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Love Horoscopes – December 25, 2014

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Aries: Things are heated between you and lover and it seems to only be getting started. This may be about fantasies or dreams that either one of you have that the other does not want to realize or is incapable of. Talking about it any further could cause more anger over the situation and right now you two are at your limit. This will nowhere until you two calm down and completely cool off. Now if this is about something your lover wants then why not use this time to think about what they are truly asking for. It may not be so difficult or far of your desires. If this is something you want then think of ways to simplify your request. It may easier to get what you want. Don’t let these desires fade, it will cause problems later.

Taurus: The memories of feelings and situations long forgotten will resurface today. This may be brought back because of recent events that you have a hard time understanding. Because your emotions are a bit on the sensitive side you will spend more time than needed thinking about what you could have done wrong. Approach your loved one slowly and ask them what it is that has caused this tension. Because you genuinely did not mean to enrage or hurt them, they will come clean with what is really going on. Your compassion will not only mend this fence but help your loved one resolve other issues plaguing them. Do not be surprised that once this is all said and done you two move on to other more enjoyable activities.

Gemini: Let nothing break your stride or bring you down today. You’re filled with holiday spirit and want to do nothing but be affectionate and flirtatious at this time. If you are attached and loved one isn’t on board with this well, I am sure they can find something else to do because you will not be the one arguing with them. In fact, friend or lover or even family members, if they want a fight, let them go order it on pay per view! So let these peoples unexpected behaviors roll off of you and indulge in what brings you pleasure. Maybe your mood will be infectious and all of those around you being dark and negative will come and see the light. Try to remain flexible and open minded in your relationships, everyone is entitled to a bad day.

Cancer: Many of you are in a mood, one that isn’t going to fare to well for you. Some of you may want an argument to get your blood pumping so you will mention something that you know will upset the person you hold dear. Why do you really want to do this? If you do, understand that this little stunt of yours could take days to cool off. Other of you may have taken to demanding things rather than ask. That hasn’t been working so well for you and that isn’t changing anytime soon. If you truly value this person that you say you care for then ask or give rather than take or demand. Make this person laugh and smile instead of angry and sad. You can turn this energy you are feeling into something positive that will far better benefit you in the long run.

Leo: This is a day where the mood is supposed to be strong and upbeat but many of you will need to break down a wall before you can get there. If any of you are in a love life crisis, stop dwelling upon what is wrong and start working on getting past it. Sure you can be a brat and sulk or throw some sort of tantrum but today isn’t the day for this, there are better things to do. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into petty arguments. If the conversation isn’t about resolving the issue then you don’t want to have it. You really need to be careful with how this ends because it will set the mood for how this relationship will play out. If there is anyways you can draw upon the positive energy that is within your grasp, then do so.

Virgo: You can feel there is some conflict brewing and rather than deal with it, you may decide to stay in bed today. Now you know it will just be waiting for you so you might as well get up and sort out the mess. In order to make it through unscathed you will need to call on all your communication skills. The problem you may have is that you are feeling a bit impatient so you know that this will cause more fiction and a lively confrontation. Because you are likely to be arguing with the person who has your heart it may help you end this quicker if you can see things from their perspective. Once you do, you will be able to find it easier to make amends. Today is the day you really want to put away any conflicts, there is love in the air waiting to come out.

Libra: Like many others today, your emotions are high and so is your level of energy. For you, this level of intensity will leave you feeling on edge and if the moment is right, the desire to fight. What works in your favor today is that you truly desire love and companionship. So if you are attached, rather than fall into an argument with your loved ones, turn things around by doing something together. This could be competitive or even as simple as walk through the park, either way you are looking to do something that will draw you closer together rather than further apart. If you are unattached this energy may bring you closer to someone you are strongly attracted to. Think about how you want to make to your move.

Scorpio: Today your “good measure” button may be stuck. Most of what you do today is likely to be over the top or excessive. For the most part you have finally reached a place where you are happy and this regardless of your relationship status. But because you are so content doesn’t mean you can disengage your mind from your mouth. You will need to be extra careful that you don’t deliver one of your tactless remarks at a particularly sensitive moment, as it may not be taken in good humor. If your loved one is involved, it will be a cold night for you. Never the less you and your romantic interest need a night out spending quality time with close friends. Doing so could lead to some late night spirit lifting between you two and a horizontal surface.

Sagittarius: There may be some things going on right now that are affecting your love life and have been quite bothersome. Many of you had not realized just how angry this situation has made you until today. What is supposed to be a light and pleasant day has turned into a fit of rage and you need to find a way to express this fury without losing control altogether. Though you are upset, you still need to clear the air as well as release your pressure so maybe a bit of firmness mixed with a bit of diplomacy or charm will do the trick. You can still cool off but those around you will understand a little more about where your feelings lie. If any you have to make concessions in your relationships, do not be pushy or bitter about it.

Capricorn: Many of you may be emotionally charged today. In many ways this is positive as it invigorates you and gives you and extra boost of energy to get things done. This could also make you respond more instinctively and become more passionate in your intimate relations. There will be some of you who have a certain situation you can’t get rid of that may have some sort of attachment from your past. It is likely something that you refuse to come to terms with it, let alone do something about. Though there is still no one or anything to force you to deal with it, would you want some closure? If there is any part of this holding you back from a fruitful love life then you should really consider resolving this. Besides, you could learn something of value.

Aquarius: Today is supposed to be a bit romantic for you. Some of you may be starting fresh with someone new or maybe enjoying some quality time with your loved it. While this is supposed to be the case you seems to have developed a sense of righteous indignation after recent tensions. Part of you is willing to let this candle light dinner and bottle of good wine go to waste while the other part of you is tired of being upset. Let’s go with the side that is tired of being upset. Just tell your loved one why you are mad and let it go. Focus on the romance and lust you have been craving and enjoy the intimacy of the evening. Keep everyday problems out of the conversation and stay with flirting and visual teasing.

Pisces: You are so focused on maintaining your emotional comfort that you have a bit of tunnel vision going on in your love life. You are looking for affirmation from the one who has your heart while they are upset at something you may have unintentionally done. Now you can continue to plow through and ignore what is happening or you can get upset and bitter because you are not getting what it is you crave. Do the latter and you may never get anything ever again from your lover. You are going to have to give a little to get what you want. Approach your loved one compassionately and take on whatever it is that is wrong. Afterward you will have all the love and affection you were looking for. It’s as easy as that.

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