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Love Horoscopes – December 11, 2014

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Aries: You may be overwhelmed by the amount of confidence you feel right now, especially when it comes to your love life. You feel invincible and that all you desire is in your reach. It is but not if you become too aggressive in your pursuits. If you try to dominate or come on to strong then you will end up causing a problem rather than accomplishing your goal. Take it easy when it comes time; choose your words and the tone you deliver them in wisely. Make your feelings known but hold back on all of the emotion that goes along with it. You do not want to overwhelm your sweetheart or even worse, someone who doesn’t know you well enough yet. You’ll end up turning him or her off if you don’t watch it. You want this relationship to progress not regress.

Taurus: Things have been a bit up and down in your love life but that’s all about to change. Whatever you need today to get things back on track, the energy of the day will give you support. Wanna talk about some issues with your sweetheart that you find confusing or hurtful? You will have the opportunity to do so with an open-minded and positive lover. Listen to what they have to say and curb your temptation to fly off the handle. If you are unattached and have decided that now is the time to date, someone worthy will take notice of you. It is entirely possible that someone has been paying attention to you and you haven’t realized they have been watching. You will find the right person to warm your heart.

Gemini: You are a bumbling ball of energy today. You are affectionate, flirtatious, impulsive and restless. It is likely you will be turning your love life on its ear with your passion. If you are in a stable and predictable relationship that offers little excitement, things may not go so well today. In fact there will be some relationships that will not survive this. Many of you, whether you are in this situation or unattached without any prospects, you will meet someone that you may not be able to resist. He or she doesn’t have a home and doesn’t want one just yet. Rethink your desire once their shiny new novelty wears out. If you are unattached with a prospect he or she may be acting a little off. Don’t jump to conclusions; just ask what is going on.

Cancer: Your love life may read like a soap opera today. There could be some drama, a few exaggerated situations and indecision. You have been shy and maybe reserved when it comes to expressing how you feel. Whether this is lover or a potential date, you have been holding back your emotions because you don’t know how to handle them or the situation. As soon as you get it through your head that you deserve everything your heart desires and more, you will have the courage to do what you need when it comes to love. Do what you can to convince yourself soon because you are losing the battle with your emotions and can no longer hold them back. You know what happens if you speak from unorganized feelings and thoughts…

Leo: It is likely that you are irritated and hot tempered right now. This will not be an easy time for those you are close to as your mood is swinging from quiet and reserved to impulsive and impatient. First and foremost this behavior may lead to an accident or two so be careful with what you say or do. Secondly, take it easy one the one who has your heart. Whether you are attached or building up to dating this person, he or she is feeling frisky wants to share this passion with you. Now it’s fine that you may not be in the mood but what isn’t is you biting off their head while they are trying to seduce you. Let them down gently and put a little distance between you two. Work through this negativity alone so you hurt no one else’s feelings.

Virgo: For those of you attached, some of you may be reaching the point in your relationship where you feel the need to run. It’s not like you hate relationships but you are uncomfortable with love or rather passionate love. It intimidates you to a certain degree if you are aware of it. You would rather be caught up in it without having to think about it otherwise you feel you might mess things up or that you are not worthy of it. This person that you are with is a no holds barred kind of person so you really need to get on board with this intensity. Despite your reservations or concerns, this relationship is worth the risk you would feel you need to take. If you are unattached, enjoy the time you spend with your friends. Watch that you don’t go overboard.

Libra: You are feeling good about yourself today and the current status of your love life. If you are attached, things are going so well you may not have a complaint at all. If you’re unattached with your eye on someone, you do not have it so easy. If you are attracted to someone that your friend is also attracted to, you know that this may not end well at all. You’re confident that this person has feelings for you and not your friend but you still feel that you need work this situation in your favor. If you can’t do this using honesty and compassion, you run the risk of your friend mistrusting you and losing them completely. If you are attached and have no prospects, it is time to find some. This is a great time to meet new people and score a date.

Scorpio: Many of you are in a much better place today than you were yesterday. Your confusion is replaced by confidence and faith in yourself. Though you still feel a little sensitive, you feel absolutely indestructible when it comes to love. The people you encounter are drawn to you in some fashion. Many may be attracted to you physically while others admire your personal traits. A few may be so bold as to slip you their contact information and offer much more than what your discussion was originally about. It may start to get busy in the romance department and if you are opened to these advances, you may feel like a kid in the candy store. Enjoy. If you’re still at odds with something, now is the time to overcome the obstacle and get back on track.

Sagittarius: Some of you who are attached may be going through an egotistical phase. Now this may only involve you or could be both you and sweetheart but someone in your equation is only looking out for number one right now. This will and quite honestly is, affecting the long term tranquility of your relationship. Now this happens, we all go through something like this at one point or another but if this difficulty is caused by something other than ego, you might want to get it together and break through these obstacles. Find a solution that works for both of you. The only way to do so is be completely honest with each other. You may not want to say it, they may not want to hear it or vice versa but it needs to be out there in order to move on.

Capricorn: Many of you have been inside your head for the last few days. A string of events has had you reflecting on your life and the overall direction you seem to be heading in. While part of your mind seems to be stuck on your past and the choices you made, you are really looking for some sort of clarity for the issues you currently face. Some of you may have domestic type thoughts on your mind while others are a bit more focused on pieces of your love life. Whatever it is, the energy of the day will give you plenty to work with. Do not be surprised that the conclusion you reach involves something that isn’t at all traditional. You will certainly discover a lot about yourself and the one who has your heart when this is over.

Aquarius: If you have someone in your love life, you have been noticing the differences between you and your sweetheart more and more. These differences cover a multitude of things, enough to make you more aware of what you want and what you do not have. It may bring up a whole range of emotions, but what you will linger upon is your dissatisfaction and maybe your embarrassment. If you are unhappy in your personal life but feel you can salvage this between you two, then ask what is going on. Take advantage of the energy swirling about to sit down and have this talk. The energy of the day is encouraging very deep and transforming conversations. You will find that this process to be very freeing and that it strengthens the bond between you.

Pisces: Much to your dismay, you cannot control love. You cannot control how you feel it, how you act with it and it comes into your life. For someone who likes predictable, you really hate this. When it comes to love, many of you should adopt a Zen like attitude and simply accept that there are things you cannot control or change. For instance, some of you have someone you are intimate with that you are subtly trying to force them into a particular mold. While it may seem to you like it would be a logical progression, your sweetheart may not be ready for it. Unless he or she wants to do this of their own free will, there is not a lot you can do about this stand still. You need to slow down, find your relaxed state and allow this to unfold naturally.

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