Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning December 15, 2014

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Astro-week Love Horoscopes by Sonny Rosati – December 15 – 21, 2014

Hi Everyone ! Welcome back to your Astro-Week Horoscopes

This week the Moon will begin in beautiful, graceful, and observational Libra, then transfer over into transforming, penetrating, and sexy Scorpio. This means we’ll all begin the week feeling social and generally getting along with others. It’s an initiating kind of feeling.. like it’s time to get things started. It’s not a good time to pick a fight. The Libra energy wants us all to get along and be our best but it’s followed by Scorpio energy. And Scorpio energy, like Capricorn energy can be described as grouchy.. at the best of times. Just saying.. The Moon in Scorpio is also a primal energy that wants to get things done. So.. depending on where this falls in your personal chart, we can expect to begin the week with a new project, healthy cooperation, and the passion to get it accomplished.

Venus is now in restrictive and social climbing Capricorn. Many people have already commented on a shift in love. The mood has transformed from optimistic to sober. Moments we once dreamed of have come back to reality. This is not always a bad thing. It’s just not dreamy. But it is happy. And as always.. you never know. If you want to attract this week, you should know in advance that the stakes have gone up. And people are generally seem to be in a “show me” kind of mood. On the other hand.. maybe some of us just want a little reassurance.

Dear Aries

Good news continues to arrive from work. Keep going on all projects. At the same time it’ll be a busy week socially. Both Mars and Venus are at the top of your chart so expect to be out and to be seen. Be your best as always and keep pushing the career. You’re still very lucky creatively and this is helping you shine. Take a chance on both love and the lottery. You never know. And the planets say you’re lucky.

Dear Taurus

Take care of your health and get back to the gym. This week it’s the little things that add up. There’s a new attitude forming towards love and you might finally be open to a new possibility. What’s the harm? At least you’ll make a new friend. And this is going to just be the beginning. With Saturn leaving your astro-sector of relationships love is going to get a lot easier. Maybe it’s time to take that chance?

Dear Gemini

This is your time to play. Shortly Saturn is going to put a big damper on your love life and change it. It’s probably not going to be fun. If you don’t want to go it alone.. then now’s the time to make sure your social network is in place. You’re focused on money these days but you should get out and do something educational. It’ll boost the career and spark your changing interests.

Dear Cancer

It’s a mixed cycle. You’ve worked hard to get here but it’s not where you want to be. You might ask yourself..”Where are the rewards for the hard work?”. Don’t be too hard on everything. Your new project is taking steam and it’s something to be proud of. There’s a new life waiting. You just have to get there. This week, make time for love. Your partner needs you.

Dear Leo

As much as you’d like to play, there’s one last look at your health. Things should be looking up. Lists and general chores fill the week but everything will flow with a natural rhythm. Be beautiful as usual and add your own personal spark to the festive spirit. Others are willing to follow your lead. Love is waiting at the coffee shop.

Dear Virgo

A new project occupies most of your week. Finances, planning, and general tasks need to be taken care of. Look to the past for support and answers. Shortly, you’re going to have problems at home so be careful in advance. Aside of that.. have some fun! You’re extra creative and affectionate this week so you might as well enjoy the energy while it’s there. Keep working your plan and things will work out.

Dear Libra

This might not be the best week for your relationships. Expect sudden and unexpected change. Sometimes this a good thing. If you’ve been manifesting then perhaps this is the solution you’ve always wanted. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself what you’ve learned and how you can best be true to yourself moving forward. Remember.. it could be good news. Fingers crossed.

Dear Scorpio

Ok.. so Saturn helped you through the change. It wasn’t fun but you did it. Every sign went through it in some areas of their lives but were all most through and ready to move on. Scorpio should be gaining speed. Publishing is the key. Get your word out and begin your new life. Now’s not the time to be shy.. but don’t freak anyone out either. Just go get it.

Dear Sagittarius

It seems like this would be a good week to settle down and take some time for yourself.. maybe a trip to the spa. (Or listen to one of my meditations) whatever makes you comfortable. This is a good week for making money but you’re going to have to get out of bed. The general mood of love has changed and not necessarily to your liking. It’s more business as usual instead of playful and fun. Probably best to stay at the office and plan for the holidays.

Dear Capricorn

Even though you seem like holding back and taking a break, something inside of you wants to get out and shake things up. It’s a good week to be a little rebellious and maybe even shine your wild side a bit. Don’t go crazy but have some fun. Venus is attracting attention towards you so.. expect gifts and admiring glances. The tone of love has shifted recently and it aligns nicely with your wait and see approach. Make use of this personal energy boost and set the stage for a financially rewarding January.

Dear Aquarius

It’s never as bad as things really seem. You finally have a nice boost of energy to get things done. The past is finally taking care of itself and you’re ready for your new beginning. The troubles at work should now be over and you’re ready to put in some hours. Lay low and avoid conflict and drama. Soon you’ll begin a new project and you won’t look back.

Dearest Pisces

The social bug hits .. and just in time! You’ve been a star at the office lately and it’s time for the rewards. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’re getting compensated for recent actions.. good and bad. Your circle of friends and profession network has undergone a radical change lately and thing continue to confuse. Beware of others conspiring against you. Someone you thought was a close friend turns out to be out for themselves. Look around.

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