love life or other personal matters. Speak up and take risks if need be!

Taurus: Usually you are the one laying down the law or laying down its path. Your idea of a relationship is someone you can belong to that also belongs to you on many levels, not just sexual. For some of you attached, you are dating someone who is happy to go along with your flow and doesn’t mind you dictating direction. Sometimes you don’t take him or her seriously but when they decide they have something to say, it would behoove you to listen and listen closely. Your loved one is a person of few words, do not mistaken that for your cue to just take over and leave them behind. Whenever your sweetie will approach you, and it will be soon, what they have to say will have a major affect on your relationship. Focus and listen to them.

Gemini: The energy of the day is powerful because most of it is centered on communication. One word could be taken in so many different ways, and much of what you say today will carry a lot of weight with it. You and loved one may find yourselves engaged in a serious conversation where the words you choose to use are potent and rich with meaning. This discussion has the potential to transform your relationship for the better. So long as you keep the focus towards the future, the changes you two make are for the better. There will be a lot you two can do together that will be phenomenal. For those of you unattached, your fantasies may complicate a few things for you but lead you to a revelation. Wait; do not settle for second best.

Cancer: As far as communicating with others, this is an excellent time for you especially in your love life. With this energy comes a certain sense of clarity that you can not only convey your feelings easily but in return you understand what others are trying to tell you. This is a great time to share your deepest feelings with your partner. Say what you feel and feel what you say when you two talk. Because of the energy surrounding you, it’s easier now since you will not be getting into trouble by telling half-truths or lies to cover what you think are major faults. If you can truly open up, it will bring you real peace of mind and a feeling of serenity. After all this time, this relationship deserves this from you both.

Leo: You have a list, one of many but this one is about the things you really hate to discuss. So of course, with this communicative energy flowing through the zodiac, your sweetheart wants to have a rather intense and personal conversation about one of more awkward subjects on that list. Sadly, there is no way out of this BUT, you can turn this to your favor. This energy works both ways so you expressing your emotional and physical needs will be par for course. If you can figure out a way to tie the awkward subject into any lingering conflicts in your relationship, you can kill two birds with one. The awkwardness is cast aside and the problems you two have will be resolved. Take advantage of this while the energy is working in your favor!

Virgo: Something has come up that indirectly concerns your relationship and you came up with a fantastic plan to circumvent it. To be honest it was quite brilliant but it isn’t easy. Though you are ready to go, your loved one isn’t so sure. You are ready to press them but you need to stop yourself. While your option has its merit and your partner knows it does as well, their mind needs to exhaust all the options before they can agree wholeheartedly. Be even still, there are some details you two need to discuss about your plan so just avoid the heavy discussions for the time being. For right now, let it go and let your loved one come to you when he or she is ready. Take your mind off of things, go have some fun!

Libra: Though your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, you and loved one may have a conversation today that started out loving but ended up changing a few things. A simple but powerful question will set off a whole handful of challenges that at times will make you feel that the very fiber of your being was under attack. These are values and ideals that you hold dear and have for many, many years but your sweetheart is trying desperately to sway you. If you cannot be swayed then you must stand your ground. It may cause a little tension at first but it will ultimately help your relationship grow in many ways. Unattached, now is the time for socializing and other pleasurable activities.

Scorpio: Alongside the communicative element of today’s energy, you are more in touch with your sensitive and spiritual sides as well. Your empathy levels are high so if you are attached, things will go very well for you both. If you are unattached well a whole world opens up to you during this time. You will able to wield those same strengths like a sword and have the masses fall at your feet. In fact, there may be a handful or more that will fall at your feet and beg for any sexual goodies you care to share. You’ll have pick of all you see, they all have potential. Just make sure you do not squander the gifts of the day on someone who is nowhere near worthy. If you are attached, enjoy the harmony.

Sagittarius: You feel good, look good and you may be taking it for granted right now. You need to find your way back to appreciating yourself; do that sooner rather than later. Within the midst of this, a secret you have tried very hard to keep quiet isn’t so quiet any more. Part of you is relived in some ways and others, not so much. But it was time to do so and you need to keep that in mind somehow as you figure out how to keep all parties happy. Meanwhile you can relax, the secret that was brought to life isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things. Now if you are unattached, there will be many positive forces working your behalf. Everything is in the details today, so if there is someone one in your life you should really appreciate them.

Capricorn: Things are going well for you but they can always go better. Right now the communicating flood gaskets are breaking open. Some of you will be dealing with any grievances you have been holding on to for some time. Some of you may also be too preoccupied with your own issues that you faced with. Either way, you should be looking at the driving force behind the problems so you can better discuss what you want to see in the future. Now this may take a few hours of solitude to get your thoughts in order but when you are ready, speak up and clear the air of in your personal relationships. By the end of the evening, you and your loved one will have enough individual space to move your relationship forward, together.

Aquarius: Aspects of your relationships have perplexed you so much lately that you may feel like running away. This is likely to be a very intense day, especially if you are put on the spot concerning your current relationship. You’ll begin to see why your mate’s behavior doesn’t always take the path you expected. Worse yet is that when you do, your partner will show no mercy in making you aware of your shortcomings that they are unhappy about. You will think about leaving at this point and may actually get far enough to walk away but you need to realize a few things. First, you are not the driving force behind their more baffling moments. Secondly, you may learn something about what is really going on if you would only stick around.

Pisces: You may be a bit frustrated today as life is passing by slower than you would like it to right now. You are anticipating a particular event or turning point in your life and its lack of haste annoys the hell out of you. You really need to regain some semblance of harmony and keep your mind as busy as possible. If you are attached this should be easy as passion heats up between you and loved one. Since we are firmly in the Scorpio section of the calendar, expect intense interactions that could very well lead to some powerful physical play. Another thing you can expect during this time are conversations that are deep and rather personal. Because you are not frightened of deep feelings, you are not scared off by this in another.

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