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Love Horoscopes – December 5, 2014

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Aries: You are feeling good today. You are in love; you have great friends and have all the comfort and affection you could ever need. If you are attached or newly dating someone, love has engulfed you in this bubble of perfection that you are lapping up greedily. This sugary sweet energy may have you and your love come up with some far out notions and tempt you to do things you really cannot do. As hard as will be, I need you to come down from cloud nine and retain some amount of reality. You two want an adventure, make it simple! Do not go spending every dollar you have or taking out a loan. There is no need to be so lavish during this time. It will only sour things between you later. Get wrapped up in each other instead.

Taurus: You are caught up in yourself today. Your feelings are strong and you think you are wrapped up in a fantasy you never want to leave from. It is likely that you are just starting to date someone special if you aren’t one that has revived your love with your partner. Either scenario, you are swept away by the brightness and warmth that comes with love. Everything is fantastic and wonderfully and just so much more perfect than it ever has been before. Promises may be made, there is plenty of sex to be had and right smack in the middle of it all is the only one you want to do it all with. Whatever you do, do not try and label things or put a title on what you now have. Let be and let it breathe.

Gemini: If you are newly in love, you are likely consumed and it is interfering with every area of your life. It has been a long time since you have been so enamored so the world around you should cut you some slack… you hope. You will feel as if you are enchanted under some sort of spell where everything is wonderful and life is perfect. In your present frame of mind, love is a many splendored thing and you don’t really care for anyone’s negativity raining on your parade. Don’t worry if those around you think you have lost your mind. You are in love, the person you are in love with is head over heels for you as well; life IS good. Go on and enjoy the passion that is all around you! Unattached, maybe this energy gives you the confidence to something about it.

Cancer: For some of you, regardless of relationship status, have been through some ups and downs lately. Things have been looking up these past few days and you’ve been thinking it’s getting better. Sadly it is about to get so much more complicated though many of you may not even notice it. This is to be a very social time for you where you connect well with others through a deeper understanding of who they are. One of whom may be a shameless flirt who would love to see how far their charm and knack for flattery will take them with you. Given the last week or so, you could be susceptible to their magnetism and fall head over heels. If you recognize this happening to you, remember that you have been warned. Things are not as they seem to be.

Leo: Those of you attached may find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament. There are some decisions you need to make in your relationship but you are not very clear-headed at the moment. You are stressed about other things in your life and having a hard time concentrating on anything. You recognize this and if you were truly honest with yourself, know that this isn’t the best time to come to any conclusion. Take a break today and avoid serious discussions or real disagreements with others. You know your point of view is skewed so it would be better to wait until you are sure of the facts regarding the situation you think is happening and of your feelings. If you are wrong it would be rather embarrassing.

Virgo: Whether you are attached or happily unattached, you will be tempted to cross your line in the sand. Your ability to pick up on others emotions is particularly strong today as well as your communication skills. In a lesser person this could be nothing special but for you, but in reality, it is means power and playtime. You find your target and begin your game to find that he or she is step ahead of you. You know you should stop but you find it difficult to resist, this special someone is absolutely enchanting and you are falling fast. What you need to realize, and preferably before it’s too late, is that he or she is playing the same game you are. They are just stretching their legs and looking for an opponent for the day. Don’t lose yourself in this.

Libra: If you have scheduled a nice romantic evening, it may not go as planned. Yes you may have spent quite a bit of time and money creating the perfect atmosphere for you and sweetheart to relax and get cozy together; you may end up in a heated battle. You are a charming person; you can easily smile at others and make them feel at ease. Some may find you flirtatious instead and if they are your lover, might get jealous. It is entirely possible that the green monster will ruin your evening over something you know you weren’t trying to do. As hard as it may be to rein in your emotions when your loved one, loses their head over you, you have to keep yourself in check. They will come to their senses once they calm down.

Scorpio: Those of you unattached may have a chance encounter today that leads to a powerful emotional or sexual attraction. This is not something you expected and may cause you to do some things you normally wouldn’t do. This person is so perfect in your eyes that you momentarily doubt yourself and feel you need to measure up. You might exaggerate a few of your good qualities or tell a few tiny white lies in order to persuade this person to give you a chance. Sure this may work and you get your date but reality will set in as you realize that you will not be able to keep up the lies indefinitely. He or she is bound to discover the truth and what then? Let the date play out, if it is going good then come clean. By then they are already smitten with you.

Sagittarius: Whether you are attached or unattached, some of you are not sure how you feel about the one who holds your heart. You feel like you are taking two steps forward with him or her to find out you have taken a step back. You may be beginning to have doubts, think there is some sort of hidden agenda or expectations that you can’t live up to. Some of you could begin to think that you are being set up for a heart break, that this love isn’t the real thing. Whatever the reality of the matter is, it is kicking in soon enough. Just wait it out a little longer, the barrier will slide away and reveal what is really going on. There are a handful of you waiting on something unrelated to the above message. Try to have a little patience, it is coming.

Capricorn: There are a handful of you who are jaded by love. You can admit it, we are all family here. You think falling in love has become an out dated notion and quite possibly, a childish endeavor. It’s been a long time since you’ve connected with anyone, let alone a love interest, on both an emotional and spiritual level. That may change for you today. Today’s energy is focused on intimate relationships but for those of you unattached, the focal point is remembering you are not made of stone and that you do have feelings. You will interact with someone today that leaves you feeling warm and rather smitten. This will be emotionally unsettling when it catches up with you but really, this person should really be a fixture in your life let alone your bed!

Aquarius: Love and romance may have overpowered your rationale. This is nothing new, you sometimes like your emotions leading the way but you may lose your mind completely because of the energy surrounding you today. Whomever it is that has your heart will be much more appealing than usual and will use their powers of persuasion to push all your right buttons. You can care less about being practical; there is way too much fun you both could be having. You know what, you are right. Why not indulge? If you happen to have no one to share this energy with well I suggest you change that while you still can. This energy will only be around for so long, make the most of it!

Pisces: You are frisky, social and feel as if you are walking on clouds. Well, you were until the reality of life smacked you upside the head. Sure you still feel good but you are reminded that there are some things in your life not so perfect. Since you have had a little bit of time away from the dilemma that is in your life and/or relationship, you might want to take a fresh look at what is going on. Now this may not be the best day to come to any conclusions but you may find something you missed before. When you also realize that you have reacted to something that wasn’t really happening, patching things up will become much easier. After this is all said and done it is entirely possible for you to develop a new romance or revitalize one depending on status.

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