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Love Horoscopes – December 15, 2014

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Aries: For those of you who are attached, today will be rather introspective where your intimate affairs are concerned. Whether it was series of events that lead up to this or a simple comment, your heart has grown sad and you are reminded of disappointments from your past. Do not get lost in your memories, quiet your mind and heart then take a hard and objective look at your relationship. What you want to do is understand what you truly value when it comes to love. If it isn’t something you have or can create with the person you are with, move on. If you are unattached the perfect opportunity to make a move on that special person is here. Forget all the previous near misses and make the move NOW. Take that risk.

Taurus: Many of you need to shift your perspective where your love life is concerned. Maybe something actually happened or you saw something on the television that got you thinking, either way you may find yourself focusing on all that is wrong rather than what is going right and what is good. Failure to look at the big picture means you could lose out on something fantastic. Since you are so concerned, take a day or two and really get your thoughts organized. Take a good hard look at what you think is wrong and for every wrong, try to find a positive. Is there one? Will there be one later? You really need to look at every aspect you can. If you want to walk away after this, that is fine, but at least you will do so without any regrets or “what ifs”.

Gemini: Many of you need to quiet your mind and calm your spirit today. You will need to focus inward and on yourself right now, leave everything else alone for the time being. If you are going through this, you are likely burdened by negative thoughts and bouts of fear that has taken a toll on your self confidence and clouded your judgment. The more you feel like you have failed or that you are not loved, you retreating further and further into your cave. These thoughts should be furthest from your mind but they are here and affecting your love life. Take some time and figure out what makes you happy so you can get out of this rut you are in. Now is the time to be bold and adventurous in love not sad and confused.

Cancer: Oh the complexities of your life right now! Your intuition is having a bit of an internal struggle because it isn’t quite sure how to guide you and that is causing a bit of a rollercoaster ride in your heart. Things may be going back and forth in your love life. If you are unattached, you and the one who has your heart may be doing this dance around each other. Should we, could be and are we are the questions plaguing both your minds. If you are attached, things may have seem distant or quite possibly falling apart but yet this conflict isn’t moving either one of you in any direction. The thing is that you will not need its guidance; the situation is working it all out on its own. Shocking I know but trust that however it ends, it will for the better.

Leo: It’s not that you are not happy with your love life, you are bored with it. For some of you there may be no rhyme or reason, you just simply are. If you are unattached, you know what you need to do. Stop hiding from those holiday party initiations and start RSVP’ing or just show up. If you are attached, this lack of luster has caused you to rethink who you are with. There is too much fun left to be had in this relationship to let go over a fickle emotion. What can be done to change your perspective? What could inspire you to look at the relationship and the world around you as a challenge or adventure? Surely there is something, we just have to find it. Start with sexual positions and work your way out; that should spark something.

Virgo: If you are attached, you may feel as if your relationship is unbalanced. Both of you have been tied up with responsibilities that you have not been spending as much time with each other as you would like. Whether something has sparked a bit of jealousy or you have realized how much you have been apart, today you want to do things together that will rebuild closeness and trust in your relationship. Today is a good “date” day if you can pull it together. Whatever you do together, make sure you can work in special moments to be intimate and really be able to remind each other how much you do really care. Because the energy is working in your favor today, communication will be your strong point. This will definitely help you two reconnect.

Libra: When you are frustrated you become unfocused and we know how troublesome that can be. Some of you may have gotten your general life in order just to find that there are pieces of your love life that isn’t fitting like they are supposed to. If this is happening to you it likely that your mind is racing, the negativity is sinking in and you might be mistrusting yourself. If you allow yourself to continue on this path you will shut down all forms of communication and you know this will get you nowhere. Before you can do anything, ask someone out or make any sort of commitment to your sweetheart, you need to quell your fears and remove any doubts. Take some time for yourself and work this out. Leave your past behind, the future is more important.

Scorpio: For you today is about moving forward and making progress in your goals, especially in your love life. Whatever or whomever is important to you right now has your full focus and determination. But before you can accomplish these great deeds you must remove the negativity and distraction. This could be a person, place or thing but whatever this is, it is holding you back from doing all you have set out to do. Something else you need to do is make sure that you do not give in to your internal struggle. Letting this go or worrying and over-analyzing the details will do nothing to help you either. Right now, you need to take a risk. If that means asking someone out or officially committing to your relationship, then just do it.

Sagittarius: When it comes to love, sometimes you are overly practical and think too much. Give up the internal tug of war and give in to the fact that the person who has your heart wants what you think you can’t give. This person is serious about you and if you were honest with yourself, you feel the same way but you are letting whatever negativity in your mind take over. Why can you not commit to this person? Is it your own personal fear of eventually becoming heartbroken or is there something this person is doing wrong? Well the Universe has decided to motivate you with a swift kick in the ass and an epic moment of clarity. Today you may be forced to choose your place in their life, on the left holding their heart or on the right as their friend.

Capricorn: Some of you are at a personal crossroads in your relationship. This is usually the point where you get itchy and start questioning your level of independence. Spend a little time today actually thinking about that question before you start distancing yourself or acting out. You really need to decide what matters most to you, having more freedom than you have now or being in a relationship with someone you care deeply for. It may take a few hours or it may take few days but you will have a clear answer as well as know what to do about it. For once, you heart and mind will be on the same page and you will be able to express your needs with conviction and affection. Get it together.

Aquarius: Your mind is plagued by matters of the heart. You are not sure what you want to do because you are torn by the loving energy surrounding you today and this very recent need to walk away from the person who has your heart. Regardless of whatever sparked this conflict, there is this nagging sensation that you need more freedom and that you have lost some level of your independence. In that same breath, you two get along perfectly and have fantastic memories together. You even thought about how to spend today doing all sorts of romantic things that would eventually strengthen your already strong connection. Don’t rush a decision right now; just listen to your heart. If you still feel like this in a few days, then revisit your options.

Pisces: When things go well in your relationship, they go very well. Now that things are going bad, you are a little shocked at how distant and cold your relationship has become. Your mind may be traveling down a path that it would be best not to dwell upon. Focus on the positive, have faith that no matter what happens during this time, it will all work out for the best. This has gone on long enough though hasn’t it? It is time to clear the air and tear down these newly built walls. The energy surrounding you has a bit of the “agree to disagree” form of communication. You will likely have the opportunity to talk today and make the attempt to work things out. You may not agree with each other but you will HEAR one another. That will make the difference.

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