Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 3, 2014

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Astro-Week Love Horoscopes November 3 – 9, 2014

This week the moon will travel from energetic, “me first”, and “let’s get going” Aries into sexy, steady, and peaceful Taurus where it will become full. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling ready for action and many of us will leap before we look. This might cause accidents, and you could overlook a couple of the smaller details just to get things moving along. After the last couple of weeks of confusion and then revisiting events it’ll feel good to just get going. The future is here and it’s waiting to be shaped. Then.. we’ll have a full moon. During the full moon you can expect secrets, hidden agendas, and things you didn’t necessarily know about yourself to come to the surface. Some of you will find your secrets being exposed in ways and to people you didn’t expect. This could be good or bad depending on what ‘s hidden and who you’d like to share your secrets with.

Dear Aries

The Full Moon is going to spotlight something hidden in your finances, your motives, and your self-worth. Themes of give and take enter the picture. How much have you been getting in return for your efforts? It seems as if you’ve put in a little extra lately and you’re looking to be compensated. Ask for what you think your worth. Be prepared for these ideas to just blurt out anyways so be prepared to back up how you feel.

Dear Taurus

The full moon falls in your sign this month exposing something you’d rather keep a secret. Normally, you’re a quiet, peaceful, and pleasant person but there’s another side of Taurus that you keep hidden. No, it’s not as harsh and unyielding as some of the other signs but you do have a dark side. This week something you’ve been trying to hide about yourself and your ego drives reveal themselves. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen in front of too many people.

Dear Gemini

This Full Moon highlights your physical vs mental health. How much are you devoting to one at the expense of the other? You’ll feel reclusive and a little “in the clouds” but the time away will do you some good. Channel your extra energy into something physical and naturally clear your mind.

Dear Cancer

Time to reconnect with your larger circle of friends. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and lose touch. Remember, it’s through our friends that we continue to grow. Reach out and say hello. Help is waiting in a larger group.

Dear Leo

Watch out! This full moon falls in your career sector – so.. something will be revealed about you publicly affecting your career. Now on one side you could get that promotion you’ve been waiting for, or the new business finally takes off. On the other, hidden enemies could spell your downfall. Be careful. After everything is said and done however, It might also be a simple case of looking inward at the time you spend at work vs. your responsibilities at home.

Dear Virgo

This is a tricky one. You’ll begin the week with money on the mind but that will change to your personal philosophies, distant shores, and the broader picture of how you’d like to live your life. You’ve seen a light recently and a brief glimpse into your future. Now you’d like to make it come true for real.

Dear Libra

Double check the fine print this week! You’ve been feeling all in love these days but something about a joint venture is going to surprise you.  How well do you really know the people you’re working with?

Dear Scorpio

The full moon falls in your astro-sector of relationships so.. expect hidden feelings, relationships, and secrets shared to come to light. Maybe it’s a simple case of someone you secretly have a crush on finding out. On the other hand you could find out something about your partner that they’ve been keeping a secret.  Better yet.. someone who has a crush on you just might let you know!

Dear Sagittarius

It’s time for a quick health check. Things have been hectic in love lately and you haven’t been taking proper care of yourself. Get out, go for a long walk and think of ways to streamline your daily routine. Freeing up some time will help your chances in love. A closer look at your habits and what you’ve been giving to others. It ‘s time to take care of yourself.

Dear Capricorn

You’re not usually this extroverted and flamboyant but why not? The Full Moon draws out your hidden talents and creative nature. Why not get out and have some fun? Display some of your hard work and let yourself shine. Love is attracted to your playful side.

Dear Aquarius

This week uncovers something at home. Renovations or generally sprucing up the place seems to be in order. Home based businesses have an interesting appeal. Family issues are pushed forward. Go easy on everyone.

Dearest Pisces

Have a look at friends and strengthen the bond. You’ve always sort of been there for each other and you’ll want to show how much you appreciate their support. Good news is waiting in your daily business and short trips. Social networking is the key.

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