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Weekly Love Horoscopes ! January 5 – 11, 2014 – from Sonny

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Astro-Week January 5 – 11, 2015

Hi everyone ! Welcome back – to your Astro-Week Horoscopes.

This week the Moon will travel from dramatic, playful, and creative Leo into brainy, planning, and meticulous Virgo.  This means we’ll all begin the week feeling like the world is a stage and we’re supposed to succeed. The week will be optimistic and a little showy but it should all be in fun. Sometimes this energy can put others off as bragging or not being humble but I think it’s more along the lines of starting the year off on a positive foot. And showing the world your best. The moon will then shift into Virgo and we’ll want to take account of recent actions, look at the details, and generally get to the bottom of things by taking a very close look.

Venus, the planet of attracting love and money shifts over into Aquarius so.. love that seemed slow, plodding, controlled and stifled under the Capricorn influence will now feel lighter, humanitarian, observational, and a bit eccentric. The Aquarian energy likes to explore, understand, and create things that are usually new. It’s a rebellious energy but that doesn’t necessarily mean breakups. People are going to want to do things their own way and in general, authority figures will get a thumbs down. It’s observation and then putting the pieces together in your own way. A great time to visit a trade show or plan for a convention.

Dear Aries

Your inward and outward energies begin to converge, attracting the very things you’re putting your efforts into. That’s a relief.. Lately, love has been all over the map and the things you’ve been doing to put out the fires may have led you in the wrong direction. There is a clear path.. but you’ll have to search inwards to find it. Currently, you’re in a cycle of getting out and exploring new groups of friends. One of the people you’ve had your eye on may hold a piece of your future happiness. Talk to everyone and have some fun. You’ll be meeting new people so.. if there’s a business plan or opportunity that you’re trying to bring to life – ask for help.

 Dear Taurus

Yes, Saturn is leaving your astro-sector of relationships and it’s time to get out and date again. Now sometimes when you get out there, it may look like the same old as before.. but look deeper – there’s a gem waiting for you.  Having said all of that, the focus is really on your career and how you’re seen in the public eye. Keep things steady but keep moving forward. You might be offered a promotion or be looked upon for leadership. Take the chance. Love and business begin to mix. Watch for a sudden and unexpected blast from the past.

Dear Gemini

After recent events, both your mind and your body want to get out of town for a while. If only life were that easy. Although you’re focused on expanding your mind, and personal freedoms, there’s trouble brewing in your social network and this will have a direct affect on your finances. It’ll be sudden and unexpected and probably unavoidable. Prepare your damage protocol in advance because it could get messy. Love is calling from a distance but there’s a fight at home.

Dear Cancer

You still appear lovey but time has moved on and business has taken over. It’s now time to look into joint business relationships and how to get the best from your partners. Go ahead and be a little pushy. You might be surprised at how effective you really are. I remember when my sister was alive.. she was a nurturing and artsy Cancer – but when she wanted something.. holy smokes ! she could be crabby, but she usually got her way. Now.. you don’t have to crab-out or put down a freak but a little assertion goes a long way. Be alert for surprise business opportunities.

Dear Leo

Watch for accidents from afar and keep a very close eye on your health. If you make it through the latest sudden and unexpected crises – you’re going to be ok. As for everything else.. it looks like you’re focused on your closest relationships. If you’re single, expect casual encounters to be more than meets the eye.  There’s a chance for a long term commitment. Generally.. things look good and you should get out, have fun, and be seen. With the boost of the Moon, you’ll feel dramatic and playful. Share the good mood.

Dear Virgo

You’re still shining and spreading the cheer as the holiday spirit lingers. You’re dramatic, playful, and fun, and you’d like to spread the feeling and start the year surrounded by harmony and everyone moving forward together.  Getting everyone on the same page is important this week because the pace continues to be high and you won’t have time for loose cannons or damaging mistakes. Normally, with Mars in its current placement, I’d warn about trouble brewing with your health or a “behind the scenes” activity at work but..  Venus is also there smoothing over the rough spots. Focus should be on your goals for the year and how to make them happen.

Dear Libra

You’re in a cycle where children are taking on a greater importance. Recently, many Libras may have finally made the decision to settle down and get on with the business of making a family. Everyone is paced a little differently but the trend will continue.. This next step in your relationship has caused stress and you were left wondering if you made the right decision for your future.  It falls a couple of ways.. I know a couple of Libras who wouldn’t adapt to realities in time and their game of love is over. And yes, children are involved. On the other hand, some Libras took a chance only to find themselves settling.. Then there’s the third hand (duality is for the simple minded.. just saying – S), one of my best friends back home is a Libra and she seems to be doing fine.  As usual.. there’s more to consider than your simple desires – in the moment.

Dear Scorpio

Push or be pushed.. you’ve put up with enough! This week will lead to a major transformation – only if you take the steps to change things.  The disrespect and harassment you’ve faced recently can go away but you’re going to have to step up – make the right phones calls.. and make it all go away. You’re stumbling because you know your actions will cause irreparable damage but when you think about it.. they probably deserve it.

Dear Sagittarius

It begins Sag.. your Saturn transit. Personally.. I never thought much of it – all the years studying astrology and watching the stars.. I never appreciated it’s severity until recently when I first saw people close to me go through it, then I went through it myself. It’s difficult. It’s going to take from you.. at every stress point – you’ll be tested. Your health especially, finances, and identity will all be put through the ringer.  It’s going to be tough for a while but there is a major life lesson and great cause for optimism. If you keep your feet moving and pointed towards your goals – all of your dreams will come true on the other side. I know.. not exactly what our most optimistic and beautifully happy sign wants to hear (especially as you plan for the wedding!) but – we won’t let you fall – because that’s what family is for.

Dear Capricorn

Your year opens on a financial note. Money is arriving from both your own actions and the actions of others. This also means that others have the control to make you lose money. What has your partner really been up to? A short conversation will reveal if you’re both still on the same page. If not.. be prepared for sudden change. An unexpected problem at home may ruffle feathers for a bit but you should be ok. As much as I’d like to say something about love.. right now is almost all business for Capricorn. Team up with a Scorpio and go make some money.

Dear Aquarius

You’re fired up with energy, your ego feels good, and you’re ready to get out and get things done.. but what? Your mind and your body are both alive, you’re looking for an adventure, and Venus is attracting both love and money in your general direction. 2015 is about your world and how you’d like to adorn your surroundings. This includes people and their little dramas. Some are worth it and some just aren’t. Before you make any decisions.. know that you are attracting so – if you have to say goodbye, know that someone else is going to be quick to say hello.

Dearest Pisces

You’d still like to get out and attend a party or two but the season has moved on and you’re left feeling a little reclusive. If you’re a bit down in energy then take the time to recharge and just think things over. Expect a lover or two to return from the past and hidden enemies to come to light. Yes , it’s a mixed kind of week with a potential fight brewing but you should take all of the little storms in stride. The major event this week occurs in your astro-financial sector so.. be careful with finances and watch for people trying to take advantage of you. Keep shining. The love you spread comes back to help.


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