Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 17, 2014

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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny Rosati – November 17 – 23, 2014

This week we have the Moon travelling from graceful, a little arrogant, intellectual Libra into transformative, stubborn, sexy Scorpio.  This means we’ll all begin the week feeling social and observational then we’ll take action and see what we can do to bridge our visions from dreams to reality.  It’ll be a week of teaming up and moving forward. The Moon will give us all one last emotional glimpse at Scorpio and the themes we’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks. As Venus, also in Scorpio uncovered hidden relationships and sources of money we all should have made our decisions and it’s time to move on.

Venus, the planet of attracting love and money now moves into optimistic, philosophical, and free spirited Sagittarius. This should spell an end to all of the infighting and retributive feelings and actions of the last couple of weeks and open the way to a more light hearted and encouraging vibration. Let go of the wrongs and open yourself to the jovial and inspirational mood that’s beginning to sprout.

Dear Aries

So you and your friends just made a bit of money and it feels great. The focus now shifts towards higher pursuits, exotic pleasures, and long distance travel. You won’t want to be tied down and you’re taking a bigger picture approach towards problem solving. Your public image seems to be taking a lot of hits these days even though you’re putting in extra hours at the office. This week, you’ll  want to be close to someone special.

Dear Taurus

Did you snag your guy? You were so hot recently, everyone went crazy just thinking of you! Now that you’ve finally told your crush how you feel and it all seems to be working out, it’s time to start building that future together. Change is in the air and your new future is about to begin so.. you might as well take part in designing as much as you can. Be bold. Teamwork is the key to success.

Dear Gemini

Remember when I said you just had to keep it together for a couple of weeks and love would return? Well.. it’s back. Time to get out and play. For better or worse people will try and partner up with you. Try and remember recent lessons as you continue to move forward. Begin stuck with chores wasn’t fun. It felt tedious and cramping. But.. It’s all designed to help you appreciate what you have.. when you have it. Letting go isn’t the answer this week but you should keep your eyes open for new adventures.

Dear Cancer

You’re still frisky but the chores are beginning to pile up. Love isn’t nearly as elusive as it feels but you might have to do something. It’s time to get your daily routine sorted. When you create a plan for your day.. you’ll see there’s plenty of room for love.

Dear Leo

As the week begins, you’re going to want to get something off of your chest. Say what you feel but don’t roar too loudly. Home renovations should have progressed smoothly and it’s now time to enjoy your work. You’re entering a cycle of creativity, playfulness, and generally being frisky! You may not feel like getting out but you should still have some fun. It’ll feel like you’re running all over the place when you’d just like to settle down. Watch for accidents and delays in your daily routine.

Dear Virgo

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with running around, meeting new people, and getting that new project off the ground. The pace doesn’t exactly slow down but love will shift gears and enter a new phase of your life. The home and family will take your focus for the next couple of weeks. Some Virgos will begin thinking of sprucing up their living arrangements and others will be looking for a new home altogether.  It’s still a good idea to voice your opinions but you’ll need a little proof to back up your words.

Dear Libra

You’ll begin the week feeling stronger than usual as The Moon gives a little boost to your ego. Added to the helping mix, is Venus now in your astro-sector of communication and business ventures. You’re entering a cycle where your words will get the job done. Have faith in your own ideas and where you’d like to be in the world.

Dear Scorpio

Well Scorpio.. you’ll begin the week feeling nostalgic. Whatever.. Let it go.  You are right on the verge of the new beginning that you’ve been dreaming of. Stay focused and leave the past alone. You have real chores to attend with real people who need you. Your future is finally ready and your time is now. As for love.. try focusing on money for a while. A new love will arrive with a new message.

Dear Sagittarius

You’ll feel like getting out and networking as the week begins. Have a look around and see if there’s anyone out there to help your goals. A new you is beginning to shine and people will notice. You’re not going to be any “luckier” than usual but expect the burden to ease. You’re still a bit reflective for a couple of days but shortly you’ll be fully back in the limelight and ready to make your move. A new love is waiting to bloom.

Dear Capricorn

I’ve been saying this a lot but the planets still suggest that you’re being too pushy. Don’t be so quick to speak out. The person you thought was a hidden enemy actually turns out to be a friend. Trust your instincts but give them the benefit of the doubt. Drama from the past begins to clear. An old flame calls to say hello.

Dear Aquarius

The past is still trying to pick a fight. It not going to last forever but it’s also not going away by itself. Do your best to clean it up so you can get back to work. The office is still calling and you have to meet those deadlines. On the plus side you’re about to meet someone who’s going to help with all of your problems.

Dearest Pisces

You’ve been checking things out and opening yourself to a new way of thinking. Keep it up. Your mind and life are expanding and it’s going to attract new opportunities. New job opportunities will present themselves in the next couple of weeks. Watch for an office romance to take a spark to the next level.

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