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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny Rosati – December 1 – 7, 2014

This week the moon begins in aggressive, assertive, and “me first” Aries, then travels into steady, sensual, and peaceful Taurus. This means we’ll all begin the week wanting to get things done!

Many of the signs have undergone a major transformation recently. Some of the changes were forced, some were by choice, and others were by design. If you haven’t made your move yet because you were waiting for things to get better.. think again. Saturn’s transit through Libra was difficult as we watched others feel the burden of karma. As it transited through Scorpio things began to be taken away and hidden activities, feelings, conflicts, and desires had to be dealt with on both an emotional and physical level. As we approach Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius we should all feel more optimistic about our duties and responsibilities. For many, it will feel like a new beginning has arrived and there is a lot of room to be happy and to look forward towards the future. And this brings us back to the energy of the week. Even if you feel reflective or a little down, a new beginning is here and you should keep your feet moving because.. the world you’ve wanted is ready for you to shape & decorate.

Mars, the active and outward energy is going to shift from steady, goal oriented, and business minded Capricorn into rebellious, eccentric, and humanitarian Aquarius. This will give us all a broader perspective on events and we’ll be attacking our goals from an “outside of the box” perspective. You can expect to find yourself attempting the unusual and coming up with improbable solutions that just seem to work. We’ll be feeling softer, more aloof, and generally more in tune with equalities in the world.

In general.. this is a beautiful week to be beautiful and to really put a push towards making your world a better place – sending love around the world – S

Dear Aries

You’re all ideas as your mind comes alive with possibilities for the office. Yes, your thoughts are on other things.. like a nice vacation for all of the work you’ve been putting in lately but your energy is about to shift and things are going to get social. Shortly, you’ll receive a nice little check for work you’ve already done and people will tell you how much they loved having you around. If only you could stay.. Ok what’s next? Coming soon you’re going to meet someone who can change your game. They’ll be a little different but you’ll definitely feel a spark. Say hello.

Dear Taurus

All of this pushy energy is just not your thing. Normally you’d like to take the easy way.. just because – well it’s there.. why not take it? Ok.. This week lay low for a couple of days as the past catches up and says hello. It could be fun and just the elixir needed to get you back in the groove. You look good and you feel even better. Have confidence that a business decision will work out. If you need help then ask. You’re supposed to succeed but not alone. If your team doesn’t want to play then you’re going to have to move quickly after all.

Dear Gemini

Your time for love is finally upon us but.. you might miss it! Yes.. you’ve been busy, distracted, and battling the world on many fronts. Sometimes you just need a little time to relax and recoup before you head back out there. Well.. that time was a couple of weeks ago and it wasn’t exactly quiet or reflective. In fact it probably felt like you’d never get a break from the stress as your daily routine buckled under the pressure.  Take a deep breath and look around. There are more opportunities available than it previously looked like. Forget the recent dramas and leave them in the past. Get out and meet someone new.

Dear Cancer

Saturn is about to leave your astro-sector of children, expression, creativity, and feeling frisky and enter into the astro-sector of your daily routine. This means the control, delays, and karmic change that you were experiencing for the last couple of years will all finally end. But.. it’s going to move into your routine and physical health. Go to the doctor and if necessary.. get a second opinion.  Double check all plans and be flexible. You’re not going to get to everything completed on the list without a bit of fuss. It’s not a good or a bad. It’s just the way things are going to be for a while.

Dear Leo

Love is flowing freely and it just feels good to say hello and have the world smile back. It hasn’t been the easiest time lately but things are changing and a new sense of normalcy will return. Focus has been on health and problems with the family recently but that’s going to change. It might feel like it has been dark for so long that the sun would never come out again but it has. Look around and you’ll see that it’s time to shake off the stress and focus on those you love.

Dear Virgo

You’ve been frisky lately and many of you were thinking about adding to the family! Congratz.. I love kids and I might even babysit if you ask nicely. That’s important because your daily routine is about to be disrupted. You’ll feel like you’re running all over the place just to keep up. Appointments, jam packed schedules, and making lists will occupy the days. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle it’s very important to remember to get some exercise. You’re going to have some fun but the days will be stressful so..  you’re going to need your body in top shape – just to make it through.

Dear Libra

The major transformation continues at home as you figure out where you’d like to be. Many Libras took a chance that doesn’t seem to be working out. Over the course of the development you had a wonderful success that is something you should really feel proud of but the aftermath is leaving you nonplussed. If you look closely, you’ll see that the team is still strong. It’s just unfocused. Pull everyone back together.

Dear Scorpio

Ok.. maybe Scorpio get’s a rap for being all about sex, addictions, and behind the scenes power – it’s not always a bad thing. You’re also great at building things, you’re psychic, and you’re a natural leader. At the same time you can just as easily work alone and accomplish your goals all by yourself. As everyone knows.. you naturally draw out people’s secret nature including fears. Insecurities, and of course hidden feelings of love. What others don’t seem to understand however is that these are all their problems and for whatever reason you keep getting sucked into dramas that don’t have to have anything to do with you. This week focus on your career and get back to work. It will clear your head of the distractions that have been troubling your days.

Dear Sagittarius

Ok so.. you’ve been asking why you have to phone me on your birthday – for me to wish you a happy birthday. That’s just the big brother way. On another note.. yes I think it’s weird that strangers at an office Christmas party would come up to you and start stroking your arm and hair saying how beautiful you are but I’m in show biz .. and we both know it kinda happens sometimes – it’s just the cost of being professionally beautiful.  This week you’re larger than life (keep going to the gym). You can really move the world just by asking so.. if there’s something that you want – get your peeps to get it done.

Dear Capricorn

As much as you’d like to get out there and win the day, the planets are encouraging you to chill out. Perhaps it’s a case of dealing with your past, or karma, or settling a debt – usually emotional. If there’s someone that you haven’t been upfront with then you can expect a backlash. There’s stress with an internal conflict. You’d like to expand yourself and your opportunities but you feel held back. Look around and find out what the real problem is. Let it go.. gently – and move on. This cycle is going to last a couple more weeks so just move on don’t freak out.

Dear Aquarius

This is the last low energy week. Take the time to clear out the remaining stress from the past and get squarely on track for your future. This is a slingshot week where you set your sights on a goal and then this weekend something will be revealed and next week you’ll just launch like a rocket towards your new life. Congratz.

Dearest Pisces

Sometimes you just want to dream and experience the best of the world the way you know it could be. At the same time you like to help others and it feels good to see people bring out the best in themselves. This week you will begin to feel a shift as the stress in one area of your life seems to just disappear. You’ll see.. it was difficult – but you made it. Yes it could be better but you’re still here. Moving forward.. keep your eyes open at the office.

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