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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny Rosati – November 24 – 30, 2014

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This week The Moon travels from patient and ambitious Capricorn into clever and humanitarian Aquarius. Both Venus and the Sun will be in fun loving, jovial Sagittarius. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling serious thanks to the Capricorn Moon but with the new Sagittarius energy kicking in it should have a happy and optimistic vibe. It’s a good time to plan for the holidays and think about how you’d like to share recent successes. Life is still shifting with Saturn in Scorpio but that’s about to change shortly and the heavy transformational weight should be lifted. Overall we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed.

Dear Aries

Stressful financial dealings with others are almost over and it’ll bring a welcome relief. It’s now time to get out and spread some cheer. You may not exactly be bitten by the Holiday bug yet but you will be thinking of travelling somewhere fun. Use this energy to expand your thoughts and visit somewhere new. You won’t want to feel constrained and you’re looking at the bigger picture. Watch for stress at work.

Dear Taurus

As the holiday season approaches you’ll begin to think about how you both attract and spend money with others. Teaming up recently has led to a success of the heart, now it’s time to put your joint business plan into action. Together, you will be successful. There’s a strong attraction to something new and exotic. You’d still like to get out more but the days will be busy. Jump into the Holiday Spirit.

Dear Gemini

Here we go! Love is in the air and you’re being seen as love doll #1. Get out and be seen. The Moon has you thinking about money and that might slow you down a bit but later in the week the clouds will lift. A sudden and unusual encounter will help you towards your goals. Get out and mingle. Luck is arriving but it’s coming from the unexpected. It’s up to you to put it together. Buying a lottery ticket might surprise.

Dear Cancer

Your week begins on a loving note as you survey all of the love in your life. Things are looking bright at home and it’s puts you in a festive spirit. Focus shifts towards your daily routine.. I know not fun. But it will be nice to have life run smoothly for a change. It’s a great time to begin a new health routine. Something peaceful like yoga might calm stressful nerves.

Dear Leo

It’s a beautiful week to be beautiful! Our brightest star is feeling frisky , creative and wants to play. You’ve worked hard lately and sometimes the rewards were slow to arrive. It’s your turn to play and you deserve it. Yes, you still have to watch for accidents and delays but your mood is so light, you might just smile right through them. The mood shifts from chores to romance so make sure you get all of the busy work finished before the weekend.

Dear Virgo

Watch your words! You may think you’re just being funny but there’s a chance the things you say might get you into trouble. On the plus side, family and friends will be there to back you up. There’s a chance for money to arrive from an unusual source. Keep your eyes open. A project you forgot about will again become important. A new path is beginning to emerge and it feels great!

Dear Libra

The week begins with conflicts at home. A happy, beautiful, and peaceful home life is not too much to ask for but there’s a fly in the ointment. For some Libra’s it might be literally as home renovations continue to creep along. You’re not seeing things eye to eye with a family member and it’s beginning to show. Whatever it is that you think you need to make this part of your life more beautiful then go ahead and do it. It’ll free up time for love and your career. As the week progresses the conflict might remain but the mood will lift. Things should smooth out by the weekend.

Dear Scorpio

Your daily routine continues to undergo sudden and unexpected changes that have a major affect on your life. Think twice before making any decisions. You have a wonderful opportunity to enter into the life you’ve always dreamed but it’s going to take courage, faith, and hard work. Additionally it’s uncharted waters. Look around at your decisions. Even if things look almost perfect.. make sure it’s not just a better version of the same. When the past calls.. don’t respond. Try something new and let yourself shine for real.

Dear Sagittarius

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!!!! As your double Scorpio big brother I say get out and have some fun! The last little while has left you with a good view of what you had (blah) what you thought you wanted (huh?) and what you really have (hooray!)As Venus enters your sign you’ll begin attracting again and it will feel wonderful. No.. I won’t be buying you an expensive present.. but someone just might! On another note, karma is always a bitch and even if you think you’re clean, there’s always room to be the better person. For the rest of you super cool and fun Sagittarius who’s name don’t begin with the letter “M” you’ll find your smile returning along with a few new love interests. Go ahead and say hello, the person you have your eye on is shy and needs a little help. Smile back and see where it leads.

Dear Capricorn

Well that was a fun whirlwind of activity. You got out, looked around a bit, spread your own word, and even bumped into a couple of people whom you might add to the team. Good job. This week you’re entering a reclusive cycle where you’d just like to stay home, take account of recent events, clear out your karma, and generally recoup your energy. You’ll be having a look at your overall game plan and trying to figure out where you’d like to go next. Love will return from the past and for some of you this will cause problems. You’re still in a fighting mood and you might not have completely let go of old feelings. Does that old flame really belong in your new world? In the world of love, It’s common to think that once you’ve made that step and established a new you, then your old love will return with the love you once had. The real question however is not whether they like the new, you but does the new you still like them.

Dear Aquarius

Lock things down at work. You’ve going through a slow and painful change financially and at the office. This sucks but there are a bunch of hidden lessons here. You are good at your job – really good! And you have unique skills. On top of all of that, the team looks towards you for leadership. Yes, things have been painful but it’s helped you get your game in order. This stress is going to pass soon. Make sure everything is cleaned up so the past never comes back to bite ever again. You can do it. Love is waiting somewhere in a group of strangers.

Dearest Pisces

The week begins with a flurry of activity and you’re in the mood to join the fun. Get out and try something new as you jump into the holiday spirit. The festive mood doesn’t last however as later in the week you’d just like to stay home and avoid all of the hassle.  It’s time to shine at the office so do your best to put in extra hours where needed. Coworkers and higher-ups are taking notice. You’re a little pushy in larger groups but it all seems to be part of the program as the team losses focus. Take the reins and lead everyone to a beautiful weekend.

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