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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny Rosati – December 8 – 14, 2014

This week the Moon will travel from nurturing, creative, and sensitive Cancer to playful, expressive, and dramatic Leo. This means we’ll all begin the week lost in our own emotions and we’ll tackle goals in a non-direct fashion. Some will feel an intuitive link with nature. Later in the week spirits will lift and we’ll want to get out and play. Finish up your chores before the weekend if you’re looking for fun and adventure.

Venus shifts signs this week from happy, optimistic, and philosophical Sagittarius to serious, work focused, and quiet Capricorn. Now.. on one hand you can look at this as a natural progression from “having fun – now paying the price”, but as I’m writing this horoscope, I haven’t even put up my Christmas Tree yet so.. as we enter the Holiday Season we can still have a lot of fun – it’ll just be more responsible.

All in all there was a change in the air – then it settled and the planets encouraged a bit of fun. Shortly we’ll be back to work – but there’s good news coming.

Dear Aries

You feel charged and ready to get out and take on the world. Recent success has given you a new swagger and a healthy pocketbook. If everything has worked to plan you should have upped your game and it’s about to show. This week begins a social cycle where you’ll meet many new people. Your success will be reflected back in this new network.

Dear Taurus

Good news finally arrives at work. The bosses have recognized your hard work and they’d like to reward your efforts. Extra hours will accompany any change but if you keep your eyes open there’s a chance for love to fit in nicely. Don’t force anything but move quickly. Later in the week you’ll feel like rewarding yourself – but you should already know.. don’t spend any money before it actually arrives.

Dear Gemini

You’re still hot and love is filling your days but a new sense of freedom takes over. You’re not exactly rebellious but you won’t want to be tied down. Get out into nature and work off the extra energy. Some of you may even want to leave town for a while but responsibilities at home keep you grounded. Stay focused but if love does come calling.. say yes!

Dear Cancer

You’ll begin the week in a “Me first” kind of mood but it’s not really going to rub anyone the wrong way. And.. why not take some time for yourself..? You’ve earned it. Later in the week you’ll want to get back to business and finances take center stage.  Love isn’t exactly center stage .. yet – but it is coming. First, there’s a bunch of chores to be taken care of. Not to mention a trip to the gym to get your groove back.

Dear Leo

You may begin the week quiet and introspective but the mood will lift and you’ll be feeling your normal beautiful and playful self by mid-week. Right now, you’re in the middle of cycle where you’re radiating love and happiness. In return, the world is smiling back. It looks like recent struggles are going to be left in the past and the future finally feels bright again. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful.. and you’re one of them.

Dear Virgo

The chores are beginning to mount and you’ve been working yourself sick. Take a break. Everything will be there when you return. Sometimes we just need a little time away from everything to be our best in the moment. When you return however, watch for accidents. The pace is going to pick up but you’ll be ready for it.

Dear Libra

Your heart wants to get out, play, and meet new people. If you can spare the time then have some fun. Energy is now being focused on a creative project with children or a youthful focus. Give it your best and do a wonderful job. Problems at home should now be over and peace will finally return. Give love a chance.

Dear Scorpio

In life.. you only get what you take. And in relationships.. the other person knows that too. So.. if there’s something or someone that you wanted and for some reason you let them get away.. well – you let them get away. On the other hand.. there is something that you did reach for and you got it! Hold on and keep going. It’s just the beginning of your new story.

Dear Sagittarius

Have you been spending money? Let’s hope you saved a bit because the pace picks up. Yes, there’s new opportunity for business and it feels great. Short trips, meetings, the whole deal. Say what you mean but don’t go overboard. But most of all have some fun! &… Happy Birth Day!!!

Dear Capricorn

By mid-week the blahs will finally wear off and be replaced by the “looking at me?” As Venus enters your sign you can expect people and opportunities to naturally be attracted to you. Strangers will come up and say hello etc. Not something a Capricorn is used to but.. all Capricorns secretly want to be adored by the masses. This is your time to shine. Have fun and go for your dreams.

Dear Aquarius

This is a great week to get out and play! Emotions align with luck all in the area of love and partnerships. Forgive and forget. It’s time to join hands and move on. You’re also “lucky” together so joint games of chance might pay off. The social bug has definitely bit and you’re going to out enjoying company. You might even bump into a new business opportunity. A love will return from the past.

Dearest Pisces

Your luck this week is helping to smooth out your day.. free of traffic jams or any rushing – fun wow, I know. On the other hand it is nice to have calm waters for a change. You’ve done well at work lately and the rewards should be coming. You’ll be called for many social engagements that will fill our schedule but somehow everything gets done. At the end of it all take a break and reward yourself. The past is about to come calling.

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