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Love Horoscopes – December 29, 2014

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Aries: You will be reminded today of just how complicated love, lust and romance can be. Days like this are even harder for a you because it interferes with your sense of practicality. Some of you may be torn between what you have or are working towards and wanting someone brand new in your life. If you are attached and in this predicament you better be real sure that this new person is worth losing all you currently have. If you are unattached, this old lover that is vying for your attention should make you think why he or she is your past and not your present. But because this is rather difficult for you to work through, call upon someone close to you for their input and counsel.

Taurus: Though you are an overly cautious person, you truly do enjoy a bit of excitement in your love life. Right now you have more excitement than you could probably ever want. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. If you are in the very early stages of a relationship, you may feel a bit threatened. The problem is that you have shut down instead of fighting for what you want. This person may not fully know what you feel and think it is possible that you two are not on the same page. You don’t want to be hurt again but could you live with all the “what if’s”? This person should know how you feel. Tell him or her as soon as possible. If you are attached, you are looking to change the boring into something wonderful. Now would be the time to start.

Gemini: You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time and that has left you open to what is truly going on in your heart. If you are unattached, you may be drawn to someone in particular have lost your confidence and desire to interact with them. You had every intention of doing this right, enjoying the initial process of getting to know them, but you can’t stop thinking your last relationship and how badly that ended. Leave that in the past, you need to give new love a chance. This person make you feel safe and adored, right now you know that is this what’s most important to you. But if you remain stuck in your past, you will lose out on what could be the one for you.

Cancer: What you focus on and how you focus will be the topic of the day. You have been lost in your head, enjoying your daydreams and fantasies concerning your love life. This is fantastic until you start to dwell on them and intellectualizing over the details. There were a few in which you thought you could make reality and it has put you on a seemingly endless pursuit to make it happen. But the more you think the more of a mess you will likely make. If all you focus on are the dreams now, when and if reality does kick in, you may not notice it at all. What you desire will then be lost as you missed your chance. Listen, all dreams and fantasies have their place but consider it motivation. Be proactive rather than admire the perfection you dreamed up.

Leo: Many of you may be impatient, feeling sensitive and over protective. Because of this you really need to pick your battles with care and avoid them if possible because your current mood could just make matters worse. If you are attached your inclination to be cautious and conservative may cause the very tension you are trying to avoid. If you are unattached, there may be an opportunity before you, a chance at real love but you can’t decide if you really want it or not. Both your head and heart are fuzzy right now and what you need to do is calm down, center yourself and look at the big picture. You need to be the solution not the source of the problem. Get your heart and head back on the same page and move forward or else you will be left behind.

Virgo: Your close relationships become more interesting today as loneliness and feelings of desolation begin to set in. Recent disappointments in a friend or lover bring forth the realization that you have been neglecting your own needs for socializing, affection as well as varying levels of companionship. What would help is talking this through, if this is possible. This would bring the problem into perspective not only for you but for those involved. Perhaps you are sacrificing pleasure and love for the sake of achievements or to meet responsibilities. This problem is an easy fix for all parties involved and takes minimal effort. If you want change, then do it. Make it happen! Take back what you have given up and make up for lost time!

Libra: Whatever project you take on, dream you make come true or desire you fulfill will turn out well and satisfying for all parties involved. Because this energy is working in your favor, consider taking a risk so you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts. The energy to do what it takes to get what you want is behind you. If you are attached and looking to improve your relationship or try something new, now is the time. If you are unattached, you might want to consider actively pursuing the one you desire. Even though you two are different, you see that your differences actually draw you closer together. Either way, this is a great time to consider taking the plunge with respect to your intimate affairs.

Scorpio: You are trying to hold on tight to your emotions today but it will be difficult at best. Your constant need for practicality is holding you back from getting what you really need. This is where your desire to withdraw or hide behind a wall is formed. The problem you will have is when those closest to you see you are pulling away and wonder why. They are perplexed enough to ask and take no superficial responses for an answer. Consider being honest if they keep probing. This will clear up any misunderstandings or hurt feelings. You are ready to receive affection or appreciation but not ready to return the sentiment. If you happen to have a date any time soon, this mood will be reflected and quite possibly ruin the evening.

Sagittarius: Today you will want to listen to your heart rather than your head. Right now you need to see your love life from a different perspective. You may be more distressed than usual over any disharmony in your intimate relationships and have no idea what direction to take. If you are attached, you are avoiding any serious discussions so you will not have to deal with any disagreements. If you are unattached you are looking to win someone’s heart but afraid to make another mistake. Take a break and clear your mind. You are putting too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. This negativity will leave a bad taste in your mouth if you continue to think this way. What is your heart telling you to do?

Capricorn: Your intuition is the key to the energy surrounding you today. Part of this is to leave any assumptions at the door, it is likely your sweetie doesn’t really know how you feel and you will need to spell it out. Because of this, there is bound to be some kind of conflict between you and your lover but it simply means that you need to compromise on certain issues or agree to disagree. But this doesn’t mean the partnership is ending, despite the opinion of others. Don’t worry about what others think of you right now, especially in terms of current relationship decisions. Those of you unattached and have your eye on someone that you’d like in your life, think about taking a risk and letting them know. If you follow your intuition you will know when.

Aquarius: How did we become so indecisive today? Things were moving along so well and now all of a sudden, you can’t make up your mind about what you want to do with your love life. Well to be fair, part of you does have a pretty good idea but part of you doesn’t want to go with that idea just yet in case you come up with something better. Time is of the essence because a whole new cycle is about to start up within your love life and you need to pick a direction to take it. Whatever this doubt that is stopping you from clearly and plainly expressing how you feel or what you desire needs to stop. If you don’t move forward, this cycle will leave you behind. Do you want that? Exactly, so start working through whatever it is holding you back.

Pisces: Just because you may have a solid emotional base in your life, doesn’t mean everyone around you does. Many of you may have lovers who are acting uncharacteristically today and showing a very mixed personality. This is something that you have never seen before or ever imagined you would. Just when you thought you would be able to enjoy a great deal of emotional satisfaction and harmony, you find yourself driven mad by the display made by your sweetie. This has left you in something of a dilemma and you may not be in the right frame of mind at the moment to make a positive decision. Slowly back away and give each other some space. Come back around in a few days and see where you are at that point.

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