Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 10, 2014

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Astro-Week Love Horoscopes November 10 – 16, 2014 form The

This week the moon will begin in nurturing, emotional, and surprisingly assertive Cancer then travel into happy and expressive Leo. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling a bit moody, clingy, and wanting to take care of others then the mood will lighten up and we’ll want to have some playful fun. So.. it’s a time to care of family business then have a little fun.  With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Scorpio expect to find yourself playing detective to your hidden nature. Many will feel a weight lifted and a transformation well underway.

Dear Aries

You’re attracting flirty glances and you’re tempted. Money is arriving through groups and you’re focused on work. What to do..? Success this week comes from groups so stick with the team. You’re working harder than usual so take up the leadership role. You might be challenged. Be graceful in victory.

Dear Taurus

It’s time again for love. The last couple of weeks have had you focused on your day to day chores and you might have wondered if you’d ever find love again. Keep your eyes open. The planets are suggesting that you take your time but definitely say hello. Mars has you taking chances with a new scene. You might be surprised at what you find.

Dear Gemini

Time to take care of business! You’ll feel like making some money as the week begins then you’ll shift into looking for new opportunities. You’re daily affairs should be running smoothly but I wouldn’t expect any turbo boosts. Love however is waiting in your daily routine so.. go get it.

Dear Cancer

You’re creative, expressive.. and frisky! You might feel pushy in relationships but they love you and.. they need a push anyways. Explore the world a bit and be proud of your latest accomplishments. You worked hard and you deserve some time to play.

Dear Leo

Watch for accidents and problems with your health this week. It’s always a good time to take care of yourself and the planets are suggesting you be careful. Your daily pace has picked up considerably and it might feel like you’re running around everywhere just to keep up. You’re efforts will be rewarded so keep going. Something in your daily life has the power to transform how you go about your daily routine. Generally, you’ll begin the week feeling reclusive anyways so it might be a good idea to lay low. The mood passes mid-week.

Dear Virgo

You’ve entered a creative cycle that could change your life. Whatever was holding you back is now gone and you’re now ready to spread your wings. You’ll have an abundance of confidence and you simply want what you want. Go for it. Don’t expect everyone to read your mind however so you’re going to have to speak up. On the plus side your words are carrying a lot of weight and people are ready to listen. Maybe you could pull the team together and really get something done.

Dear  Libra

You might be thinking new curtains, a new dresser.. or a new house altogether. Whatever it is, you’re going to have to focus some attention on where you live. As you ponder ways to make your environment more beautiful you might want to ask yourself why you’re living there in the first place. Maybe you can afford something more and it’s time to move up. Where you live should be a true reflection of who you are now.

Dear Scorpio

Your words can definitely get you into trouble but sometimes you just have to say what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to speak up this week. Not all of your comments will be received well but you finally feel a sense of strength and energy returning. It’s not the time to hold back. For many of you it’ll feel like that beginning you were waiting for has finally arrived. Go with it and make it work.

Dear Sagittarius

Time to clear up a mess. Sure it would be nice if the world was a little more optimistic and cheerful but some parts of the world can be quite controlling and gloomy. The push and pull you’ve been feeling finally comes home and it’s time to deal with. The planets are suggesting help from the past and a mental clarity to help you through. An old love will return to confuse the mix. That’s a lot of stuff..! Everything is working out.. you’re just going to feel a bit reclusive and introspective. Invite a friend for a walk along the beach.

Dear Capricorn

You should watch for accidents as well. It might feel like everything you touch breaks this week but it’s not all doom and gloom. You’re just charged with physical energy. Maybe get to the gym or go for a long run. Better yet.. get out with a group. Love and money are waiting in a social setting and you’re currently supercharged. Play your cards right and you might come home with more than a gift bag.

Dear Aquarius

You’re locked in a fight with your past that has to power to change and transform depending on where it falls in your chart. For many it will seem like a tough and unfair fight but the result will put you closer to a dream. Keep going. Creativity and a close look at the details will lead to an unexpected victory.

Dearest Pisces

Water signs are the best.. whenever the moon is in a water sign – the other waters signs get extra moody.. but they also become extra frisky! It’s really cute..  This week you’ll be feeling creative and expressive but the pull is towards higher learning and foreign pursuits. You might be a bit bored these days and you’d like to shake things up – just to feel less restricted and controlled by everyday stuff. Go ahead and see what’s out there.

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